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Level Up Your Game: Essential Tips for Efficient FIFA 24 Coin Management

FIFA 24 Coin Management

Football fans all over the world patiently wait every year for the launch of EA Sports FIFA game and this time it has been launched under the name EA FC 24. Players love the Ultimate Team game mode that allows them to create their dream squad and go head-to-head against competitors from all around the world.

To do well in this mode, players need to earn and use FIFA coins to buy world-class players, skills, kits, and other things in the game. There is a scramble for everyone to earn as many coins as they can within the game and some also opt to purchase FUT FIFA 24 coins from online sellers. As these coins are such a big part of the game, in this post, we’ll discuss how to manage them efficiently.

Top Tips to Manage FUT FIFA 24 Coins Efficiently

The following tips will cover everything you should know about FIFA coins and their efficient use. Whether it’s about earning or spending, these coins are the key to your success in Ultimate Team and you must know how to use them for maximum benefits and building a championship-level squad.

Play as Many Matches as You Can

An easy way to earn and manage coins is through playing matches. No matter the game mode, or if you win or lose, you will get coins for it. The number of coins will depend on your performance, the difficulty of the match, the result, and some other factors. You won’t get a huge amount, but it adds up and if you have a coin boost, then it is even better for you.

Open Silver & Bronze Packs Frequently

The best option is a Gold pack but that does not mean bronze and silver packs should be ignored. You will get a bronze pack for 750 and a silver one for 3750. Just list all the managers, players, and other items you get from the pack for sale, and you can get good returns on your investment.

Several SBCs need bronze or silver players, and this will take their value even higher than before. Yes, this method takes time at the start of the game, but it is a tried and tested method to accumulate and manage coins.

Try to Rank High in the Weekend Leagues

If you take part in the Weekend League and climb ranks regularly, you will get lots of coins as rewards for it. This is the hardest part of Ultimate Team and doing well in this will make you rich in FUT FIFA 24 coins.

There are a maximum 20 games in this mode where you earn 4 points on winning and 1 point on losing. When the competition ends, you get valuable rewards which can include up to 10000 FIFA coins and other useful items.

Remember to Claim Weekly Rewards from Division Rivals

Another consistent way to earn and manage FIFA coins is performing well and progressing further in the Division Rivals game mode. Regularly play games in this mode and promote to higher divisions to get more coins and rewards. Every Thursday you can collect your rewards which include up to 4000 FIFA coins from Division 10 and up to 45000 coins from Division 1.

Complete SBCs & Objectives

SBC or squad building challenge in Ultimate Team requires you to assemble a squad meeting specific objectives and requirements. It may require players of a particular rating or from a specific nation to succeed which will earn you FC 24 coins.

Different types of SBCs are Basic, Live, Advanced, Icons, Upgrades, and Swaps. You can earn and manage coins directly by completing these challenges or you can sell players who are in high demand as they are essential for completing SBCs. Keep an eye on items that are needed and sell them strategically for managing coins in a better way.

Efficient Trading in the Transfer Market

Trading in the Transfer Market will also help earn a good number of coins on a daily basis. Try to buy players as low as you can and sell them at higher prices for making profits. An easy method is through Bulk Bidding where you choose a Rare Gold player and search for his lowest market ‘buy now’. Then, open the pricing filter and set the maximum price lower than the previous lowest ‘buy now’.

Another useful method is sniping in which you have to identify and buy items that are a low value before others take this chance. You have to understand the market and be quick in making decisions. Keep refreshing and searching the market for such players so that you buy them before other users. Even if you sell them at their regular value later, you’ll earn a big profit.


If you want to create your dream team and achieve all your objectives in Ultimate Team, then FUT 24 coins will play a major role in that. However, this takes a lot of effort, time, and resources. There are several things like playing matches, trading players, completing SBCs, etc. that’ll help you succeed. Keep the above tips in mind and you’ll surely manage your FIFA coins more efficiently than before.

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