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Simple Method for Changing All MTK Android IMEI to BB IMEI

Hi lovely viewers and welcome to this post, I notice that some MTK Device users still find it difficult to change their Android IMEI. If any of the previously posted methods did not work for your device, here is another perfect working method which I’m pretty sure this will work out well. Just make sure you follow the procedure carefully.

How to Know if Your Phone is an MTK Device

Before we delve into the topic of the day, it will be very important for us to first identify what MTK stands for and what it truly means for the benefit of those who it might sound alien to.

MTK stands for MediaTek, and MediaTek is a well-known chip manufacturing company based in Taiwan that mostly outsources its products, hence they are regarded as Fabless companies. So, phones like Tecno, Infinix, Gionee, and other most Chinese phones are MTK Devices. You can also detect your MTK phone when you install mobile uncle, under the engineering tab, if its MTK device you will have IMEI in the engineering option available.

Materials Needed

  • Your phone must be a rooted device.
  • MTK Droid Tools v2.5 – download it >>>here<<<
  • Cracked Blackberry IMEI – You can generate yours with GIPv4.1 Software.
  • Android ADB Driver – Download ADB Driver Installer (Universal) >>here<<
  •  Remember to back up your phone
  • Also, make sure you write down your Original IMEI and keep it safe.

Steps to Follow

  1. Extract and open the MTKDroidTools.exe be sure to run it as an Administrator
  2. Plug in your phone and be sure you have already rooted your phone and have installed the correct driver for your phone. Once you have open the MTK Droid Tools it must detect the information of your Device.
  3. Once it has detected your phone information you will notice your IMEI will show there but if you have error it will not show there and we will use this tool to restore it. 
  4. Next, you need to click the ROOT button so that it will temporarily have Root shell access on your phone in order for it to make the script work on the background. The color will change from yellow to green. It will prompt this window to gain root shell access
  5. Once you have the root shell access click the IMEI/NVRAM button and a new window will show 
  6. Now all you need to do is put your 15 Digits Blackberry IMEI Number you generated earlier
  7. Note: IMEI 1 DENOTES SIM 1 AND IMEI 2 DENOTES SIM 2. So change accordingly Then Press the REPLACE IMEI button and it will prompt you this window that it will replace your existing one 
  8. After that just reboot your phone and your chinko will turn into a blackberry device and you can then start enjoying Glo Bis on it!

I hope this info helps? Feel free to share this post with your friends using the Share/Like buttons.

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390 thoughts on “Simple Method for Changing All MTK Android IMEI to BB IMEI”

  1. Thanks Bro d IMEI/NVRAM is not clicking after gaining d root access,i used tecno N3, changing d imei accordingly does it mean u will generate two imei for dual sim? Thanks

  2. Bros, thanks for this info. God will richly bless you. My own question is, does it work for PC browsing through wifi hotspot tethering?

  3. Oga Shelaf, could you please inbox me like 1 or 2 BlackBerry IMEI codes for my Android phones? Here's my email address :depsquare4real[at] Thanks dear.

  4. Great man please where in lagos do u
    you live let me bring my phone to you. it's rooted but i still can't do this. Am using htc vivid. Blessed be…

  5. Mr Shelaf,thank u for d gud work u re doing. May God increase ur knowledge. Pls can u help me create two imei. My e-mail is muideenayinla[at] Thank u .

  6. Unfortunately, am nt reside in Lagos & d abv method might not work with ur HTC phone. Just check out dis link 4 HTC compatible method:…

  7. We ave nt yet detect suitable method 4 iPhone 2 change dia imei 2 bb 1, u manage Mtn cheap & affordable data plan by Mdataplans 4 now.

  8. Thanks I changed my Imei and it's working the only problem is that the 3G is very slow only edge works well and I want to download a lot of videos. How can I make the 3G fast.

  9. It depend on ur local network but try dis. Go to Network mode on ur phone setting & change it to WCDMA Only. if it work fine with 3G then, u can keep enjoying it & if not change it back 2 d previous 1.

  10. FUNSHO u 'r reali doing a great jab over here.. bt i 've not bin able 2 change MY FWND TECNO M7 IMEI WIT MOBILE UNCLE TOOLS. WEN I GT 2 DAT PART WHER 2 PUT IN D BB IMEI IN BTWN D COMMAS "" IF REFUSE 2 EDIT PLZ HELP????????

