Smile Communication has just added a new limitless data plan, it is known as Unlimited Platinum.

This plan is suitable for those who loves downloading huge files in terabyte and also for those who love streaming FHD 1080p videos. This plan has been designed to satisfy all your internet needs and also give you total freedom to download and stream as much as you like without the fear of data being exhausted.

smile limitless data plans

According to Smile NG;

Introducing the UnlimitedPlatinum plan! Get Unlimited Access to the Internet with speeds up to 6mbps for 30 days with no limits. #UnlimitedPlatinum #SmileNG

With the new Smile UnlimitedPlatinum plan, you’ll get true unlimited access to the Internet with speed up to 6Mbps to browse, download and stream without thinking about data, speed throttling or Fair usage policy (FUP).

Difference Between Smile Unlimited Platinum and Unlimited Premium

Unlimited PlatinumUnlimited Premium
No data capNo data cap
Speed 6MbpsSpeed 3Mbps
30 days validity30 days validity

You can subscribe to this plan directly from Smile website by going to

Don’t forget that you need 24k before you can have access to the plan.


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