Cryptocurrency is the currency of the future, and whether it is widely accepted today or not, everyone will eventually embrace it. If you’re already trading cryptocurrency, stop doing it manually and let Royal Q Crypto Trading App handle it for you.

Have you heard about Royal Q Robot and are interested in learning how to trade with it? In this post, we’ll show you step by step how the robot will help you to minimize the capital to gain enough profits and help you at least make a minimum of 20 to 40% of your capital in a month if you play by the rules.

Yes, I say 20 to 40% profits, it is even more than that, but let’s not exaggerate very high. That’s why I have to put it very low.

Depending on your trading capital, you can make $100 per day without stress. I’ll include some earnings at the end of this article so you can see for yourself.

I think it is time for us to stop putting our money into the hands of corporations whose CEOs we don’t know and whose people we don’t know. As nice as everything or their program may appear to be, if anything happens to that ghost company, we will lose everything.

This is why I told myself that this is the time to hunt for something unique, that it is the time to abandon such investment schemes in favor of ventures in which we, as company partners, would have complete control over our finances. We have complete control over our profits. So, if something bad happens to the company in the near future, we won’t afraid of losing our funds. This brought us back to the Royal Q Crypto Trading App.

What is Royal Q?

It’s an intelligent quantitative system that specializes in spot trading on BINANCE or HUOBI.

Royal Q Robot will help you trade, but you will be in control of your capital and profits because the robot has no access to your capital neither have access to your profits

Keep reading, and I urge you to read and comprehend the article line by line because if you invest in something, you must understand what you are spending your money into; if you do not understand what you are investing your money into, you should be prepared for catastrophe. That’s what you’ve got, whatever the conclusion is.

Advantages of Using Royal Q Crypto Trading App

  • While you rest, it watches and trades cryptocurrency 24/7
  • Royal Q robot buys at a low price and sells at a high price to maximize profits.
  • This bot operates in sub bin mode, allowing it to earn even while prices are decreasing.
  • Allows you to perform numerous crypto trades at the same time while remaining completely safe
  • and secure.

Your capital and your profits will be in your Binance account which is likely your bank, I call it bank but it is a broker account.

The robot has nothing to do with your capital or your profits. However, I always think of the negative and positive sides of life because life does not give 100% positive, no matter how good everything seems to be if anything by any chance or any means happens to the robot. Your fund is secured. That is the most interesting aspect.

Let me point out this, I don’t believe in getting rich quick scheme. This information is not for someone who believes he can come into this business and become a multi-billionaire in a week. That is not my belief; I believe in patience, strategy, and consistency. That is my investment law.

Although you can’t lose money with Royal Q Crypto Trading App, you can have a floating loss.

Apart from P2P, there are two sorts of trading: sports and futures trading.

We’ll talk about sports trading because the Royal Q app only handles Spot Trading, not Futures Trading, so there are no liquidations to worry about.

Sports Trading

Let me explain what happens in sports trading in layman’s terms. It’s like when you purchase a property, you’re buying land, right? Now, when you’re trading sports, you purchase an asset, you take possession of it; you can buy USDT, you take control of it; you can buy stellar, you take possession of it; you’ll have it in your sports wallet. It’s not like you’re just handing out cash.

You will use your money to buy an asset and the asset will be in your possession. And if the price of the asset goes up, okay, you sell it off to make profits, if the value of the asset goes down, if you sell it, you lose part of the money.

Now, this is how you don’t lose money in this crypto trading, in sports trading. When the price of a property you bought or an asset you bought goes down, you keep holding on until when the price goes up.

What if we can do this every one minute, every 10 minutes, or every one hour? And that is the opportunity I just brought to you right now with the trading sports.

So you will not lose money because you are taking possession of an asset, that value can either go up or down. Now when the price goes up, we take our profits, when the price goes down, we keep holding on and that is how we make money with sports trading. So, it is just like when you buy a piece of property, okay.

The only problem we can have is for the price to go down. And even if the price goes down, in as much as we don’t sell our assets, it will still come up and immediately it comes up reached our profit target, we will sell and take our profit.

What if I can show you how you can do this without any issue? And that’s what I’m going to show you in this write-up.

How Does Royal Q Crypto Trading Work?

You must connect the robot to an exchange or a third-party trading platform in order to use it. However, Royal Q makes it simple by restricting the exchange platform to two options:


In the league of exchanges, these two platforms are the best.

Royal Q analyzes the markets with past data that have been installed in it. Buy the crypto when the market is low and sell it when the market is high.

The good news about cryptocurrencies, It is not perishable goods.

There are many markets out there. Like Forex, Options Trade, Crypto, and many others, but I choose crypto ahead of others because I have been in all these three nation markets, but I choose crypto ahead of others because crypto is not a perishable good. I will explain how.

If you are a forex trader, no matter how good your strategy is, when the market is against you and you lose, the fund has gone. You only automate out of the market. Those who know the market can understand what I’m trying to say. You can only automate out of the market, maybe come back in an hour or the next day to retry your strategy, and if the strategies fail the second time.