  11. pls oga shelaf can u create a blog 4 me bcus i don't have access to pc……if yes pls tell me n i will send u the details so that i can use my andriod

  12. Pls shelaf i nid u to generate a bb imei
    number email me at wswillowsmith503[at] tanks in advance

  13. Use Terminal Emulator method if d abv is nt work 4 u, go thr dis link 4 more detail abt dat:…

  14. Rocking my Glo BIS at exhilarating speed thanks to Mr Funsho, and the data depletion rate for Glo is splendid. Thanks again Shelaf

  15. hmmmm I can't but say you are a great guy…..I want to call you please send me your number at Ndigbo4excell[at]

  16. kudo mr funsho you have been reaching people in different form please inbox me your number i need to ask you one or two question about an area am confused hope you would oblige? my email id is brokermose[at]

  17. @ everyone pls help me generate bb imei pls my email is azyzibnazyz[at] pls it's urgent pls… thanks in anticipation

  18. pls do this for me sir…I need two bbm imei numbers b4 d dawn of today…accompanied with Ur cell number…gratitude bro

  19. please can you help me generate the blackberry ime because I don't have system please. this My email aksmart68[at]

  20. Download it's USB Drivers here, install it to your PC, then follow the instruction in this link to get it rooted:…

  21. Pls mr shelaf i av changed my imei n done all d settings bt my glo H+ or Edge doesnt come up. Pls hw do i resolve dis? Tnx!

  22. mr shelaf hanks alot i was finaly able to root my htc but i still cant change the imei so i decided to get a new phone called innjoo its an mtk( MT6586) i have tried more than 4 was to root my innjoo i1s but all the methods has failed. to root my innjoo, i shld have gotten a tecno.
    pls any help to offers thanks in advance.

  23. Mr Funsho, please i just got ur e-mail, and i need IMEI number if possible many so that i can do for my siblings.
    Thanks in advance.
    E-mail: standardstanley007[at]

  24. Baba pls d one to upgrade it and d one to repear it and pls can mtn network on this thin and pls tell me how to do it pls my oga @ d top thk for d other time email sholay0072[at]

  25. —= SRS One-Click-Root v4.7 =—

    1:01:17 AM – Starting ADB Server..
    1:01:24 AM – Manufacturer: samsung
    1:01:24 AM – Model: GT-I9500
    1:01:24 AM – Android Version: 4.2.2
    1:01:24 AM – Build ID: JDQ39.I9500XXUAMDE
    1:01:25 AM – Board ID: universal5410
    1:01:25 AM – Chipset Platform:
    1:01:25 AM – Getting OffSets.. : 0x8003 0x8005 (False)
    1:01:28 AM – Checking Root access: True

    [x] Device already have SU Root access, Rooting not needed.

    After all this my phone does not accept IMEI… Can you please put me thru.

  26. Please sir I beg in the name of God can u please send me 5 Bb imei…I just can't generate it myself..I know it sound greedy but it is also for my siblings too pls..this is my email
    Thanks sir u are doing a wonderful work here

  27. Pls sir I need 5 BB imei…it is my for my siblings too I be grateful if u help me with that
    Here is my email
    Thanks and God bless u..keep up the good work

  28. Your phone is already rooted, don't bother for rooting it any more but their is no sure method yet for changing Samsung Android phone. Just be patient till we detect a better method of changing imei for Samsung phones.

  29. Abdulhafeez Olayinka Mohammad

    Dear Funsho, thanks for the work on this site. I'm a fan. I however have a problem rooting my infinix zero ( 16gb 2gb ram). I have tried lots of rooting apps but I have not been able to. Can you help?

  30. To Root Your Infinix Zero
    > Enable USB Debuggin on your Android Smartphone. To enable USB debugging, openSettings>> Developers option>>> USB Debugging >> Tick to Enable.
    > Download Root Genius Application to your PC here and open it.
    > Connect your Android device to the computer (with USB Debugging enabled).
    > Once your Infinix zero is connected successfully to the computer, Root Genius will automatically detect your Device.
    > Click on the “Root It” button to begin the rooting process.
    > Root Genius will automatically “Root” your Android Device and also install the KingUser Application On your device.

