Hello everyone. This is a new Glo unlimited free browsing cheat that uses a VPN called Techoragon prime droid VPN, which you should know about because it’s something that a lot of people have been using, and it also appears to be on DNS servers.

Note that the tweak is on a DNS server, which means it may not be as fast as the previous Glo unlimited that was blocked, so double-check the criteria and methods for making your Glo unlimited work on Techoragon Prime Droid VPN.

The App’s setup is easy and uncomplicated. Keep in mind that you’ll need a 4G sim that’s connected to a 4G LTE network to use this modification.

Needed Materials

  • Techoragon Prime Droid VPN – Download it Here
  • Glo New Yakata Tariff plan (Dial *211#)
  • Glo night plan (subscribe to the N100 night plan by dialing *777#).
  • Use glosecure as your APN and ignore the rest of the parameters.

Setup Instruction for Glo Free Browsing with Techoragon Prime Droid VPN

  • Launch the downloaded app and update the tweakTechoragon Prime Droid VPN update the tweak
  • Select PREMIUM CA GLO MODE 1 and use techdroidorfreeuser as your access pin.Glo Free Browsing with Techoragon Prime Droid VPN

After that, all you have to do is hit connect.

There is a premium version available that has a considerably quicker speed. Although the tweak isn’t particularly fast, if you can get your network connection over 400kB/s with free users server, you can upgrade to the premium service for a faster and better speed of 1mbs+.


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