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The Best TV Apps For Streaming Live Sport, Live Movies & News On Android Phone or Tablets

I have downloaded many free television applications from Google Play Store but there has been nothing compared to Sybla tv in terms of speed, consistency, smoothness and features. Some of the tv applications that I have tried include SPB TV, Netflix, Crystal TV, Handy tv, Online tv, Mobile TV, Football live stream etc. But one thing I notice is that, if you are trying to watch live streaming match on most of the above mentioned applications, then you will be given with several links and you will be asked to patiently try the links one after the other to see the one that will work out for you. Another annoying thing is the way they display their adverts that will tend to slow down the video and even cover part of what you are watching. Others do not even show live matches or lock the channels that show live matches. Though am not saying Sybla tv doesn’t run adverts, what am saying is that their ads are sized in such a way that you will not even notice it and the video streaming is so smooth because it doesn’t even use flash player, it uses MX Player for Android Devices that you can download from Google Play Store. And the application has premium channels and it is divided into three categories namely:

  1. Divertissement
  2. Sport 
  3. News 

And immediately you open the application for the first time, it will prompt you to download MX Player from Google play before you can start watching the channels. To view the categories on the mobile tv application, you only need to swipe to your left and once you are under the sport category, the most recent matches will be listed for your viewing pleasure in HD format. Like I said the manufacturer of this tv application survives on advertisement shown in the application. The application is in Arabic and English, it is also compatible with all Android devices.

Screenshot 2013


This App impressed me to the point that I stopped missing to watch Dstv because the dstv mobile decoder cannot even offer me what this great App is offering me now for free. I don’t only watch live matches with Sybla tv but also gets update on the time the live broadcast will start coupled with thousand of other channels available at all time for free.

  Click on below image link to Download Sybla TV


Once you have a steady 3G connection on your Android Device, no hold bar situation for you because you will just stream and steam until you run out of your data plan. So guys, what are you waiting for get it now and Share/Like this post with your friends and families.

Other Useful Android/Tablet Software For Stream Live Sports

  • Sky Sports Live TV Streaming: This app will make it easy and possible for you to watch all the sky sports channels live streaming free on your android phone or tablets. | Download
  • Sports Tv Live: This application enables you to watch live TV totally free on your mobile or tablet device with a minimum consumption of internet, you can see all sports channels that are available in Streaming | Download
  • Euro Sports Live Stream: to watch Euro Sports 1 and 2 Channels on your Android device for free | Download
  • Shine TV: Is online TV app which allows you to watch hundreds of International most favorite TV channels (450+) in your favorite languages online directly on your Android Device. You can watch your most favorite high quality live TV channels from around the globe no matter where you are, all channels are categorized by language/region | Download

Note: You Need to Download Mx Player From PlayStore here to be able to watch the Live Stream with those softwares. Feel free to share/like this post. If you enjoyed this article, Join over 4000 subscribers who get email updates (It’s Free) Sign Up Now!

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39 thoughts on “The Best TV Apps For Streaming Live Sport, Live Movies & News On Android Phone or Tablets”

  1. Wat of we blackberry user? How can we watch live match on our phone? I want to stream live match on ♍Ɣ‎​ bb 9800. Pls help Mr Funsho

  2. I ave stress a lot on dat but am nt yet get d real means to watch live matches on bb phones 4 free, d post will b made 4 it as soon as i get d better way 4 it but u can still manage d 1 on d link below on ur bb.
    How To Watch Live Cable Channels On Your Mobile Phones For Free

  3. Shelaf, I downloaded d sybla TV but i can't see JSC sports there, I only see MBC and the rest. Besides I can't even find the sybla application on my phone even after Downloading it

  4. As i said in d abv info, it divided into three categories: Divertissement, Sport, News
    To view Sport category, you only need to swipe to your left or right side.
    Also try to search thr d apps on ur phone very well, Sybla tv with sky blue icon must dia if it is successfully installed.

  5. Works rilly well i even watched live 2013 wwe survivor series live early this morning, and also other relatively news and sports cbannels. Congrats to yr efforts, may God continue to strengten you.

  6. nice app da engineer…sir which vpn is currently working with any of our local networks ? a friend of mine want to purchase a premium server..pls i ll be waiting for ur reply n explanation asap

  7. Currently i can't recommend any vpn 4 u, d 1 i recommend last term, it was nt last at all & d bitter truth is dat no any vpn is reliable 4 now.
    Any better 1 will b update later as soon as i confirm them.

  8. hello.
    The C app is really is nice.plz give meray mutabiq
    me detail about this app.i can watch all the football match through this app.

  9. Shelaf, I downloaded d sybla TV but i can't see Express News live
    JSC sports there, I only see MBC and the rest. Besides I can't even find the sybla application on my phone even after Downloading it

  10. Remember dat d abv link is nt 4rm Play Store, so it'll nt install automatically, u need 2 find it 4rm d destinatn u download it 2 & install it proper. Promoting a link doesn't mean dat u should downgrade what u meant in d list. I found urs link useful.

  11. Hello
    I read your article it is so interested.
    Important point of your article is you use the easy and simple language.
    Now TV. Internet live cricket match
    and Newspaper is the best way to get knowledge about current affairs. I am so impress. Good Job.
    Keep it up

  12. My experience with has been exactly what I expected from this type of technology, even slightly above Aag Tv live my expectations. The picture quality is perfect – there appears to be no signal compression so the picture looks exactly as it would if my antenna was directly connected to my TV. The unit I'm using also has a pass-through outpu

  13. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. Any way I'll be Geo News subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon.A fantastic presentation. Very open and informative.You have beautifully presented your thought in this blog post

  14. Well written and good information, I've got nothing to add! I guess I will say that as this is an important aspect of many express tv developing careers, we're also all responsible for keeping an eye on how this affects the industry over time – especially with "free" becoming a more common price tag every day.

  15. Thanks!! The information that you have provide is really helpful. I always find it very interesting to read your posts.
    Download Cricket Games | IPL Horn – Cricket Horn Sound APK App

  16. I am happy to find a great webpage after a long time where i can watch online sports and other entertainment related stuff. For more live sports, you can also visit PTV Sports channel, one of the best sports channel in Asia.

  17. I hope you will share such type of impressive contents again with us so that we can utilize it and get more advantage. Free Bien Sport channels Streaming

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