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Universal Method For Changing Any Android IMEI to BB IMEI + HTC Androids Special Method

It’s bothering me a lot seeing other Android users complaining that they can’t use the Glo Bis on their device due to the fact that their device failed to work with given methods of Changing IMEI.

Today, we are going to discuss how to change HTC IMEI and any other Android devices. Mtk Android device users should use the previous method Mobile uncle by going through this >>>Link<<<

Disclaimer: Changing of IMEI is illegal in some countries, and I will not be held responsible for any consequences that befall the changer. Remember to write down your original IMEI number and keep it safe. Also, backup your original IMEI incase anything goes wrong, then revert using the above procedures for changing. 

How to Change HTC Android Devices IMEI

First of all, your HTC Android phone must be rooted. Check >>here<< for the recommended method of rooting HTC Devices. You may skip that if your phone is already rooted and continue with the steps below.

1. Download Android SDK Tools here to your PC.

2. Go to bootloader by putting off your HTC Phone then power it on while holding the volume down button and it will boot to the bootloader, connect your phone to your PC with your cable and click on Fastboot. The volume is used to navigate and the power button is used to select your option.

3. From Fastboot, click on computer and search “cmd”. It will open the command prompt window.

4. Then type “fastboot getvar imei” it will display your current imei. Type “fastboot oem writeimei 35xxxx” the 35xxx stands for the Blackberry imei you want to use. You will get a success report. Now you can reboot your phone and enjoy your new IMEI.

For other Android devices, this is a universal method I’m about to share with you on how to change your IMEI to Blackerry, to trickGlo that you are using a blackberry phone, so that Glo Bis subscription will work on it. As we know that the Android phone manufacturer are many, in that case I can’t guarantee you that is working with all Android devices, but is perfectly working with most and I pray it support yours too.

How to Change IMEI of Any Android Devices

Write the following in your dialler *#7465625# or *#*#3646633#*#*

1. Click to Call pad or connectivity options.

2. Find out CDS Information and tap on it.

CDS Info

3. Check out for Radio Information.

Radio info

4. If your phone has dual SIM space, there will be two options for you, select the one which you wished to go with.

5. You can now change the IMEI number following –

AT +EGMR=1,7,”IMEI_1” and “AT +EGMR=1,10,”IMEI_2” (replace IMEI_1 and IMEI_2 with your IMEI no)

For example : AT =EGMR=1,7”9100XXXXXXXXXXXX

6. And click to send.

If the above method doesn’t work on your Samsung Device, don’t force it, we are working tirelessly to get you the Samsung righteous method. Remember to generate your own crack Blackberry IMEI with GIPv4.1.

Hope this info helps? Feel free to share this post with your friends using the Share/Like buttons.

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501 thoughts on “Universal Method For Changing Any Android IMEI to BB IMEI + HTC Androids Special Method”





  2. Mr shelaf please if I did a backup of my andriod stock b4 changing the imei, can the imei change be automatically reversed by recovery back to my stock andriod

  3. U are welcome. A comprehensive tutorial as already been made for that on this blog, just go through the link below 4 d detail:…

  4. Thank u Brother Shelaf, I wrote the 2 codes on my dialer. For d 1st one no changes, the second code disapeared .Pls Sir can u explain more on universar .

  5. pls Mr shelaf how can I get Wi-Fi network password . because in my school dey av change the password of school Wi-Fi. and I download like 3 difference Wi-Fi network hacker application But they didn't work

  6. Please please Mr. SHELAF which one am I to pick am having upto SIX IMEI with pin when I click on Generate.. With dis software

  7. Pls sir ,I don't av a pc to generate IMEI number .here is my mail; bashiru.yemi[at]
    Thanks in anticipation

  8. I jst did airtel 4gb subscriptio n notice it still drain fast. pls will changing my techno D1 IMEI makes d mb draining lyk dat of BB

  9. dis universal method hard o, please sir giv us info on how to go about it since d link has many files to download n how to install it. SDK is not lik oda files/software

  10. It suppose & if nt, u ave 2 re-follow d initial procedure u used 2 changed it, then u will input ur old imei. Dat is d reason why it is very important 4 u 2 write down ur old imei b4 u change it.

  11. May be u don't download it thr d link i provided. If u got dat software with d link i provided, it is only 1 imei & a pin suppose 2 displayed when u click Generate.

  12. oga Funsho thanks very much sir may God bless your effort you providing here have tweak my imei and its working perfectly well on my m5

  13. guys in d house, has anyone here been successful in using d above method to change his imei for HTC ?

  14. The model of my phone is Infinix X400. I tested *#06# and it show d IMEI of my phone. but d codes did not display any thing..As I have said d first code have no changes, but d second one disapeared .Pls Sir help me out.