  31. dear Kolawole please my Tecno R7 l have changed the imei with one l generated but the glo bis is not yet working on it av also put the APN to please what should l do . or is my imei wrong???plz help me ou my mail is obumnwachukwu[at] thanks bro

  32. I av been reading you
    r responses you seem to be a nice person.God. bless you wel. brother. pls I really need 3 blackberry Imei number. pls help me I will appreciate. God bless this mi email [email protected] AND 08163977554

  33. Mr Shelaf you are wonderful indeed. Pls I use BlackBerry Q10 how can glo bis work on it pls. Never try it b4. omotayo.asaaju[at] is my mail address Thanks

  34. plz i want you help me generate imie…but I don't understand the stuff…plz here is my mail..olanrewajuakinola22[at] can text me ur number.. plz.

  35. Are u sure that ur phone imei was successfully changed?
    Is the browsing logo display on your phone when ur data was ON?

  36. samuel okoyeocha

    I have done everything, root my Tecno phone, generate and change IMEI successfully, yet I cannot browse

  37. hi may the almighty bless u guys ameen
    boss can u send me the downloading link to my mail faisalone64[at] because d one u put is not working. or u can send the file to my mail thank u more grace to ur elbo

  38. Thanks Funsho. I got this mail from 4321 after changed the IMEI…

    Welcome! Your Blackberry 8320 cannot receive any settings. Please visit our web site,, or callPrepaid: 121 or PostPaid:

    200 to be configured. What next Pls!

  39. Nothing wrong to those links, you just need to click on Skip Ad, in the 1st page b4 the real downloading link will show.

  40. Oga Funsho, u too much!!! You're doing a great job here!!! Please oga Funsho, I need BB Imei number…. thuglife4real07[at]….thanks

  41. I have dis phone (acer liquid), I don't know if it can be done and whether its even an MTK phone. Enlighten me, please

  42. hello Sir have done it all,it working but very slow…can't open android apps like play store,Google mail.etc.worst of all is doesn't try to display h or h+ .only edge.sir pls need urgent reply for dis mata…inbox me ur num too anuligokingsley[at] or 08104890777

  43. For Samsung users who require imei change. Contact me on watsapp – 08132108908 or by email- ultimatelaron[at]
    Terms and Conditions apply.

  44. Hello sir, Thank you for the great job you are doing. Please i need 3 bb imei. My email is bigolaj[at] Thanks again.

  45. Hello sir God blesss you abundatly. You realy make me happy everytime i visit your blog. God will continue to make you happy and never let you know sorrow in your life. Please i need 2 bb imei send to my email. jbrandy442[at]

    God bless you.

  46. Hello bros good work. please i am trying to covert the bbm IMEI from my Tecno Q1. i dowloaded the apps and follow the process as you directed, bt i cld not dowload the 4IP vr.1, i was told its either deleted. so i can generate an IMEI for bb. please how can you help me? i am on it now, just discover yout site newly. here is my mail pls. tell_me4sure[at]

  47. Thumbs up bro. really appreciate ur efforts. Pls i need bb imei number for a techno phone. my email address is emmanuelgodblessejike[at]gmail. com. thanks

  48. Mr Shelaf do you have a specific people you respone to? i ave been writting no response. i discover your site late, so others may know all alredy but i still need help. the app use in generating IMEI for andriod covertion to BB is not available in the link you provided. it say deleted or remove. so i cant complet the process havent got my phone reading on the MKT App. pls how do i get it? will appreciate ur response to my mail. risepedro[at]

  49. Sir funsho you are doing a nice job here and God will continue to strengthen you…..but plz I need 2 bb Imei,my email address is hjake722[at]…thank you, continue the good job

  50. Plssss sir I need one IMEI for my infinx zero…. Glo wan kill me with subscription . kristalskris[at]…… BIG THANKS

  51. You are most welcome & thanks for the prayer, am grateful. The imei you requested for has been deposited to your inbox.

  52. Am so sorry for the response delay, the above link for downloading GIPv4.1 has updated, just re-click on the link to download it.

  53. Hello sir pls help me after generating the imei numbum when I clik on chek I got this Check Digit: x is not correct, it should be 6
    what can i do thanks

  54. Hello sir..kudos for great job, please can u send me a bb imei number,plssss.. Thanks and God bless dayrinco[at]

  55. Hi…kudos for what you doing bro. Could you please send me a bb imei to henryikeche[at] Apreciate bro.

  56. Please i will like to find out it one will need to use different root software for different TECNO phones. i was trying to use the root software which worked for my TECNO P5 for other TECNO Phones ( R7 and P9) it didn't work for both . what do i do? pls help

  57. Hello sir,,,, u re doing a great job, thank u very much, sir pls I need u to help me generate two bb imei….. my mail is jccaptain101[at]…… thanks and God bless.

