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How To Root Tecno n3, T3 & n7 Android Mobile Phone

Initially when tecno first launch its first android phone, i thought it would be a massive failure but i was proved wrong just like with their java phones. As i speak, we have series of tecno android phones out there which include d3, t3, n3 and n7 happens to come with android ICS. Due to popular demand, am dedicating a trusted and safe way in which you can Root your Tecno n3 and t3, then tecno n7 on ics

Disclaimer & Warning! It is strongly advised that  you use this tutorial only for the tecno phones specified above. Trying using this tutorial  in any other Android device May result in unpleasant outcomes of which am not liable. So before you proceed,  Check your device’s model number in: Settings » About phone. Try this at your own risk. Although, it is very unlikely that your device will be damaged if you follow all the instructions here to the last letter in this tutorial. Before You Root Your Phone Take Note Of This: Once you have rooted your android device, your device  warranty will get void; However, you can reclaim the warranty by applying official firmware update or by Unrooting the device. To check if you have  successfully rooted your device or not simply  install an application called Root Checker it available for download on Google PLAY Store.

rooted techno t3, n3 and n7

Pre Requisites & Requirements:

  1. Make sure your device have at least 80% battery power. [How to Check Battery Percentage in Android Device] press Settings » Battery
  2. Make sure USB Debugging is enabled. [ You can do this by pressing Settings » Developer » Options » USB debugging]
  3. Download: Poot Tecno n3/t3 Download: Ministro II library (from Google play store) or the apk.

How To Root Your TECNO T3/N3 » Just install POOT apk  downloaded from the above link to internal memory and run the application. it will require you to install MINISTRO II, you will get -error like “update minstro library”, just update through google play store or install the apk (which you must have downloaded from the link above). » After installing and updating all the libraries of QT (about 10MB), your phone will automatically reboot (or reboot it manually) You will get two buttons

  1. “press here to poot”
  2. “built in root check”

Click on the first button “press here to poot” and wait till you have 3 buttons (Get Superuser, Get Root-checker and In-built Rootchecker), That means you are now rooted. You can now complete the process by downloading Superuser application from the play store orhere

WARNING: If your phone vibrate and goes blank try this steps.

  1. Enable usb debuging
  2. Change location of install app to phone memory.
  3. Uninstall poot
  4. Reboot N3 and reinstall poot
  5. Make sure you have internet connection so as to update Ministro binary
  6. Restart your N3 after the update
  7. Unmount SD Card and run poot
  8. Select the 1st option and wait. if pook display install superuser then u hv sucessfully root your N3.

If phone vibrate and goes blank then remove battery and put it back. Power On the phone, as soon as it shows installing sdcard quickly run poot and and press the first option.

How To Root Tecno N7 Android Phone

Requirement For Rooting Techno N7 

» Now after installing Super One Click and Unlock Root Downloader, now close them and open your Techno N7 and enable the Usb Debugging mode, connect your Phone to PC and windows will install the drivers required automatically if it fails to install now open super one click and one initialized it will prompt you asking weather it should install the drivers select yes and it will do that after install reconnect your usb back and in the super one click located where you will see ROOT wait for some minutes depends on how fast your pc is, as the process is going on a pop up select yes to all prompt/pop up messages and keep on waiting once the process is done you will see Tecno N7 phone rooted, restart you phone. » Now since you are done with first step, launch your Unlock Root Downloader and locate ROOT  just like you did in your Super One Click, it will alert you saying that your phone have already been rooted ignore it and proceed, now you must have patience until you see successful. Now during this phase you have to download Root Checker  to know if your phone is actually rooted and Superuser to be able to grant the applications that requires root access permissions. Never miss any of my future post CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE Once entered, you will have to check your Inbox for a confirmation email containing a confirmation link. Once you VERIFY your email by clicking on the confirmation link in the message, you will never miss any future articles. If you want to appreciate this, have Questions to ask or have anything to contribute, kindly use the comment form below. More so, Remember use the “Share”, “Like” and other Share buttons to share this post with your friends.

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60 thoughts on “How To Root Tecno n3, T3 & n7 Android Mobile Phone”

  1. This is nice work and good research i knw our people will nt comment since its not a cheat… lol
    Good work jare my gee (Funsho Kolawole )

  2. dats 9ja 4u guy…. We use 2 focus only one direction….. Thanks my great online master, God bless u wela!

  3. 1st of all(go down low) thanks for d amazin wrk. Am using N7 n d process for rootin it looks comlicated can i use d P3 method on my N7 n how do i use n etisalat bb subscribtion to browse on my N7 thanks in advance as u reply me.