    Please am having problem changing my HTC desire imei the first command which is fastboot getvar imei showed my imei no but the second code which is fastboot oem writeimei shows command error plse help me on what to do?

  16. Hi Shelaf, Do I need to insert sim on BB device before subscribing to bb plan? or I should just subscribed right away with sim inside the Android phone?
    Please generate a bb imei and send it to jikong2010[at]

  17. If u r not rocking Glo bis subscription u r really missing….thanks to shelaf once again the best blog so far…I am using HTC one,rocking it with Glo bis …..

  18. Dat is what i can answer properly but it's tested & working fine with Glo Bis. U may give other networks trial & feed us back here.

  19. You can re-subscribe inside ur Android phone but it is advisable to do d 1st subscription on bb phone. Ur imei has sent 2 ur outlook mail box.

  20. @ 2nd, Anonymous. Ur comment means a lot 2 me, it shows dat my effort is nt wasted.
    It is nt possible 4 every body 2 get it accordingly but once 50-60% benefited, am satisfied.
    U are welcome & tnx 4 ur time 2 drop testimony.

  21. We are not yet get compatible method to change S4 imei. So u ave 2 wait till we get a nice method 4 Samsung Android product.

  22. Am new here. pls I have dis Samsung galaxy s duos. And I've nt been able to change it's IMEI. All methods has proven abortive. Any help pls?

  23. Hello Funsho I dont know if u got my first request so im resending it. I use a Nokia X and none of the methods outlined here has worked to change my imei. Also the bb generator displays several imei's and pins should I just pick one? thanks in anticipation my email address is vokun[at]

  24. We have not yet detect d compatible method 4 dose Samsung Android but we are seriously working on it to get a working method 4 d Samsung users, just be patient.

  25. I don't think u are using d right software 2 generate an imei but don't worry bout dat i ave generated 1 imei 4 u, just check ur mail 4 dat.
    About Nokia X, are u sure dat ur phone is already rooted?

  26. Thanks Mr shelaf I just changes my HTC amaze imei n am enjoying d Glo bb stuff on it now.thanks d univwesal method really works

  27. ρℓѕ ι ωιℓℓ αρρʀєċιαтє ιт ιƒ υ ωσυℓɗ ѕєηɗ мє αη imei тσ єммαηυєℓċσσℓ99@gмαιℓ.com. Gσɗ вℓєѕѕ υ αѕ υ ɗσ ѕσ

  28. good job bro am realy impressed with the methods put in place…kudos to u. pls can u generate imei for me aswell..? email eyitayoogunremi[at] tanx bro

  29. pls my boss, I can't root my HTC desires and I will like u to help me with bb imei no. incase of that htc desire, pls send the thorough explanation with each word explained in a proper way sir, thanks! my email address is raphoej[at]

  30. U can simply root ur HTC Desire wit d guide dat are in d link below & d imei u requested 4 has deposited 2 ur inbox:…

  31. mr funsho pps i beg you help me generate pin pks i beg you i havw been trying to get how to pls my email is halesh553[at] pls sir

  32. Mr shalef tanx a lot. Am now enjoying glo bis on my android. pls i need 4 BB imei so that i can help my friends. mrkeghen[at] God bless you.

  33. Hi Mr Funsho, I've tried pressing the two codes after my phone was rooted, but there was no change.
    What could be the problem. I operate on Gionee M1.

    Meanwhile the second link you sent just displayed a number of adverts there wasn't any specific link to download any application.


  34. mr funsho pls i beg you help me generate pin pks i beg you i have been trying to get how to pls my email is jide_philip[at] pls also send me how to use my terminal emulator app to change my andriod imei to bb imei thank hope to hear from you soon.thank

  35. I've not be able to change my own till today. First the SDK tool app is not what I saw when follow the link instead i downloaded SDK manager of which there are losts of things requiring update including SDK tool. If that is the right app then the next thing is, if I update it and is finally installed, will I close the app on system while performing the operation or there is something I Will do on it to make the operation successful? Because cmd command on system is already on any system.

    IN SUMMARY…:……….:…………..:…………….:…………..:…….


  36. pls mr, am using emulator to change my imei and after i press enter it brings another page am i goin to put new imei number there? pls explain and i need imei number poju4zeal[at]

  37. Follow the normal procedure you used for the sim 1 but mind you, never change the imei of both sim, you are required to change 1 out the 2 serial number if your using double sim phone.

  38. Hello brother, hw ws ur day ? Really thank God 4 d privilege He gave me to met such a kind & wonderful person like u online. Sir, av tried a lots to generate BB imei & pin 4 my HTC incredible S but couldn't get it done. If u can help me generate valid one I'll be appreciated.
    my mail: lakesyde4u[at] whatsapp number 08035706360.

