Facebook has launched Vanish Mode on its Messenger and Instagram services. The feature will let users send text, photos, and voice messages which will disappear once seen, and the chat window is shut down.

Currently, the Snapchat-inspired Vanish Mode will work on individual chats and not group chats, reported a media publication.

Although it will not hide messages sent by mistake, it can come in handy when you want your message not to be forwarded ahead or discussed forever. Users can send text chats, emoji, pictures, GIFs, voice messages, and stickers, which will disappear after they’ve been seen and users leave the chat.

However, unlike snapchat, Vanish Mode is not a default setting. Instead, users are meant to enable it from within an existing chat.

How To Enable Vanish Mode Feature In Messenger

Vanish mode can be enabled within an existing chat by swiping up on your mobile device’s screen while in the chat.

Upon the first launch, a screen will appear explaining how Vanish Mode works.

Once in Vanish Mode, the screen goes dark to signal the change.

How To Turn It Off In Messenger

To exit Vanish Mode, you tap on the “Turn Off Vanish Mode” button at the top of the screen.

This Facebook feature is going to soon arrive on Instagram.

According to Facebook, “We’re slowly rolling out vanish mode on Messenger and Instagram. Vanish mode is currently available on Messenger in the US and a few more countries, and it’s coming soon to more places.”



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