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Digital Satellite Television (DStv) has launched a standalone streaming service where customers can subscribe and watch all channels via the DStv app, without a decoder or satellite connection.

The service allows for existing and new customers to access the DStv streaming content on their preferred devices which includes smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, or smart televisions.

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The device should be linked to a consistent, high-speed internet connection for an optimum viewing experience, DStv said.

This simply means that the era where customers can only subscribe to DStv through a satellite cable connection is steadily facing out. Currently, without dish or decoder, you can subscribe to your DStv packages and stream them via your smart devices connected to the good internet.

DStv streaming allows customers to choose any one of its residential packages. The current packages available for streaming are:

  • DStv Premium;
  • DStv Compact Plus;
  • DStv Compact;
  • DStv Family;
  • DStv Acces;
  • DStv EasyView.

Customers who subscribed to the package can also watch shows or Catch Up on different four devices, with a maximum of two concurrent streams.

According to Multichoice,

“We are led by our customers’ evolving viewing habits and how and when they choose to access our content.

“The option to use the internet to consume content speaks to how DStv continues to diversify its offerings with a clear intention to drive value and convenience for our customers,”

Current DStv customers on select packages retain the access to DStv’s streaming service they have long enjoyed as a value-added service.




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  • Abdulmalik, December 3, 2020 @ 7:11 pm Reply

    Is useless in Nigerian because we don’t have unlimited data for cheaper price

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