  39. please help me generate a bb imei and foward to flander61[at] bro, and also please will this method work for htc one m7?? thanks alot bro

  40. hullo namesake, i'm using a complicated Verizon motorola droid xt912 fon. can u pls hlp me generate an imei for it and gist me how to go abt applying it? details are funsoontop[at] or 7F670592. thanks plenty bro

  41. Funsho pls can u send me two BlackBerry imei number to change my androids imei….email ayilekaoluwaseun[at] and am sure it is only for my phones ..thanks

  42. please i encounter error when writing the imei

    C:AndroidSDK>fastboot oem writeimei 35xxxxxxxxxxxx

    (bootloader) [ERR] Command error !!!
    OKAY [ 0.016s]
    finished. total time: 0.018s
    please what am i missing?



  43. Oga shelaf will the above changing imei will work for my LG E610 after rooting and i will appreciate if i can get the link to root it sir please. God bless.

  44. Bros, I've installed the SDK tool. Is it still working for glo sim or it has stop. Because I want to change my imei number.

  45. oooh thank you very much sa for the good work
    I don't have a system for now. pls sa help me generate a Blackberry imei on my dual sim Android
    my email address is… Jeremiahamodu[at]
    I will be grateful sa

  46. After downloading SDK manager to your system, it it only SDK tool you installed in the list? When I open my cmd it shows my C:/my name not Androidsdk

  47. Dear Funsho kolawole, according to your post on Universal Method For Changing Any Android IMEI to BB IMEI HTC Androids Special Method, the procedures for htc with cmd you provided is not working, there is an omission of fastboot. exe, for the computer to recognise the command, please do the correction. Thanks

  48. please can you help me generate a blackberry IMEI, I don't know how to generate one. My phone is Samsung S3. please also tell me how I can go about applying the IMEI. My email address is ewaikah[at] Thanks

  49. Have change the imei of Tecno, Lenovo and Gtab, but am having difficulties with my Infinix Alpha. It showing error when using mobile uncle. What can I do or is thier anyone successful on Infinix Alpha.

  50. please help me generate bb imei sir…you are doing a good job here and u dnt collect money, God bless you oluwaseunefunkunle10[at] thanks

  51. I must immensely appreciate your great job Mr Funsho, my name is Sir Michael I. I've got some trouble generating a new BB IMEI. Could you please help me generate one as a matter of urgency. Thanks a lot. Here is my E-mail: gentlemike4rill[at] Awaiting your reply.

  52. pls am using OPSSON P6 AND CAN WE TALK TRU FONE IF YES SEND UR DETAILS TO ajayiolayinkajulius[at] or ajayiolayinkajulius[at]

  53. *#7465625# & *#*#3646633#*#* are not working on my HTC Velocity fone model X710a
    Pls how am I going to go about mine.

  54. It's already stated in d abv instruction that you must root your HTC phone 1st b4 you proceed with d above instruction of changing HTC imei.

  55. sir my Galaxy S4 doesn't have the CDS Information pls generate me IMEI numbers pls my email ekestone62[at]hotmail. com

  56. I have a infinity 8008x phone that my friend find. Non sum work on it so I think its a blacklist one. Is there a way to use your imei changing way to make that phone work?

  57. For those asking for bb generated imei, am very sorry I can't be able send it now. My laptop was crashed few days ago, I just restored it & my windows required some updates b4 i can be able to open GIP app which we are using to generate bb imei. You guys should give little time, it will be deposited to all your stated email addresses very soon.

  58. Hello Mr. Funsho, pls can you upload that GIP app to my email: classicandy4u[at] the link to download it doesn't work. May God bless you. Amen

  59. That method only works for MTK phones. Just do your research, there are other software for changing imei but you will need a pc

  60. Hello pls i'm using a samsung S3, how can i generate the imei? do you mean i will insert my phones imei in IMEI-1 and IMEI-2. or just any IMEI of PhantomZ? pls help me out

  61. please I need 2 imei number… I beg u in d name of God… ugbana.Emmanuel[at] or ugbana.emma[at]

  62. Oga shelaf it seems you are a don in this matter. I need blackberry IMEI and procedure for changing my Huawei Ascend G6 to blackberry mode-step by step. I have given to these phone shacks to help me out but they have been of no help so far. if i can get your mobile number and the IMEI and procedure sent to adams.godleads[at] so i can appreciate you i will be glad. thanks

  63. pls sir. i wnt yhu to show me aw am goin to write d imei bb on glo tecno p5….. asin explain habeebolakunle0[at]

  64. Well done sir great job here. Please any hope for Samsung galacy grand duos gt-i9086 users. And please send me a bb imei number to my mail ibk2k7[at]

    Tyank you

  65. Hi Mr Anonymous, I think what happened is that your IMEI_NUM is wrong. Check it or it's source or change it. Good luck.

