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How To Browse Unlimitedly With Mtn Bis On Rooted And Unrooted Android Phone With DroidVPN

Most of us have already familiar with DroidVpn, as it is what we are using to surf the net with Mtn Bis now on theAndroid Mobile Phones. And almost every Android users are now enjoying it. I lately discovered that you don’t even need to root your Android device for those running Android 4.0 and above before you can use the DroidVpn. It works even without the tun.koinstaller.  It’s even faster on Un-rooted than the Rooted Android Devices, without any internet potholes.

How To Use DroidVPN On Unrooted Android Device


  1. Just visit Google play store and download DroidVPN if you haven’t done that yet
  2. Register an account at,  you will use the account you registered to sign into your DroidVPN app.
  3. Now open the DroidVPN and go to  Settings,  click on Connection Protocol and select UDP
  4. Use Port 500
  5. Make sure your Mtn Blackberry Plan is active with as your APN
  6. Connect and surf with the fastest speed ever!

Their is something special about this DroidVPN, it makes you browse unlimited. I experimented it with BISday Plan and I bet, I have already downloaded more than 8GB. The job of this VPN is to make your internet surfing unlimited if you are a premium user ooo. But it places  100MB embargo on free users.

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67 thoughts on “How To Browse Unlimitedly With Mtn Bis On Rooted And Unrooted Android Phone With DroidVPN”

  1. Mtn day bis has always bin unlimited just so u know, paying 800 per month for premium account + paying for bb plan again is kinda expensive can u help everyone get a premium account for free, n tanx alot for ur efforts

  2. Oga at the top, I want to get premium account, how do I go about it. And I wish to be commenting with an Id.thanks for the good work and God bless u.

  3. Follow d procedure accordingly, i see no reason y is nt work 4 u when a person using using tecno p3 like urs post a testimony dat is working fine on his phone.

  4. U r welcome, register an acct at to be able 2 comment wit an id and 4 d premium visit Droidvpn website 4 more detail.

  5. Pls when i open droidvpn , it keeps telling me that my phone is not rooted and when i press ok, it exits itself. Pls ineed ur help on dis. I use tecno n3

  6. Ur phone is very simple 2 root, check d below link 4 d detail.
    How To Root Techno n3, T3 & n7 Android Mobile Phone

  7. am using tecno p3 customise for etisalat i dont know how to root the phone is given error message

    i need your urgent reply

  8. After all the tutorials on how to root n3. This was what it gave me at the end of it all………….. a demon materialized while pooting. Error code:8s su binary was not written. You need to restart your device…. even though i restarted it for over 4 times, still he same tin pls wat can i do

  9. D abv link i provided 4 Tecno N3 is also working for tecno P3, check it out & follow d procedure on ao 2 root N3 for ur P3 too.

  10. Great engineer of our generation well done may God make u great in life the more,i dey feel ur works wella,thanks a bomb.pls my droid vpn on galaxy tab 2 is working but d hotspot didnt connect with laptop,it showed caution symbol,help me to fix it.

  11. U are welcome & tnx 4 d pray, we shall all great by God grace. Check below link 4 d guide on ao to Connect ur Android Phone to serve as Modem on ur pc with mtn bis.
    3 Different Methods to Connect An Android Phone as Modem on Computer

  12. Yes my oga at the top i saw 3 different mtds to connect an android as modem on computer but it only showed ho to download 3d games and so on,i didnt c d 3 mtds to connect ndroids as modem per say

  13. Bro, pls wuld like to get the premium driodvpn, esp as regards d paypal account, willin to pay etc. Here's my email, kindly reply:unre86[at]

  14. I Find It Difficult Registering Perfect Money Account. Is There Any Way You CAn Help Me Upgrade My Account To Premium?

  15. Thanks Funsho for all the great works. My problem is that whenever I'm connected via Droidvpn I cannot send emails. It keeps hanging. Also PlayStore doesn't work at all.

    Thanks once more in anticipation.

  16. @shelaf pls send me that trick on how to browse unlimitedly with glo line using chocolate here is my email gideondawizard[at] thanks for ur anticipated cooperation

  17. Thanks for the good work Shelaf but I'm having problems going in the Google play(android store) whenever I connect the DroidVpn..Please what do i do coz i havent rooted my device and I think that makes me ineligible to use the GAE

  18. D problem is 4rm d mtn, nt 4rm d DroidVPN, dey limit d access in 2 some websites, u may get change ip app like "Hotspot Shield" 2 bypass d mtn restricted.

  19. pls hw can i root my tecno n9? And again tun.ko is nt installin on d tecno n9 pls i nid urgent assistance……..can i use droidvpn wtout tun.ko for d tecno?

  20. Click here 4 d detail on ao 2 use DroidVPN without without tun.ko on ur android & on ao 2 root ur phone, try d method i posted 4 N3.

  21. Hi. Please how do I get a paypal account? Don't mind paying so long as it works well. Here's my email: sheuballe[at] Thanks

  22. Never knew the upgrade is only valid for 1month? If that is so, I think is pretty expensive coupled with the mtn monthly subscription. Y can't it just be a one time upgrade.

  23. pls sir, its pretty slow, i want to know mayb its normal or im gettn somfin wrong…..awaitn ur quick response.
    God bless u plenty

  24. How can I make my LGP925 work with VPN its on 2.3 gingerbread. I don't know how to root the device. I have try to upgrade it but it doesn't work. Help thanks.

  25. How can I update my S2 to frm 2.3.5 to 4.0, I need to start xploring dis fone. A Novice please. Moreover, I don't want to try the different rooting methods I read so I don't complicate matters. Thanks

  26. hi im using an mtn sim card and activated the BIS service and done everything above on doridvpn, my question is how do i know if its working or not?

  27. Airtel Bis doesn't required any vpn b4 it can work & dey did nt ave any avoidable unlimited plan, if u need d avoidable unlimited plan u need 2 go 4 Mtn Bis or BBCday & use d abv software 2 power it up.

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