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Google Maps
Android Apple iOS

Google Maps is receiving a major free upgrade for Android and iPhone

At Google I/O 2022, did you notice the photorealistic Google Maps “immersive view”? Your iPhone or Android phone will soon have it. At least a

Google Photos

Massive Google Photos Video Upgrade Confirmed by Google

Later this year, Google Photos will receive a significant update that will give the platform new, sophisticated video editing tools. The update provides advanced users

Glo Unlimited Free browsing with Tunnelcat vpn
Browsing Tips

Glo Unlimited Free Browsing Using TunnelCat VPN

Greetings to everybody. I’ll explain to you how to use the Glo Opera Bundle for all applications for unlimited free browsing with TunnelCat VPN. Anyone

clearing cache on android apps

How to Boost Android Smartphone Speed by Clearing Cache

On your Android smartphone, several apps store cache or temporary data in order to complete tasks more quickly. The collected cache, however, can start utilizing

Malicious apps

Malicious Apps with 300,000 installations discovered on Google Play Store

Security experts have identified three Android malware families that have infiltrated the Google Play Store and are concealing their harmful payloads inside several ostensibly innocent

Google Authenticator

The “Click to Reveal PIN” option has been removed from Google Authenticator

Google Authenticator’s first update in a year arrived at the end of May, hiding your 2FA codes until you clicked to reveal them. Google has

Hide Notifications on Apple iPhone Lock Screen
Apple iOS

How to Easily Hide Notifications from the Apple iPhone Lock Screen

With the inclusion of new features and enhancements to old ones, the recently launched iOS 16 operating system for the Apple iPhone introduces some significant

New Emojis
Android Social Media

The New Emojis that might arrive on your Phone: Moose, Goose, and Bizarre Shaking Head

Maracas, three fresh heart hues, and a trembling head: These new emojis, along with others, will be included in the Emoji 15.0 update, which should

ChromeOS Flex

ChromeOS Flex is now available for legacy PC and Mac computers

Google’s free operating system for old PC and Mac users, ChromeOS Flex, has announced a larger deployment. A new version of ChromeOS was released and

kuda bank charge on transactions
Online Banking

Kuda Bank will henceforth charge customers N50 for deposits of N10,000 and above

All deposits made into clients’ Kuda accounts that total N10,000 or more will henceforth be subject to a N50 fee by Kuda Bank. The bank