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How to Make Money Online with Mobofree

It’s so easy to start and the most important thing is, it’s free! Thousand of the  bloggers and webmasters make cool cash monthly through Mobofree Affiliate Marketing.  Mobofree is actually a social marketplace that offers a safe space to buy and sell items and services from other Mobofree users. It has been one of the fastest growing e-commerce website in Nigeria, and it also based in another country like India, and some other popular countries. Actually, in Mobofree, Buyers and sellers can look up the people they wish to make a sale with on Mobofree, they also get to negotiate with them and also get to know them, with this, unique ways of ensuring more secure transactions between users is being provided.


How To Make Money Online with MOBOFREE Affiliate Program

Some people still find it difficult to make money online, but believe me, with Mobofree affiliate programs, you stand a chance of making up to N5000 daily. Most affiliate programs currently offer commission based on sales of their product, but Mobofree affiliate programs pay based on Registration of free users you invite to their website. It’s easy, Simply join the program and you would earn up to 50 Nigeria Naira commission for each new user joining Mobofree from your referral link. In addition, you also stand a chance of receiving free advertising by Mobofree which worths N150, 000.

To Get Started in Mobofree Affiliate Money Making System

1. Go to Mobofree Affiliate Registration Page Here (our affiliate link) and click “Sign up For Free Now!“ to register.

2. After registration, then login, and your account would be pending for approval. It would be reviewed in the next 48 hours.

Once your account has been confirmed, they will notify you via your email, you can then log in, and you would be given banner and text link for your affiliate marketing. You can then start promoting your referral link with their marketing materials like banners to your Blog/web forum fans, friends on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. You can make up to N5000 per 100 people that registered through you, and that can even be your daily income from mobofree affiliate.


If you find this helpful, kindly assist your friends on Facebook, Twitter and others by sharing this info. Click on any share button below and click share link. God bless as you are sharing it, thanks.

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35 thoughts on “How to Make Money Online with Mobofree”

  1. U are most welcome & tnx 4 d compliment. After u ave receive approved msg thr email, just login & click on "My Account" >> "Edit My Account" then complete the required info dia. When u click on "Pay Me Using PayPal" u ve to fill ur PayPal email address in d box provided too, which means ur money will pay to ur PayPal account when u reached payment threshold. But if u did nt ticked dat option, it means, they are going to pay u through issue of paper check & mail it to ur stated address.

  2. I ave already answered d question similar to yours. U can receive ur payment thr PayPal acct or paper check. Am sure u should know what to do when u hold a paper check or when d money transferred to ur PayPal acct. Just go thr d abv replies 4 more detail.

  3. Am gr8ful for this valuable info,but the second step here,I hope is meant for,pls confirm that sir.Thanks

  4. Thanks for sharing this with us. This is why I visir your blog everyday.
    Pls how do we collect the money from paypal account? Remember that one can only send money through paypal.

  5. U are welcome. After u click on "Mobofree Affiliate Registration Page Here" embedded link I provided, if d registration page is not display, just click on "+ JOIN US!" or "REGISTER FOR FREE" & u are good 2 go.

  6. U are welcome. Ok, u mean d 2nd article on How to Make Money Using Facebook, Twitter & Other Social Media Acct Via DealDey.Com? Yeah, it is a tip of making money on DealDey & is 4 every body who are find d means of making online money.

  7. U are welcome. Yeah, as a Nigerian we are nt yet allowed to withdraw our earning 4rm PayPal acct but we can still use d money on our PayPal acct to by goods online & it will be deliver 2 d stated address or u may rather choose paper check as a means of payment on Mobofree if u want d cash but note dat u must ave domiciliary acct 4 d check to be process.

  8. pls yoga shelaf I registered for the affiliate program but I was not granted permission to be a member bcus I don't have a website or a blog……pls wat should I do

  9. Shelaf pls how can I get the PayPal account to pay me considering the fact that it is not fully accepted for Nigerians

  10. Now it is very easy 4 Nigerians to get verified PayPal acct. Just check out dis link 4 d detail on ao 2 easily get PayPal acct:…

    Also check dis link, 4 d guide on ao 2 verified ur PayPal Acct:…

  11. i applied 2days ago and they sent my an email to me like dis " Dear paul,
    We are sorry to inform you that we have decided not
    to approve your affiliate account at this time. We
    have some minimal requirements for our affiliates
    and can confirm only partners who are in line with
    those requirements.
    If your website is new, we strongly suggest to apply
    to our affiliate program a little bit later when you
    have more content.
    If you have any other website you want to monetize
    – please let us know. We will be glad to review it.
    Looking forward for our partnership in future.

  12. This comment shows that only those who have websites are been approved by mobofree but don't u put any thing in the website space they provided, even like

  13. BR Shelaf, Thank u for all d post u made aveila ble for us.I am always benefit from them. I registered the link, but what I saw was different from what d post says, d links, I saw after reg.are, buy & sale,chart, find friends, profile etc.Pls HELP

  14. I just go thr dia FAQ Page & it is stated dia dat: You must have own mobile or web blog or site with some traffic before the account can be approved.
    Which means only those who have website will be benefited from d offer.
    Setting up of a blog, is not so hard as u are thinking. Just download My Blogger's Beacon with d link below to learn How to Create Free Blog + Way of Monetize it:…

  15. You are welcome & tnx 4 d compliment.
    Don't be surprise, it is already stated in d abv post dat: Mobofree is actually a social marketplace that offers a safe space to buy and sell items and services from other Mobofree users. Dat is all what dey are generating traffic 4.
    Ur job is to place selected banners together with your special affiliate link on ur website/blog and start driving traffic to MoboFree and u get paid per each user who registers on MoboFree thr ur affiliate link.

  16. Thank U for d reply, my problem is how to generate an affliated link .I reg in order to have d affliated link but what I saw is what I told U.

  17. U can start blogging on the go. With Blogger for Android you can:

    * Compose a post that you can save to draft or immediately publish
    * Edit existing posts
    * View list of your saved and published posts
    * Switch account/blog if you have more than one and many more.

    But u need to create a nice blog on PC 1st b4 u can be able 2 use it on Android phone.

  18. It is very simple to get ur Affiliated link, once ur acct approved, u can log in to ur acct with: then when u look around, u should see ur affiliated link under "Standard Linking Code – Great For Use In Emails!" copy it & start promoting it to generate traffics to Mobofree and u can also create banner under "Marketing Materials".
    Best of luck.

  19. Thanks for the info, i've registers for the affiliate program and my account have been approved. My problem now is that I don't see any means to withdraw my earnings even after i've logged in. Is it because my earnings haven't reached the 100 dollars threshold?, pls help

  20. After log in, click on "My Account" >> "Edit My Account" then scroll down to fill the Payment Option. When u click on "Pay Me Using PayPal" u ve to fill ur PayPal email address in d box provided too, which means ur money will pay to ur PayPal account when u reached payment threshold. But if u did nt ticked dat option, it means, they are going to pay u through issue of paper check & mail it to ur stated address.
    Best of Luck.

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