Etisalat tweak is back and better with Opmin 7.0,6.xx,5.xx and 4.21bxx. It was tested on both symbian and java phones and is working perfectly before it was published.

Follow this steps to make it work for you too

Step1. Use etisalat defalt setting.

You can create it with below ip and port if it was not yet created on your phone:


   *Port= 8080

Java phones user download etisalat defalt prov file HERE.

Step2. Download Opmin4.2b14HandlerUI.jar HERE, HERE or Opmin7.0nextHandlerUI.jar HERE, HERE.

Install it, after installation open it and scroll down to:

   *Proxy Type/Reversed: Select HTTP

   *Proxy Server:

Click Save and allow your Opmin to installed.


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  • Anonymous, May 18, 2012 @ 1:30 pm Reply

    Thankz, it work fine

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