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Hi! Thanks for visiting. This post has been update and I recommend you use the updated one: Get Airtel 1gb Databundle for just 1,200 Naira This trick is out quite long but is for the benefit of people who are yet to aware of it. I don’t know why Nigerian network providers specially care for Blackberry users. If you are not a blackberry users, that means you are going to pay so high for the databundle before you can enjoy better browsing, is like they want to make all of us to get blackberry phone but is that possible? We can not use the blackberry subscription on other mobile phones. It even won’t work if you remove the sim and insert it into your usb modem. We all know that 100MB of data bundle cost #1000 on Airtel for the duration of a month, in which it may exhausted within a day. Do you know that you can get 1GB for just #1,450 on this same brainless network. This is reasonable data plan for other users who are not using blackberry phone by getting 1GB for just #1,450 and browsing the internet with it on your Nokia phones, Laptop, Windows smartphone, Android, iPad etc. It might sound fabulous but there is actually simple trick to make this airtel Blackberry plan work for you. PROCEEDUR FOR GETTING 1GB DATABUNDLE 1. Recharge your Airtel line with #1500 2. Send “Socialmonth” without quote in a text message to 440 3. You should receive a text message like this: Your Airtel Social Blackberry subscription was successful. Which is normally for 30 days 4. Check your databundle by dialling *123*10# or *141*712*0#. You should have a little over 1GB. 5. Switch of your phone then remove and replace your phone battery to get your service running. Note: this allocated data will never work with the regular Airtel Access Point Name (APN) which known as This is where we are going to apply the simple trick i mentioned earlier. HOW TO APPLY SIMPLE TRICK TO MAKE IT WORK All you need to do to make your databundle work for you is to create new internet profile with the following: *Conection Name:- put any thing *Access Point Name or APN:– *Username:- blank *Password:- blank *IP:- blank *Port:- blank -To use this trick on your phone, create a new internet profile with the above settings. -You can create a new internet profile with the above on your MODEM by going to Tools Options & Profile Management. Create a new profile, give it any name, select static access point and key that one up there in. -Pc suite users should also filled the above in the setting of there pc suite software. It is really good getting a whole 1GB worth of data for just #1450. It is very good interm of watching live football match on ucplay with your phone, watching youtube on phone and pc etc. I did it this morning before it was posted and it working perfectly. So you can give it a trier and enjoy better browsing.


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