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MTN Bis Now rock on iPhones/iPad & Symbian Phones

Lot of Android and PC users have been smiling and enjoy surfing with MTN Bis Tweak and I’m sure most iOS and Symbian users will like to surf with Mtn Bis tweak just like an Android and PC users. The good news is that an iPhone/iPad and Symbian users can now enjoy what other people have been enjoying.

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For iPhone/iPad Users

We are going to use Openvpn. Download and install it to your device.  Now download and extract  the .ovpn file hereinto your Openvpn inbox  Then input your username and password.

You can always

Username:vpnbook password:spa5urEp

Remember to use default Blackberry APN on your Openvpn configuration.

Note: The MTN Daily and Monthly BIS equally give you 3GB. And the daily bis is just for N120, while the monthly is just for N1000. To subscribe for their daily Bis, simply sms Bisday to 21600 and for monthly, BBC to 21600 How to Use MTN Bis on Symbian Devices We are going to use Simpleserver for Symbian. Download and install it to your device. SimpleServer required Python for proper Installation, download Python here Go to Settings, Then Create new access point with the following details: APN: IP: Port: 8080

Save and set it as your default configuration.

You need to install Python first before the installation of SimpleServer to your phone.

Now open the SimpleServer app Acess Point: choose the access point name you created i.e Mtn Wap Local Host: Local Port: 8080 Click On HTTP Query Frontquery: None Middle Qury: None Back Query: None Reverse Query: None Inject Query: Inject Method: HEAD Inject Newline: rn Inject SplitLINE: Default Click on HTTP Header Add/Del/Rep Header 1 : Host Add/Del/Rep Header 1 : Add/Del/Rep Header 2 : none Add/Del/Rep Header 2 : none Add/Del/Rep Header 3 : none Others should be : None Click On server Config: Fetch Server: none Keep Server: None Url Replacer: None Advaced Mode: yes Tunel Proxy: No Https Connection: yes Server Buffer: 1024 Screen size:- Normal Proxy Host: Proxy Port: 8080 Exit and Open it again You can use any of the browsers like Ucweb, Opera mini, Then Connect with the access point you created Leave Exit, then Open it again:::::::: Now goto your Ucweb, Opera mini, then Connect with the access point you created in the first Place and start surfing.. Feel free to Share/Like this post with your friends. Many other useful tips are coming on your way, So, Subscribe Now, if you don’t want to miss any of our future posts.


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19 thoughts on “MTN Bis Now rock on iPhones/iPad & Symbian Phones”

  1. Mr shelaf gud evening, plz I need ur help rooting my OpssonD1 android phone…it runs on 4.2.2 jellybean… tnx

  2. Oga Shelaf, pls I don't really get the "Remember to use default Blackberry APN on your
    Openvpn configuration." And secondly can I subscribe using bbcday since its 100 and it's also 3gb capped

  3. Nawa o,mtn too sharp their cheat no dey even last, bt bro one guy said he get mtn magic sim for browser and he said i we paid him b4 he can give me the code bt my question is "did u think that guy is planing to cheat me abi did u think it may be true?" he base in lagos and me am living in kaduna we only meet on net.

  4. Check out this link 4 detail on how to transfer Airtel mb:…

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