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Top 15 Best Android Softwares to Make Free Voice and Video Calls

Hi lovely viewers and welcome to this lovely post,  am sure that most of us was already familiar with Skype as the most popular VOIP and IM software but there are lots of software to make free voice and video calls on your Android device. Today I want to introduce you to some free voice and video calling Android softwares that I have compiled which you can use to call your friends and loved ones at your own convenient time.

If you have any Smartphone that has 3G and front camera or you are considering to buy a new Smartphone that will let you make free video calls, then I suggest you get one that has 3G capable with a front camera for your video calls. Without wasting much time, download any of the below software to enjoying free voice or video calling on your Android Mobile Phone: 1. Fring

fring video calls

Fring is one of the best free Video Calling Android software that lets you make free calls, group calls, texting, video calls and even group video calls. fring supports DVQ™ Technology (Dynamic Video Quality) which gives you the best video and audio quality possible by automatically and continuously adjusting your video call quality to match your connectivity.

Get your friends or family to install this app and enjoy free video calls with one another. You can even call landlines with fring if you purchase the fringOut credit. Download fring Free Calls, Video & Text from the Google Play Store here. 2. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is the reincarnation of Google Talk and is optimized for mobile devices. With Hangouts you are allowed to make one-on-one and group conversations with photos and video calls for free. This awesome app is available for all the major platforms like Android, iOS, Windows Phone. You can turn any conversation into a video call with up to 10 friends with Google Hangouts. When you start a new Hangout, green icons will show you who’s on, and gray shows who’s not.Download Google Hangouts from the Google Play Store here 3. Video calling

video calling

Video calling is another great app for free video calling, this app lets you make free video calls to all your Facebook friends! All you need to do is to login with your Facebook account and start enjoying free video calls with all your friends. The app also allows voice calls. Download Video calling from the Google Play Store here.  4. Agent with free video calls

agent with free video calls

Agent with free video calls is a free video calling Android app that lets you talk to your friends and family from your Android device via a free video call, instant messaging and free SMS. You can also share photos and videos using this free video calling Android app. So if you want to make free video calls, simply tell your friends or whoever you want to be making free video calls with to install this Agent with free video calls app on their Smartphone or Computer. Download Agent with free video calls from the Google Play Store here.

5. Seen: Video calls for Facebook

seen video calls

Seen: Video calls for Facebook is a great free video calling Android app that lets you make video calls to your Facebook friends. Seen lets you make high quality video and voice calls over Wi-Fi or 3G to your Facebook friends and groups. Better yet, these calls are FREE worldwide though mobile operator data rates may apply. 

Download Agent with free video calls from the Google Play Store here.

6. Tango Messenger

tango messenger

Tango Messenger is a free video calling Android app, you can make and receive free video calls with your friends and family. With Tango you can also make voice calls, send text messages, Play games and share photos on Facebook. Tango free video calling Android app is so cool you can even make group video calls, send group video messaging, play games while you are on call etc. You need to check it out. Download Tango Messenger from the Google Play Store here. 7. Skype – free IM & video calls


Skype – free IM & video calls is definitely the most popular free video calling Android app out there; Skype lets you make free video calls with another Skype user. With over 250 million users using Skype, the numbers speak of its uniqueness and usefulness. Skype allows you video messaging and text chats, you can also share photos with this awesome app.  Download Skype from the Google Play Store here. 8. ooVoo Video Call, Text & Voice

ooVoo video calls

ooVoo Video Call, Text & Voice is a nice app that not just let you make free video calls but also lets you send video messages, make voice calls and instant messaging. You can also call your Facebook and Twitter friends on video calls with ooVoo. ooVoo also makes group video calls, check it out.

Download ooVoo Video Call, Text & Voice from the Google Play Store here.

9. Viber


Viber everyone in the world can connect with friends and contacts for free. Make phone calls, send text messages, video messages, and share your location. Make your messages stand out by sending stickers, emoticons, and doodles. Push notifications will make it so you never miss a call or text message.  Download Viber from the Google Play Store here. 10. LINE: Free Calls & Messages


LINE: Free Calls & Messages lets users make free voice calls 24 hours a day. Update your friends on what you’ve been up to by using text, photos, stickers and location info. Find all your friends from all over the world and make free international calls.  Download Line from the Google Play Store here. 11. KakaoTalk

Kakao talk

KakaoTalk: Enjoy unlimited group chats and send photos, videos, and voice notes. Make free calls using 3G, Edge, or Wi-Fi. Schedule appointments, see who read your messages, and multitask.  Download Kakao Talk from the Google Play Store here

12. Yahoo! Messenger

yahoo messenger

The official Yahoo! Messenger app is another choice available for video calling from your android device. You can chat with Facebook and Windows Live friends from the app itself. It also allows users to send SMSs for free to both local and international contacts. Download Yahoo! Messenger from the Google Play Store here 13. WeChat


WeChat app let you make free text, voice message, and video call from your Smartphone. You can instant message with group chats and animated smiley to. This app makes your Smartphone a Real walkie-talkie and connects to up to 40 friends in one go. You can also share, like, and comment on photos with your friends like in other social networking sites Download WeChat from the Google Play Store here. 14. Paltalk Video Chat Free


Paltalk app makes use of a number of communication protocols to get people into contact and let you make calls for free. With Paltalk, you can sing live karaoke, listen to music, join a lively political debate or play group trivia. You are also allowed to choose from thousands of live chat rooms. You can broadcast video over 3G, 4G or WiFi through Paltalk. Download Paltalk from the Google Play Store here. 15. TextPlus Free Text + Calls

TextPlus allows users to make calls in the U.S. and Canada. Make high quality calls on 3G, 4G or WiFi connections. With textPlus, users can save on international calling compared to major carriers. Download textPlus from the Google Play Store here Download and enjoy them, please try to compare and contrast and I would be glad to have your feedback, which one is the best among? Feel free to share/like this post. If you enjoyed this article, Join over 4000 subscribers who get email updates (It’s Free) Sign Up Now!

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  1. Wechat is good but there's one i currently use is called textme.with textme,you can call local lines(people that don't even have the application) free of charge using the free credits you're given…just try it out

  2. Please Shelaf. Can you try to figure out the best voice call on 2G network and also the on that can make video calls on android version 2.3 gingerbread

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