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We’ve Switched our E-Newsletter from Feedburner to — Here’s What you Should Know

Hi lovely viewers and welcome to this post.

This is to notify all our esteem email newsletter subscribers that we have switched from Google Feedburner to, we moved to the new feed management service with the aim of satisfying you further through notifying you via your email about our new posts. Henceforth, the source of our e-newsletter will be from, please include a remark in your email to that effect.

E Newsletter Switched from Feedburner to

Now, I believe some bloggers and other article writers will have an interest in knowing more details. Below are what you should know.

I hope you guys aware of the Google announcement that it will terminate Feedburner’s email subscription features this July 2021.

FeedBurner is a free RSS subscription service. It is an unassuming content delivery service that has supported millions of bloggers, podcasters, publishers, and creators over the years, delivering countless e-newsletters to fans worldwide (and proudly upholding dot-com-era web design standards).

However, changes are finally underway for the time-honored RSS service—and if you’re one of the handfuls of dedicated users like me, now is the time to take action.

For this reason, I found myself forced to switch to another alternative. The decision was hard as there’s plenty of choices, but I’m looking for the new feed management services with fabulous newsletter features that we have been missing for so long since Google didn’t update Feedburner for more than a decade.

follow it Output Channels

But, after long time-consuming research, I figured that could be the next Shelaf World of Technology “feed burner”, and that’s what was happening.

Now, let me introduce to you, describe its features and express my point of view.

What is

According to the official website “ is a service that allows Members to set up and subscribe to Feeds in order to cope with information overload in a better way.”

Just like Google Feedburner, is a free service that allows your visitors to follow you, and then alert them when you publish a new story, so that they come back to your site. It made a science out of it, and optimized every step in the funnel, i.e. they implemented processes that ensure that:

get maximum followers via follow it

  1. Chances are maximized that people can see that they can follow you
  2. Most of them will decide to follow you
  3. A high % will turn into active subscribers
  4. The notifications will get delivered (i.e. in inboxes, not spam folders)
  5. People open & click on your stories
  6. You can optimize everything through analytics

What you will get as a follower/reader

For followers, service is always free. And it gives you a lot for free:

follow it Output Channels

  • All features are 100% free!
  • You can choose how to receive news: single emails, newspapers (one email per day), news page, telegram, etc.
  • You can add various filters, including keywords, tags, authors to get exactly what you want.
  • Spam-free: your contact details are safe, and you can, at any moment, unfollow with just a click.
  • Bookmarklet tool & Mass follow: easily follow websites while surfing the web using the book by clicking on the bookmarklet tool button. Also, you can use the Mass follow option to follow a list of the website at once or to import it from your other RSS reader app.
  • No room for mistakes: with double-opt confirmation, you won’t receive feed updates until you confirm your email. This means “no one can use your email without you knowing”.
  • Consistent and straightforward UI design: website design is simple, new and robust. And I guess you’ll agree with me after taking a look at it!

What you will get as a publisher

For a publisher, like me 😅, the service is FREE on the basic plan. However to unlock extra features a premium plan should be paid. However, the basic plan features are enough for most publishers:

Publisher Statistics

  • High deliverability: has an excellent sender reputation that means, for me as a publisher, that my feed updates won’t be considered as spams.
  • Active followers: Double opt-in feature ensures that only followers who actually want to receive my content get it.
  • Multiple delivery channels: this gives my readers more choices and flexibility.
  • Powerful analytic: a good analytic tool means more optimization ideas that lead to an increased number of happy followers. No more comment needed!
  • A user friendly feed: services offers my readers a user friendly dashboard that helps them to keep their feeds clean and optimized.
  • High control over my feed (some features are paid): title customization, unfollow users, change feed logo…
  • Premium plans are the “Pay for what you use” plan.
  • Premium Plans can be canceled daily.

How to Switch from FeedBurner to

With the explanation above, you can deduce that is a great Feedburner alternative due to its many features, a very generous free plan, great support, as well as its methodology to maximize the number of people coming back to your website.

So, if you have an interest in switching to, you can read the full guide on their official website here.

My Point of View

Okay, I choose because it offers me and my readers a strong user experience. On the one hand, it gives my readers greater control and more options that are not available in the rest of the feed management services. On the other hand, as a publisher, I can customize my feed and optimize it in better ways compared to Feedburner and others feed management tools. has switched to this new powerful feed management service —, more astonishing content of your choice will be loaded, so stay glued.

Thank you for taking the time to read my articles. Stay safe and calm, love you ❤️.

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