This tweak is been an existence since early last year but some people have forgot it or believed that is no more working. This is to draw your attention back to it and let you realized that is still working perfectly.

Tested and ok before posted. 

Normally when you subscribe to  Airtel Day Plan, you are given 10mb with 100 Naira charged but when you subscribe to this one am talking about, Airetel Socialday Bundle for blackberry you are given same 10mb for 75 Naira only.

As you know that subscription of Airtel Day Plan  cost 100 Naira and last for 1 day but this one is last for about 2 to 3 days before it expire. You may received the message that it will last for 1 day but just ignore the message, if you are not exhausted your mb before the expire day, it will continue working.

Since the Airtel Day Plan and Airtel Socialday Plan worth same value of 10mb but for different prices and both of the plan work perfectly for all applications on other phones like Nokia, Samsung etc. So i decided to go for the cheaper cost Socialday Plan.

How to Subscribe to Airtel Socialday Plan 10mb with 75 Naira

*Load 100 Naira Air Time

*Send Socialday as a text message to 440

*75 Naira will be deducted from your  100 Naira Air Time

*You will received this below three messages:





*Follow the message instruction by Switch of your phone then remove and replace your phone battery to get your service running.

*Check your databundle by dialling *123*10# or *141*712*0#.

Enjoy your browsing.

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