  66. oga Funsho! u r doing an amazing job here! pls i and my friends need four Imei….. thanks a lot Oga…… Remain blessed……. dube4real07[at]

  67. You are doing great mr. Funsho! i'm a fan…..please help me with four Imei….. thuglife4real07[at]………Btw, the verification process here is not helping matters…..i keep typing the correct numbers n it keeps on rejecting them…. well, i can't stop trying even if it takes me 20 attempts……

  68. Bros I thank you so much for this post, but place can you help me generate black berry imei number

  69. Bros I thank you so much for this post, but place can you help me generate black berry imei number

  70. For change of Imei on Samsung phones, contact me on Watsapp – 08156931448 or email – ultimatelaron[at] {Only serious people please.}

  71. pls can u help generate imei for my tecno L3. I want to use it for juz 1 sim pot not both. my email iyke0329[at]

  72. Good day Sir, kindly help me generate a Bb imei, preferably one that supports 3g connectivity. ahmadjr619[at] Thanks

  73. Dear Prof. Kolawole, Pls kindly explain more to be on how to change imei and also how to root phone well and this life GIG u are talking about ooo…. Also i will like to have u as my friend on whatsapp, pls kindly send ur number to me on my mail…. pls hook me up on my mail (crownlove4s[at], princeadeyemijudenehemiah[at]

  74. U don't ave to delete any thing dia, just put cursor in d middle of dis sign "" and insert ur generated imei dia, here is d sample: AT +EGMR+1,7,"ur generated imei should be here"

  75. plz am having infinix x530 race max q n d above option is nt workin in changin d imei d 1st code nt woking bt d 2nd code disapear afta typin, so wat can i do. dalaitan143[at] thnk u

  76. Can u plz in bux me an imei 4 my techno m3 nd steps to root my htc nd teChno to d latest version loli pop @petyraHo[at]

  77. Good day, thanks for the post. My HTC amaze 4g refused to go bootloader. And when I dial *#7465625# or d other number, it doesn't show anything.

    Secondly, I have note 3 kitkat. How can I root it

  78. Mr Funsho, I would really appreciate if u could help me generate a blackberry IMEI. I really need it too. wanna benefit from this opportunity. thanks. jamite_4real[at]

  79. hello chief, i'm using an HTC Incredible 2. can u pls hlp me generate an imei for it and give the necessary steps to go abt applying it? details are mojeff007[at]

  80. Hope ur HTC phone was rooted?
    Check out dis link 4 d guide on ao 2 root ur note 3:…

  81. Imei sent but is not 4 mtn bis ooo, it's currently working with Glo bis only.
    Check mtn bis thread to see mtn bis working setting 4 Android & PC.

  82. Chairman!!
    Ano c ma phone ime change oooo…na Droid RAZR…
    Help me abeg..
    U can also Connect me at maicondude7[at]

  83. My Norton 360 Antivirus says your BB IMEI Generator GIPv4.1 is Malware and it uninstalled it. You know a safe one I could use?

  84. Hello mate
    I have a problem n changing the IMEI, my mobile is sony xperia Z2, would you please help me on this and send me the proper code for it, as both codes above didn't work with me.
    Thank you so much mate 🙂

  85. Pls I need a bb imei at madjnr5[at] Pls am using a dual phone.. What if I change sum one imei to bb and left sim two.. Will it work on my sim one

  86. Sir please I need bb imei num for my gionee p4, I have no pc to generate any, my email mamudu2009[at] I have subscribed and confirmed. Please let me have 2 imei num, May God bless you. My whatapp num 07033969794

  87. Hi Mr Funsho, I've tried pressing the two codes, but the code disappear when i press the # like *#*#3646633 putting the # it will disappear. the code will not be on the screen again.
    What could be the problem.


  88. Please boss, will this work on lenovo yoga 10 hd+ (B8080)?

    What is the exact command to use?


    Remove any punctuation that is not needed.
    Lastly, please inbox me a bb imei at [email protected]

  89. plz generate a blackberry imei for mee and plz can u tell.m if i will change my imei will it affect my phone if i put any random no.
    my email

  90. Oga Shelaf i forgot to copy my tecno h5 android imei and i want to change it from bb imei to my android imei pls how wuld i do it sir

  91. please sir help me generate blackberry imei and is it the imei I will use.AT ________ my email is. onyesctoch17[at]

  92. pls help me generate a bb imei number and pls forward it to my e-mail Ahmedakinlade[at]
    dose it work for etisalat sim too

  93. please i want to know if the Sim1 was one i changed the imei ,does that means that the cheat is working with sim1 only?

  94. hello sir Funsho, pls kindly generate two BB imei for me pls…. thanks,,, God bless you… anyasibright[at]

  95. Rahim Wasiu Adegoke

    Thanks adm but no method is effective in changing infinix got 4 imei. I tried all the methods but to no avail. Kindly help me with another method that I can use to change it

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