Registering for tax is a must-have when a citizen is about to launch a commercial firm and register a company. It is a part of the entity recognition, and it is assigned by law to pay taxes, and thus, to get TIN.

TIN is an essential document in every individual and businessperson’s life. You will have to complete the application form for Tax Identification Number in Nigeria and submit it to the NFIRS (the 4-letter abbreviation stands for the Nigerian Federal Inland Revenue Service).

Why you need Tax Identification Number (TIN)

Application for tax identification number in Nigeria is a must-have for different situations:

  • It is required when you apply for a government loan.
  • It is a must-have when you wish to open a business account.
  • It is a must-have if you need an import, export, or trade license.
  • It is necessary when you register your vehicle.
  • It is needed for getting tax clearance, allowance, waiver, incentive. I
  • t is a must-have if you are planning to import your capitals into a foreign country

Requirements for Tax Identification Number in Nigeria

It is free of charge to complete and submit the official (legit) application form for Tax Identification Number in Nigeria. Besides, it is a legal obligation of each Nigerian. You are expected to pay taxes if you live and work in your home country, but you should also know what the requirements are:

  • Your TIN has to be Join Tax Board TIN only.
  • You have to make sure the address and name lines include no more than 200 characters (per each field).
  • Providing 11-digit phone numbers is necessary.
  • Each applicant has to provide an active email address.
  • You need to fill out all the fields marked as * in the TIN application form.
  • Only the official taxpayer can use his or her TIN (no third party persons are allowed).
  • Usually, you don’t have to apply for TIN if you are an incorporated trustee (but laws can change, so double-check this information at NFIRS office).
  • Each Nigerian should get TIN if his or her firm receives income and profit.
  • Validating your TIN on the official NFIRS site is easy.

How to Obtain Tax Identification Number (TIN) Online in Nigeria

Although, the process to apply and collect your tax id number might see you fill an application form for the purpose of identity verification. We shall give out some important guidelines when filling the form which can be easily obtained at any tax office near you.

According to the Joint Tax Board portal, individuals are normally assigned with a TIN based on their BVN (Bank Verification Number) or NIN (National Identity Number). This means that before you can get a TIN as an individual, you must need a NIN or BVN.

The same doesn’t apply for non-individuals such as (Limited Liability Companies, Incorporated Trustees, Enterprises, Cooperative Society, MDAs, Trade Association, etc.) If you fall under this category, please you can register for your TIN online by clicking here.

Requirements for the Individuals

For individuals seeking the TIN number whose business has not been duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), below are their requirements:

  • A TIN application form that has been duly completed
  • A valid identification document which shall be used for verification. These documents might be an international passport, National Drivers’ License, National Identity Card, or even Staff Identity Card.

Requirements for the Company

Below are the requirements for a Company or Business registered with the CAC that wants to obtain the TIN number:

  • A TIN application form that has been duly completed
  • Business name registration certificate (for Enterprise or Business) or Certificate of incorporation (for Companies) showing the registration number in either case
  • Documents that have the following information: The date when the business started, the current address of the business, and the principal location of the business
  • After providing the above as either an individual or an organization at the tax office, you will need to update the TIN obtained from the tax office. Here, you will only need your valid email address and registered phone number that you used during the registration process.

How Can I Verify My TIN?

It is important that you verify your tax identification number once you receive it. To do that, visit and click on TIN Verification then go to the search form, you will be given three options:

1. Search using Tax Identification Number (TIN)

  • Select Tax Identification number on the select search criteria drop down list
  • Input your TIN (FIRS or JTB TIN) in the search value field
  • Enter the correct captcha image text
  • Click on the search button

2. Search using CAC Registration Number

  • Select CAC Registration number on the select search criteria drop-down list
  • Enter your CAC registration number in the search value field
  • Enter the correct captcha image text
  • Click on the search button

3. Search Using Phone Number

  • Select Phone number on the select search criteria drop-down list
  • Enter your phone number in the search value field
  • Enter the correct captcha image text
  • Click on the search button

It is compulsory to file monthly VAT and tax returns after you have registered your Tax Identification Number (TIN)

How much will it cost to obtain TIN?

Please note that applying for TIN is totally free if you do it yourself. There are no fees attached unless you register via the help of a third party in obtaining the TIN or incurred any tax penalty which according to the law is based on the time-frame given to obtain your TIN. This rule applies to both individuals or companies alike.

How long will it take to obtain Tax Identification Number (TIN)

The TIN generation process takes 48 hours after a TIN request has been submitted. To make a TIN request online, kindly do so via



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