The online version of Samsung’s free streaming service, Smart TV Plus, has finally debuted. For even more people to enjoy, the South Korean tech giant has made the service available on all Chromecast devices.

Samsung TV Plus Service

Previously, the Smart TV Plus was only available on Samsung TVs and mobile devices. The firm debuted the online service without making any formal statement in the second quarter.

According to The Verge, Samsung has declined to comment on the web service’s introduction. The reason for the IT giant’s refusal to announce the introduction of their streaming service on the web is undisclosed.

Samsung’s TV Plus Service is now free-for-all on the Web

The Smart TV Plus is the newest addition to the increasing array of streaming services, and its app is open to everyone, not just Samsung users.

This is a fascinating expansion. Samsung is increasing its interoperability with competitor TV streaming systems, making the free online content available to individuals who don’t own a single piece of Samsung devices.

The Samsung TV Plus Android app now supports video streaming to Chromecast-enabled devices. While the software is currently only available on Samsung phones, it can now broadcast video to Chromecasts and other Cast-compatible devices. Samsung TV Plus may be viewed on almost any brand of TV thanks to smart TV platforms and dongle devices.

The two actions, taken together, indicate that Samsung is serious about increasing content availability, not simply hardware and software. And, as far as freemium ad-supported content goes, it’s really good: over 160 channels from prominent rights-holders like ABC, CBS, Fox, PBS, and a smorgasbord of replays for series, movies, news, and sports.

Samsung has expanded TV Plus to 23 countries, including India, Brazil, Australia, Mexico, and a dozen or so European regions, in addition to its long-standing support for the United States. However, what you can view depends on your location.

Samsung appears to be satisfied with its service thus far, claiming that it is installed on almost 50 million smart TVs and streams “billions of minutes every month.” It’s less obvious how that translates to regular users or how it compares to expanding competitors in the free ad-based sector, such as Roku TV, Plex, Tubi, and so on. But clearly, someone at Samsung sees a lot of economic potential in Samsung TV Plus, and they don’t care if you watch it on a Samsung screen or not.

Yeah, this means you can bypass Samsung’s phone-only limitation by downloading the software from a different source, such as APK Mirror, and then signing in with a Samsung account.


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