Now, you don’t need to add ss to the YouTube URL before you can download video from YouTube, the introduction of an Add-on called Helper by will enable you to download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo,, and more than 40 others websites with just a click.

How to Download Video from YouTube

What you need to do is to install a browser extension called Helper on your device and the Add-on will integrate into your Browsers, like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc.

After the installation of Helper, you can easily download videos directly from embedded YouTube players on any website or from the YouTube website itself by hovering a cursor on appears “Download” button. Thereafter, you can save the video in the desired quality/format.

Download Video From YouTube

Also, you can use it to download videos from with a click from user pages, news feeds, or even comments.

Move the mouse pointer over the link – a green arrow will appear. Click the arrow and choose the preferred video quality.

savefrom fb

For and, the extension forces a “Download” button to appear on the page, where you’re watching a video file.

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Simply download the Helper extension here.  The installation guide is on downloading page, just take note of it.


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    Fastest way is to download the OGTube app.. And download all youtube videos in different format right from your phone.

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    Tnx 4 sharing ur method of downloading YouTube videos with us.

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    u can visit to download any YouTube videos in different format.

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