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Hello everybody, here is a step-by-step explanation on how to make money online using the Chipper Cash app, which is extremely basic and straightforward to use if you follow the instructions carefully. Chipper App has been on the rise for a few weeks, and the app is delivering on its promises.

I’m delighted to have you here if you’ve never heard of this app before, and if you have but are having problems with verification, I’m also glad to have you here since we’ve thoroughly tested the app and this post will also give solutions to the verification issues.

But, before we get into the reward area, it’s a good idea to have knowledge of what the “Chipper App” is all about. Below is a brief summary of the app.

Chipper Cash App – What Is It?

Chipper cash is a convenient and safe method of sending and receiving money in Africa. Chipper Cash is Africa’s first platform to provide immediate cross-border mobile money transfers. From Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, and United Kingdom, you can send and receive money.

Chipper cash is completely free to use, and no fees will be applied to any transactions made on the site. You don’t have to leave the house to pay your bills when you have cheerful cash. You can pay all of your bills, including electricity, cable tv, airtime, and data, from the comfort of your own home with reasonable discounts.

chipper cash airtime purchase discount

Chipper Cash App Referral Program

This app has a referral program that allows you and your referrer to each receive 1000 Naira when they sign up and validate their account using your link.

You will also receive N10 credited to your account after successfully signing up, and the best part is that you can withdraw this N10 to your bank account right away, making the app more flexible because there is no minimum withdrawal. You can refer one person and cash out your N1000 as soon as the person verifies his or her account, or you can withdraw part of it and leave the rest.

Chipper Cash N1000 Reerral Bonus

The following is a breakdown of how you can make cash from the chipper app:

> Sign up bonus = N10; if you see N0.0 after registering, don’t worry; simply complete the verification and other steps.

  • N1000 registration bonus
  • N1000 per referral

chipper cash referral bonus

If you can invite your friends in the UK to sign up with your link, you will earn N5,700 when he/she send at least £20 to Africa.

Without further ado, below are the step-by-step instructions for registering and make more than N5000 per day using the app.

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The Chipper Cash App Signup Process

If you’ve already signed up for this app, but you’re having trouble verifying your account, simply scroll down to step4 and follow the instructions provided in the step strictly.

If you rigorously adhere to the following procedures, you’ll be earning money in no time:

Step 1. Download and launch the Chipper app. Chipper App can be downloaded HERE.

Step 2: Input your phone number and an OTP will be sent to your phone. Check and enter the OTP as instructed by the OTP message.

Step 3: Choose your country where it’s required and you will be redirected to the app home page where you will see a message like, chipper App sent you N10 and this can be withdrawn to your bank account immediately.

Step 4: Check the bottom of the app and click on earn, click on Enter Referral Code and a box will appear, copy and paste the code below into the box.

make money online fast


As soon as you’ve copied and pasted in the code from above, click on “Apply” to put it into effect.

Step 5: Now you must validate your account. No worries, simply follow these simple instructions and you’re done.

How To Verify Your Chipper Cash App Account

  • To do this, open the chipper cash app.
  • At the top right corner of the program, look for the Profile icon and click on it.
  • Get verified can be found by scrolling down the page.
  • A government-issued ID card can be used to authenticate your account, but I recommend using BVN because it is easier and faster.
  • Use your government-issued identification card (such as a National Identification Card, Voter’s Card, or Driver’s License) to verify your identity. You will also be requested to take a picture while holding your ID card. Once you’ve done that, submit it.
  • To get instant approval, select BVN and just enter your BVN and your selfie, and boom! Your account is verified.chipper cash app verification notification
  • Wait for the verification status to change to verified.chipper cash app verification status
  • Now, click on your balance/wallet on the dashboard, select add cash, and send N1000 to your chipper cash app via your ATM card or bank transfer
  • Immediately the N1000 is being added to your chipper Account, send it to any chipper app user by tap Send button and tell the person to send the money back to you.chipper cash app send button

Notification: If you don’t have any chipper cash app user to send the money to, kindly send it to @shelaf, open your chipper app, click on the “Send” button and you will see a search box to paste the payment name. Send the N1000 to @shelaf and put your name under the note as a description.

With a screenshot of the transaction and your payment name, click here or scan the QR code below↓ to send me a message on WhatsApp.

shared qr code

After you have sent the N1000 to your Chipper Cash account From your bank account, you have sent the N1000 to a chipper Account User and they send it back to you.

Below are the next things to do.

Check the bottom of the app and click on earn, click on the Enter Referral Code and a box will appear, copy and paste the code below into the box.

chipper cash app space to enter referral code


Once you have pasted the code above into the box, now click on the apply button to apply the code again, making it twice.

Your N1000 welcome bonus will appear within an hour.

To earn as much N1000 as possible, copy your referral link and start referring your friends and family.

If you properly follow the procedures above, I’m confident that you won’t run across any issues with the verification.

Note that, you will only receive the N1000 Referral bonus After which the person you referred has verified his/her account. And you will also get your sign-up bonus after which your verification has been approved.

How To Refer Others To Chipper Cash App And make money

  • Open the app “Chipper App”
  • Click on Earn at the bottom of the app, then click on the share link and share it to any of your friends on WhatsApp or other social media, then Copy your link from there.
  • Share the link to your friends with an appropriate caption, and when any of your friends sign up through your link, both of you will receive N1000 from the Chipper Cash app which can be withdrawn instantly.
  • The last five characters in your referral link is your referral code, as illustrated in the image below.Chipper Cash code

In most situations, the referral and Signup bonuses will be credited to your Chipper Cash account within 24 hours. But in reality, all bonuses will be given to you within 24 hours of your referrals completing their verification and sending 1000 Naira to another chipper account user who has referred them.

There is no need to complain or express any concerns if your referral hasn’t completed their verification and sent money to the other user within 24 hours.


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