Earlier last month, I made a post on how to use Glo Bis on Non Blackberry Devices, but unfortunately only few people were benefited while it wasted other people’s money. Today I am happy to tell you that we have found an everlasting solution to it.

Android users can now enjoy Glo Bis of 3GB on their phone and it also works for PC with the aid of tethering.

To Subscribe for Glo Bis of 3GB at 1K

  • Text  “COMonth” without quote to 777 at N1000/month (3GB plan)

Their are Two Method to make it Work on Android Phone

Method 1 To Use Glo Bis On Android Phone

  • Make sure you subscribe to it on a blackberry phone, 
  • Use it to browse with that blackberry for some minute before you remove the SIM, 
  • Then Insert that SIM to your Android phone.
  • Configure the APN of your Android phone with blackberry.net and activate it as your default setting.
  • Switch on your data connection (H won’t display yet).
  • Off your Android phone again and remove the SIM (make sure the APN is set to blackberry.net ).
  • Insert the SIM to BB phone again (make sure it’s on 3G also and it display BB sign beside it)
  • Browse for some mins (download if possible)
  • The return it back to your Android phone and keep surfing.

Method 2 To Use Glo Bis On Android Phone

The second method is nothing related to the above. It’s tweaking your IMEI Method. This involves change the Android IMEI to Blackerry one and it is a sure method that make it work flawlessly and you won’t need to worry over  Glo bis on Android phone anymore; but it’s very risky because it can brick your phone and the method is only recommend for Advance users only.

To Generate Blackberry IMEI For Your Android Phone

  • Download This Software to your PChere
  • Unrar the file, copy and paste the three .sys files inside the folder to your C:Windows folder Double click on GIPv4.1 to open
  • Click on generate IMEI.
  • Copy down the blackberry IMEI you see without the pin except you have an ulterior motive.

How to Change Your Android Phone IMEI Number To Blackberry

Disclaimer: Changing of IMEI is illegal in some countries, and I will not be held responsible for any consequences that befall the changer. Also, backup your original imei incase anything goes wrong then revert using the above procedures for changing.

Before you begin, backup your Android phone using ClockworkMod Recovery (CWM) should in case it get bricked.

There are two ways you can easily get this IMEI changing done which are Mobile Uncle and Terminal Emulator.

To Change IMEI Number Through Terminal Emulator of Android Phone-Tab

For Single Sim Device

1. Your phone must be a Rooted Device

2. Download Terminal Emulator from Play Store

3. Open Android Terminal Emulator

4. Type SU then press ENTER button to get Superuser permmison

After that, type this command then press ENTER buttonecho ‘AT+EGMR=1,7,”IMEI_NUMBER”‘ >/dev/pttycmd1 or echo AT+EGMR=1*7*IMEI_1 >/dev/pttycmd1

For Dual Sim Phones

1. Rooted Android phone or tablet.

2. Install Android Terminal Emulator app

3. Open Android Terminal Emulator.

4. Type SU then press ENTER

5. Type the following command then Eneter echo ‘AT+EGMR=1,7, “IMEI_NUMBER” ‘ >/dev/pttycmd1

6. If your phone is dual-sim, typ this command then ENTER echo ‘AT+EGMR=1,10, “IMEI_NUMBER” ‘ >/dev/pttycmd1

7. Last step, reboot your phone/tablet and done.

Second Way of Changing IMEI

This works best for some MTK devices, click herefor intensive procedures.

That is all.

Can I Activate Glo Bis on My Android After Changing My IMEI?

You can do that but It’s more advisable to subscribe on blackberry device before inserting it on your Android device.

How To Use Glo Bis on PC and iPhone/iPad

This will only work on PC and iPhone/iPad through tethering with the Hotspot on your phone.

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    Good job bro but pls having a problem with my lenovo vibe x phone after doing all the steps as I pressed the command button to change the imei it keeps telling me this command is not allowed in the user build pls help out whta can I do. Thanks

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  • Shelaf, January 29, 2015 @ 5:36 pm Reply

    Nice to hear dat, keep rolling with it.

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    Currently I don't have method for change S3 imei, but u can check out dis link 4 it's rooting method: shelaf.com/2014/07/root-your-galaxy-s4-s3…

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