  4. @Anonymous Try 2 use d 1 recommended 4 it, 4 d best result & i advice u not 2 subscribe 2 etisalat bis 4 ur Android phone now. D Etisalat bis setting will b updated here as soon as i detect dat is working fine on other mobiles/pc.

  5. Thanks frnd. Plz give me d run down on how to use mtn bis both on rooted n non rooted N7 n which is prefered d mtn complete or absolute

  6. Can u help me? When making call wif my N3 I had this message “android core has stopped unexpectedly so try again. After few more trials, same message. I tried restarting de fone but it will not. Only tecno logo blinks, stops n repeat. what shall I do?– Valentine

  7. Root Android Tablet

    I just rooted my android phone. it was a very simple procedure and didn't even require any backup.

  8. Mr Funso, pls can I root tecno D3 wt ur instruction? can it work if I use the instruction of Tecno N3 Pls I wil b expecting ur reply. Thnks.

  9. Am nt sure dat it will work 4 it but u may try d 1 on d below link rather.
    How to Root an Android Device With SRSRoot Software

  10. Pls i bought tecno N7 2wks ago and 2 days ago d phone went dead and refused to on. I took it to d phone guys, and d phon was flashed and apps were reinstalld. Since den i culdnt reciev nor mak cals. D phone displays 'RESTRICTED ACCESS' intermitedly. If u cld help, i wld b greatful

  11. @ Funsho. I don't know if you have any post on: 1. PROS N CONS OF ROOTING A PHONE and 2. If I root my A1, can I update the os to say, 4.2.2 or higher? tnx in anticipation of your reply

  12. Pros & Cons of rooting is nt explaining d detail on ao 2 root, it is just an highlight of advantage & disadvantage of rooting phones & i always brief d advntage & disdvtang in most of my rooting method so i don't need 2 write Pros & Cons as a special topic.
    More so, you ave 2 update ur os b4 talking of rooting.

  13. U get luck, i ave d method on my draft box 4 a while which i don't even think of post it now but bcz of ur request, ave published it now, use d below link 2 check it & make sure u follow d procedure accordingly.
    Simple Method to Root Tecno Phantom A1 (or F7)

  14. a lover of ur work

    Sir funsho.. thanks for this tutorial, but i have this problem. I have gone with the above process of rooting my n3 but d problem is that after showing thr three options, root checker still says i have no root access. Please help. My email is [email protected]

  15. in fact my middle name is lucky…lol! tnx for the post on rooting phantom a1 or f7. u have really enlightened me. I would like to know how and IF I can update d phantom a1/f7 to a higher os version? it is currently 4.1.somthin. there seem to be no provision for this. tnx bro

  16. Sigh of relief. Mr funso aka mr guru, my n3 is finally rooted. Pls after the rooting, can i uninstall ministro and poot

  17. Good day sir: Funsho Kolawole, for the nice free service you render here. Pls sir, I just got a Techno L3 phone today, and Would love to use my MTN bis subscription on it, pls what do I do?
    Hoping to here from you soon.

  18. Check d links below:
    How To Use Mtn Blackberry Plans On Android Phones Using DroidVPN or
    How To Browse Unlimitedly With Mtn Bis On Rooted And Unrooted Android Phone With DroidVPN

  19. 4.1 is ok 4 now & i advice you 2 keep 4.1 bcz 4.2.2 or 4.2.3 or even 4.2.4. It's pretty annoying to people so far.

  20. hi fusho,
    please which application is best for ant theft on techno android.I use antitheft on my bb and if my sim is changed an alert will show on my other phones that a sim has changed but i have not seen any yet on googleplay;all isee is imei numbers which are not too helpful in nigeria .


  21. Am nt yet familiar with anti thief soft-wares for Android mobile phone but u may try to install an ant-virus dat has ant- thief feature like Netqin Ant-virus.

  22. a demon materialized while pooting. error code: 18 su binary was not written.

    sir… how to i settle this problem?

  23. Got a prblm wt my n7.
    I had a low b3 n whn it was abt 17% i switched it off,whn lite came i connected it to d charger bt til now it refuses to switch on. I even removed d battery n fix again bt itz nt booting @all! Pls help!

  24. Sir Funsho is there any way I can update my tecno n3 to either ics or jelly bean without rooting?? If no, after rooting, what do I do next to update??

  25. Pls, how can I root my tecno tab P9 and my nokia XL, I have more than 18gb sd card in my tecno tab P9, but anytime I tried to download an application from d store, it keep telling me I hv insufficient space on d device, what could be d problem, even when I set d storage to be d sd card. Inbox me on onyglad4ever[at] Tnx dear.

  26. Thank you very much for writing such an interesting article on this topic. This has really made me think and I hope to read more. Samsung Galaxy A series

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