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How to Make Money Through Standard Chartered Bank – Earn N2000 for Every Referral

refer and make money through SC online

This is another referral program that can help you add little or more cash to your bank account. It’s known as a Standard Chartered Bank referral program!

You get N2000 cash when you refer one person to open an account via the SC (Standard Chartered) Mobile app. For every successful referral you make, SC reward you with free N2000 cash in your SC account. Sounds cool, right?

standard chartered bank refer and earn

If we do our calculations right and you’re able to bring at least one or let’s say five individuals, you will receive N10,000 cash, only if you complete the given task.

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Who doesn’t like getting money the right way? However, write it off your mind if you think this referral program would just be a walkover, but don’t panic just yet as I am going to disclose how you can go about this whole referral program process.

How to Participate in the Standard Chartered Referral Program

You must have a Standard Chartered bank account to be able to participate in this program. You shouldn’t worry much about going to a bank to do that as you can create the account from your home’s comfort with your smartphone.

All you need to do is download the Standard Chartered Mobile app from your Google Playstore or Apple Store.

  • Click here to download the app either for Android or iOS users.
  • After you have successfully downloaded and got the app installed on your device, go ahead and register.
  • You will be asked to provide some details and documents which will make you be a verified owner of the account.
  • Go ahead and provide your details like Your full name, date of birth, and most specifically your BVN (Bank Verification Number). Your BVN is 100% safe with the app, it’s been used just for verification.
  • Standard chartered bank is a worldwide operating bank, which most people out there are dying to have such an account with.
  • For your information, SC is part of the sponsors of the Noble team Liverpool, so they have no illegal stuff to do with the details you provide when registering.
  • Make sure you provide your appropriate details and once you are asked for a referral code use this 400110542 as your referral code.

Once the account has been created successfully and you have been given your account number, then there are some certain things you need to put into consideration which you as an invitee or invitees must carry out before you or the person you invite must do before you can get your free N2000 referral reward from Standard Chartered Bank, let’s look into it.

How to Redeem the Standard Chartered Referral Reward from the Mobile App

Once you have finished with the registration log in to the app, view your details, and perform the following tasks.

  • Firstly, make sure you carry out transactions on the app to test run your account. That can be done just by sending any amount of money to your SC account standard change account.
  • Funds can be sent to the account through your other bank transfer methods.
  • Get your Standard chartered account details and transfer at least N500 or N1000 to the account. The Transaction process has been done that way.
  • The next process is to request a Debit card through the SC mobile app, hit the menu button at the top left side of the app, then scroll down and tap Apply for Products >> Credit Cards.
  • Feel the necessary detail to request for your Debit card free of charge and you will be given a Gold Visa card as stated.Standard Chartered Bank
  • The card will be delivered to you for free without having to visit any bank or standard chartered bank.

After that, be expecting your referral bonus reward within five days.

No limit on the number of people that you can invite to the platform. The most important part is to carry out the stated task.

Once the task has been carried out, be rest assured that your referral reward will be given to you.

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How to Get Your Referral Code or Referral Link From Standard Chartered Mobile App

  • It’s very simple once you are being signed in or logged in to your account.
  • Just hit the menu button at the top left side of the app.
  • Below the menu option, you will see the banner Refer and Earn.
  • Hit on the banner and get your referral code by copying the code or use the available share button to get your own referral link.

Can I Withdraw My Referral Bonus On My SC Account?

That’s a great question and the answer is, YES.

You can actually withdraw your Standard Chartered Referral Reward to any bank of your choice, once you have been granted the rewards.

standard chartered bank ussd code 1

No limitation in withdrawing once you’ve successfully created your account.

Good luck to you all.

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