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Welcome to Shelaf World of Technology, a leading technology blog in Nigeria and a hub for insightful tips and valuable tutorials. Our website offers a broad range of content, including comprehensive reviews of smartphones, thorough technological updates, online money-making approaches, and more. With our decade-long experience, we’ve developed a platform that gives our readers the skills and information they need to effectively navigate the digital world.

Why Partner with Us for Advertising?

Shelaf provides a special chance for you to market your products or services to our devoted audience. Almost 500,000 unique pageviews each month are generated by our platform, and we have a significant number of followers from Nigeria, the Netherlands, the US, Pakistan, Norway, South Africa, the UK, Ghana, Bangladesh, the Philippines, and worldwide. With more than 10,000 push notification users and over 20,000 email subscribers, we have an outstanding reach. Thousands of tech-savvy readers will see your brand each month if you partner with us for advertising.

Advertising Opportunities

We provide a range of advertising platforms to meet your requirements. From sponsored posts and link insertions to banner ads and text ads, we provide multiple ways to reach our esteemed readers and fans.

Sponsored Posts
  1. Our sponsored articles are a great choice if you're launching or relaunching a new product or service, or if you want to give an underperforming product extra visibility. Price: 50,000 Naira (or $50) per article (Published within 48 hours).
  2. For SEO writing by our team: 70,000 Naira (or $70). Your article will be delivered in 3 days.
  3. For products, software (or apps), or smartphones Review: 80,000 Naira (or $80). The review will usually be published within 7 days.

We are open to receiving gadgets such as smartphones, smartwatches, and digital tech software for review. These items can be accepted as a form of service fee and will not be returned after the review process.

Once your post is live on our site, we will further extend its reach by distributing it through our push notifications and newsletters. Additionally, we will leverage our social media platforms to amplify your message. Please note that we only publish content related to technology, as it aligns with the interests of our audience and ensures optimal results for your business.

Link Insertion in Existing Posts

Boost your website’s ranking with our link insertion service. We can include a mention of your specific product or brand in our high-performing existing content with do-follow textual backlinks.

  • Price: 18,000 Naira (or $18)/Textual link
Sticking/Pinning of Sponsored Posts on the Homepage

Maximize your post's exposure by sticking it on our homepage, the page with the most traffic.

  • Price: 5,000 Naira (or $5)/Week

Please note that your post must already be published on Shelaf before you can activate this package. Once your post is live and the package is activated through payment, we will feature your post prominently on our page, enhancing its visibility.

Here's how this package works:

Upon payment, your post will be featured on our homepage, which garners significant traffic. However, as we continue to add new content, your post will gradually move down the page. To maintain high visibility and traffic for your post, we recommend activating this package for your sponsored post. This keeps your post on the homepage for an extended period, ensuring it is seen by a larger audience, leading to higher conversion rates.

Leaderboard Banner Ads

We offer various banner ad slots, including Leaderboard, Inside Content (Top, Within, Bottom), Sidebar, Wide Skyscraper, and Pop-Up Banner Ads. Prices vary depending on the ad slot and duration. Optimize your campaign with our diverse ad slots, ensuring high visibility and conversion rates.

Leaderboard Banner Ads

With two placements, we ensure maximum visibility across all of our website's pages. On desktop, it has a 728x90 position; on mobile, it has a 350x100 position. A 95% conversion rate is guaranteed.

  • The flat fee is 100,000 Naira (or $120) per month or 30,000 Naira (or $40) per week. Quarterly and annual options are available.
Inside Content Ad Banner (Top)

It is strategically positioned before the first paragraph of every article, with a size of 300x250 pixels. This ad slot is one of our best sellers, promising an 80% conversion rate.

  • The flat fee is 95,000 Naira (or $95) per month or 30,000 Naira (or $30) per week.
Inside Content Ad Banner (Within)

This is also 300x250 pixels, and appears within the article itself, after the second and fourth paragraphs.

  • The flat fee is 85,000 Naira (or $85) per month or 25,000 Naira (or $25) per week.
Inside Content Ad Banner (Bottom)

It is a 300x250 pixel unit, that appears at the end of each article.

  • The flat fee is 75,000 Naira (or $75) per month or 20,000 Naira (or $20) per week.
Sidebar Banner Ad

This is similar to the 300x250 In-post Ads, which appear on the sidebar of all pages. This is our most affordable ad slot.

  • The flat fee is 65,000 Naira (or $65) per month or 17,000 Naira (or $17) per week.
Wide Skyscraper Banner Ad

This is a 300x600 pixel unit and is placed on the right-hand side of our website, a prime location for user attention.

  • The flat fee is 75,000 Naira (or $75) per month or 20,000 Naira (or $20) per week.
Pop Up Banner Ads

This is designed for maximum visibility and conversion, ideal for businesses seeking rapid exposure. This ad format guarantees to increase your sales lead by 50 percent or more.

  • The flat fee is 190,000 Naira (or $190) per month or 60,000 Naira (or $60) per week.
Text Ads

Our Text Ads option is a great alternative to banners if you're searching for a different kind of advertising. Text advertisements are a creative and efficient method to market your business.

We offer three placement options for our Text Ads:

  1. Text Ads Below All Site Posts: This placement ensures your ad is seen by readers at the end of every post. The flat fee is 60,000 Naira (or $60) per month or 18,000 Naira (or $18) per week.
  2. Text Ads at the Middle of All Site Posts: Placing your ad in the middle of our posts keeps it front and center for readers. The flat fee is 85,000 Naira (or $85) per month or 25,000 Naira (or $25) per week.
  3. Text Ads Placed on Site Homepage: For maximum visibility, consider placing your ad on our homepage. The flat fee is 95,000 Naira (or $95) per month or 26,000 Naira (or $26) per week.

Please note that you are responsible for providing the text for your ad. The content must meet our quality standards before we provide payment instructions.

Please note, that you are responsible for providing creatives in image format. We do not accept Flash banners; for animated banners, use .gif or HTML5. Your banner and landing page must meet our quality standards before we provide payment instructions.

Important Information
Animated Ads (GIF) or Static (JPG) can be used on these slots.

Prohibited Ads

We are dedicated to giving our viewers a great experience even while we work to promote your brand. As a result, some advertisements are forbidden, such as those that promote fake items, offensive language, deceptive statements, subpar landing web pages, misrepresentations, sexually explicit material, alcoholic drinks, gambling, and betting.

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By placing an advertisement on, you join a group of people who are enthusiastic about technology in addition to marketing your company. We are excited to collaborate with you.

We welcome recommendations for alternative ad formats if you have any.
Tell us your budget if you’re unsure which ad format to select. We’ll design a special strategy to meet your requirements.

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