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With the release of Firefox 90, Mozilla introduced SmartBlock 2.0. This updated version of SmartBlock allows you to log into a website utilizing single sign-on services while also preventing the website from monitoring your activities.

Until now, you couldn’t use Facebook to log into websites like Etsy or Canva if you were using Firefox’s Private mode. It’s because Firefox flagged Facebook’s scripts as trackers, preventing you from logging in. The new Mozilla SmartBlock 2.0, on the other hand, allows you to log in to applications using your Facebook account while still blocking cross-website tracking.

Mozilla Induces SmartBlock 2.0, Using Facebook As Punching Bag

Mozilla used Facebook as an example in its blog post announcing the feature. Because the social networking site is known for cross-website tracking, this is the case. So much so that Facebook and Apple are fighting over Apple’s App Tracking Transparency feature.

Aside from the tracking, you may use your Facebook account to join up for any major applications and games. Being unable to do so on Mozilla was clearly a restriction. SmartBlock 2.0 for Firefox 90 addresses this by allowing you to check in with your Facebook account while also preventing Facebook from monitoring you.

When you click the “Continue with Facebook” button, SmartBlock 2.0 unblocks the Facebook login scripts fast, according to Mozilla. This just allows Facebook’s scripts to log you in before they’re banned again.

The most recent browser innovations compete to provide consumers more privacy and control. While Safari has completely disabled cookies, Google Chrome is working on a contentious cookie replacement called Google FLoC. As individuals grow more aware of their privacy, tracking them on platforms like Facebook becomes more challenging.

It will be interesting to observe how the firm responds to forthcoming data laws and new privacy features across platforms.


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