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Earn at Least 100 Handy Token ($5) from HandyPick Game

In our present reality, Crypto is perhaps the most examined topic. It has gotten so famous and has seemed, by all accounts, to be so rewarding to where everybody needs to have a thought regarding it or have something to do with it without a doubt. The entire thought behind the mission to connect with the crypto market all comes down to cash making.

Digital money is currently seen as immense speculation and by and large, individuals realize it has to do with trading. This isn’t new while talking about this subject. To begin trading cryptocurrencies, you are needed to have some beginning up capital, and on the off chance that you don’t have this capital, you have the chance to get coins free of charge through airdrops. In this article, we will be seeing something truly fascinating. Something that assumes a very much like part as airdrop does.

Handy Tokens

Now, you are going to get insights on how to get and pile up Handy tokens at no charge.

HandyPick is a cryptocurrency token that is already listed on the coin market cap (currently valued at $0.04594), trading on Hotbit where you can buy and sell for other pairs. You can check out the current price of 1 Handy here.

In this article, you will receive enlightenment on how to get at least 100 Handy tokens. With this, you get to earn at least $5 for free.

How to Earn free Handy Tokens

These free Handy Tokens are earned from an app referred to as “HandyPick”. Users get rewarded when they play prediction games. The amazing thing about these games is that;

  • They are not time-consuming. It won’t take up to 5min to complete
  • They are easy to play. You don’t have to bet or invest your money to play Handy Games.
  • You get rewarded with free Handy tokens if your predictions are correct.

How to Get Started, Earning with Handy Tokens

Follow these simple steps:

Download the App: link:

🔹Register & Confirm Email
🔹Input Referral Code: 6FTGJQ

Note: If you do not use the referral code on your sign-up, you will not get 100 Handy tokens!

Make sure you use this code: 6FTGJQ
🔹Done, Check Balance


Anyone can earn free Handypick Tokens for free! This is an amazing opportunity for those who are broke and do not have any money to invest or start a business. You can use this opportunity to make free money. No excuses! You don’t need a dime or KYC to make money on Handypick. Make sure you watch the videos below for payment proof and get started ASAP!

How to Register

How to withdraw

Handypick (payment received):

Watch the videos above and make sure you subscribe and tap the bell button to get notifications anytime I upload new videos.

Once you follow these steps accordingly, you will have your very own account on the HandyPick app. Now, you can begin predicting games. You don’t have to worry or fret about anything since the prediction is totally free.

You are not under compulsion to use the referral code. The only reason for it is to help you gain some extra Handy. To get even more Handy tokens, you can invite friends to play the games and you can also play the games.

Handytokens withdraw

You can withdraw a minimum of 1000 Handy to your Hotbit wallet address twice a month.

💦 To get more airdrop,

Join Telegram:

Predictions are correct, you’ll earn free Handy tokens.

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