  58. Administrator please help me send a blackberry imei and send me a link to generate imei. My Email address is Michaeldamilola1[at]

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  60. season greetings Mr funso ..pls I will like you to create two BlackBerry imei number for me..this is my email…gabrieldennis007[at]…tnx and God bless..

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  64. Oga funsho… pls help me out with rooting my infinix x506 nd also changing d imei 2a BB own….. pls email me … michealmic00[at]……. or imicheal46[at]….. thanks a lot…. u too much

  65. hello sir read this post downloaded the mtk droid root it saw my phone infinix hot but the colour did not change after clicking root it wrote su access not available but i could edit d imei no. pls sir my mail add is kingsleyanyanwu23[at] i would appreciatw ur reply as my device runs the kitkat os

  66. Hello sir, Thank you for the great job you are doing. Please i
    need bb imei. My email is bashirudauda37[at] Thanks

  67. Oga Shelaf, could you please inbox
    me like 1 or 2 BlackBerry IMEI codes
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  68. Oga Shelaf, could you please inbox
    me like 1 or 2 BlackBerry IMEI codes
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  70. Well done o
    Please oga funsho I need two phantom Z imei numbers
    Please I will be happy if u can help me with two working ones
    God bless you

  71. pls help me create imei for my Techno.I have not done anything with it.I just bought it.all d grama are just confusing me.and afta creating it is dere any oda tin to do.pls email. constantined2nd[at]

  72. please boss, help me with suitable bb imei number, I couldn't get one and wanna know if its compulsory i must change it for both sims to get it working. God bless you richly sir

  73. Great Job Man..Please can you help me generate 2Bb Imei no…Thanks alot….this is my email address utibe.7[at]

  74. hello boss! pls my phone "infinix zero" has been rooted. d info as been confirmed as BlackBerry. my 1k 3g has been activated. APN set to but yet its not browsing. what shall I do

  75. Simply remove that sim card 4rm ur Android phone, find a bb phone, put it on it & browse with it on bb phone like 5 to 10minutes, put it back to ur Android phone and start enjoying ur subscription.

  76. Please I tried all the above methods am using tecno H3 I even rooted it but all what is saying is ***this command is not allowed in user build***..please what wrong?

  77. Hi, I used both coded, while the 1st returned to my dialpad, the 2nd just 'disappears'. My phone is itel 1501,it's running kitkat 4.4.2. Would be glad if you can proffer another solution. Rgds

  78. I have downloaded the tools and also rooted my phone I have also generated BB imei and I followed the procedures it said "At command mSent then I rebooted my phone and I dialed *#06# my imei still hasn't changed what do I do oo I am using infinix hot Pls I need your help

  79. Pls my m7 is rooted and accepted the uncle tool, but wen its time to change imei, by clicking on d Alt+, it will refuse to edit, pls wat shld I do

  80. please sir, how can i backup my tecno f5. i'v rooted it bt cant proceed to dis yet. my mail is banexstar[at]

  81. Pls i need imei number for my tecno here is my Gmail account okaforfestus11[at] may God bless

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  84. I need bb imei and my email is luckywise21[at] Thanks………… I love this so much with your help and initiative. Thanks again

  85. could not complete step no. 4.
    Error msg comes like : Error SU inaccessible

    What to do . I rooted my galaxy S4 from "Kingo Root"

  86. Gud day bros, dis post is ever green I commend ur effort. Pls My Tecno N3 though rooted the Imei and Nvram is not clickable on the Mtkdroid tools.

  87. Hello there, Please I need your help about my new phone. I have lenonvo Vibe P1 Pro with Andriod 5.1.1 and please what procedure or step need to take in place for rooting?

  88. Please, ehat should I do? When I plug in my phone (Lenovo s858t – mt6592m) and try to load it in MTK droid tools, it always freeze before IMEI is loaded..I do have IMEI numbers, but I even couldn´t write them, because program doesn´t response 🙁
    Please, help me!!
    Thank you

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