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Latest Update on Cash App, Gift Cards and Bitcoin –

Cash app

Every day new innovations are coming out of the digital exchange industry, this is making it easier for people to exchange and transfer money from one country to another.

Gift cards and Bitcoin have been around for years now and they have been an efficient way of cashing out money from abroad.

But these means are not 100% efficient, thus you may still encounter some challenges while using gift cards and Bitcoin.

You might have heard or experienced some painful scenarios like;

“I was duped! The Gift Card has already been redeemed!
I wasn’t paid exactly the current rate for either Bitcoin or Gift Cards!
We don’t accept this type of gift card!”

These are the common problems almost everyone faces while trading gift cards and Bitcoin, and sometimes the problems could be from the exchange platform you are using.

To solve your gift cards and Bitcoin problems, I will also introduce you to another verified exchange platform called

Meanwhile, let me first talk about Cash App, another means of receiving money from abroad.

What’s Cash App?

A cash app is a payment app that allows users to send money to friends and family or pay vendors and merchants.

This has grown beyond many digital payment platforms like PayPal or Perfect money, it makes users feel very secure while using it.

This is a very trending app in the United States and the UK, citizens can comfortably send money to another within the country without any fear or issues.

Nigerians have developed an interest in this app, only that we are restricted from using it, and is also difficult to have someone in the US send money to someone outside the US through the Cash app.

But with you are fully covered. We would provide you $cashtag and have your dollars transferred to our cash app, you show us the Receipt generated for the transfer and receive your money in Naira immediately.

Firstbit took all the lawful steps to make everything totally possible and secured to render a good service to you. Your payments are remitted immediately after confirmation.

What’s Firstbit? is an exchange platform that makes it easier for converting Cash app, Gift Cards, and Bitcoin to Naira instantly. It’s operated by Cajitel Digital Services. Cajitel is registered and certified by the Corporate Affairs Commission and also has representatives in the US.

We have been in existence since 2016 trading Bitcoin and Gift Cards and now Cash apps. We take pride in giving our customers the best market rates.

Trading with Firstbit, would provide you with so many beautiful opportunities that have elapsed many traders, these include:

  • A platform where you can convert your money on the Cash app to Naira swiftly.
  • Regular updates on the Gift Cards that are economically high at the moment, so that you would be guided before purchasing.
  • A transparent platform that provides every vital information you need while trading Bitcoin, Gift Cards, and Cash app, for your financial benefits.
  • Updates on trending Gift Cards in each country. For example, which Gift Cards are currently booming in Australia, the USA, or Canada? Which Gift Cards are they known for in each of these countries?
  • Provides you the marketing tools and skills that would help you to earn money from the trade of others. You make good money even without owning a Bitcoin, Gift Cards, or Cash app to sell.

Firstbit Core Values

1. Transparency: gives you full information regarding your trade, such as the confirmation status, the status of the payment, evidence of payment, and regular notification of the current rates in the market

2. Honesty: This is similar to transparency, but here’s more related to confirmation of trade and with exact Rates. is not promoted by greed, despite the fact that every business goal is to make profits. We strictly believed that profit-making comes from branding, (not by packaging a product) rather being sincere to give every customer genuine satisfaction.

Therefore, we only focus on the little profit that is for us. We are not interested in collecting your own money, by giving you false stories on your Gift Cards as you might have experienced elsewhere. Each of our trades is carefully examined before giving out confirmation.

3. High Rate
4. Instant Payment
5. 24/7 Availability For Service
6. Quality Customer Support

How you can make money with Firstbit

Firstbit has also taken the opportunity to make sure every one of our customers earns money even without having Gift Cards or Bitcoin to sell.
How? Here is it, you can make money trading cards and Bitcoin for your friends and other of your contacts and earn commissions.

Contact and they will provide you with the necessary tools and guidelines you need to freely target people who have Cards and Coins to trade and earn money from their trades.

My dear friends, what else would you be looking for in a digital exchange?

Do you want to skip, and move to where you would be defrauded, charging you extremely high and at the same time making you believe they’re helping you? Or you want to continue using the exchange where you are afraid of even trading a huge amount of dollars because of not having confidence in them?

Think twice now and join elite traders who have been using and enjoy trading your Cash app, Gift Cards, and Bitcoin.
Most importantly, you would be opportune to enrich yourself even without having a single dollar to sell.

Click the link below to visit Firstbit site now and start trading cash app, Gift cards, and Bitcoin…


Call/WhatsApp: 0901 750 0879

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  1. Abdulrasq Muhammad

    I’m so glad to trade with you.. I really appreciate and recommend him for anyone who what to trade with him he is an intgrety man

  2. Ifechukwude wisdom

    Firstbit is the best reliable trading platform for trading Bitcoin and gift card it’s fraud free, I have benn trading with them for 2 years now and there have not been any complain I get my payment instantly it’s fast and reliable.I will recommend it for anybody who wants to do a digital exchange it’s the best platform you can ever think of

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