Let’s assume the first failed is $10. You have loosed the $10 and your capital was $100, and you are left with $90. If you come back to the market the next day, and your strategy fails the second time, you lose another $10, you are left with $80 as your capital. Then, that makes Forex a perishable good.

At the third time, even when you make profits, let’s say you come for the third time you make profits of $30 that means you are adding $30 to the $80 that was left in your balance. So your total money now, capital and profit are $110. Your goods have perished, the same thing applies to options trades.

But, in terms of crypto, let say you invest $10 and the market goes against you. The price of the asset which you bought can only change. Maybe the price has changed, that’s why it seems like the markets are against you. Let’s say you bought Bitcoin which is the popular crypto that people know, you bought Bitcoin worth $100 or $10 and the market is bad. If Bitcoin drops down to $8, you are on a loss, but your assets have not perished.

Cryptocurrencies will always go up and down because it has been programmed to be so, after a few hours it has to come up and hit back the thing, maybe $11, then if you feel like taking profits, you take your profits and add back to your capital.

Let’s say the market was bad for the whole day, you automate out, so you’re left with $90, your assets are still there, no matter how that particular crypto asset you bought is going down, your assets remain there. Then, the next day you come in and buy another different crypto asset at the rate of $10 and the market is against you, it is going down also.

No problem. You are left with $80. The case study is you have $100 as your capital, don’t forget. So now, the third day you come up and buy the crypto assets of $20, you make a profit of $30.

Your $30 plus your $80 remaining of your capital, goes back to $110 Just like that of Forex trading, but your remaining other two cryptos you bought are still there, the asset is there, so whenever the crypto comes up, that particular asset comes up, you will still have your money back because it’s not a perishable good.

Let say, the first one was going down to $8, that $8 is still there for you and you can sell it even though you lose, because that $8 will be added to your $110, making it $118, that is known as floating loss. However, we don’t encourage such because we know crypto will surely come up, all you need is patience.

Then, on the second day, you are still having a spare $8 aside from the profit you made on the third day. Whenever those two bounce up, maybe comes up to $15 and you decide to sell each of the 2 at the rate of 15 15 dollars. You’re having $30, now $30 plus $110 which equals $140.

So, this now makes crypto better than every other market out there. That’s why we have to choose crypto first.

What is this Crypto Trading App Made of?

The Royal Q robot is a computer-based program that is set using crypto trading signals. The signal helps to make the decision when is the best time to make the trading. The Royal Q Bot is designed in a way that they will analyze the market trend on your behalf. The robots gather the market data, interpret and calculate the potential risk, and execute buying and selling on behalf of the customer.

It can provide long-term and stable returns by preventing greediness and inexperience in trading. Which in turn reduces the time and energy required for all cryptocurrency traders.

It only allows to read data and trades for the user, capital and profit are stored in the user’s accounts. This is why I choose this market overall those MBA investments or trying to let a company trade for you. Your capital is in your broker’s accounts, your profit is in your broker account, you only connect this robot through the API of those broker accounts, where it reads the data in your account and helps you trade.

This robot is customized in a way it can trade for twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week; all the time without shutting down. As a trader, you can’t be online 24/7, it is impossible. So, the robot helps you to trade 24/7, even when you’re offline. It reads the markets, makes a profit for you, and then goes on in buying when the market is low and sells when the market is high, as simple as that. And your capital and profit remain in your Binance account.

You can give Royal Q a set of instructions. This is what I want you to do for me. Buy XLM for me at this particular rate and time, then Sell the cryptocurrency for me at this particular time. You give the robot the set of instructions, and it is going to execute that instruction at the right time.

There are some free robots you can use, but you know, sometimes when some things are free. There might be some things lacking, it might malfunction.

Royal Q is well programmed, it is being updated virtually every time there are any lapses. And the point is that people have been using this robot for a very long time, and it has been successful, even I have friends that are using it and they are making lots of profits with it. So I think to myself, it would not be a good thing for me to keep this to myself and that is the reason why I am introducing you as my audience to this Cryptocurrency Trading App.

So if you’re interested in this, then your next question will be, how do I get started?

I will show you the whole process of how you can get started. Think of this: on the one side, you have yourself or a copy trader that will instruct the robot. You can go to sleep, but this robot doesn’t sleep, you give instructions to the robot, you go to sleep.

The robot has to come to your Binance account and perform that action. The robot cannot withdraw your money, it cannot perform any other thing on your Binance account, except for it to come and trade what you tell it to trade. Go to my Binance account, buy XLM for me, buy 10 XLM for me.

The robot will then go to your by Binance account, buy the XLM for you, or when it reached this particular time buy XLM for me, the robot understands that. And when you are sleeping, the robot will be buying and selling for you. That’s just the function of the robot. That’s how exactly how this thing works.

You can give it instructions yourself, or you can allow the copied trader to give it instructions for you. And then the robot to go to your Binance and perform. Binance and Royal Q Crypto Trading

You have yourself, you have the robot and you have the Binance account. Okay. So that’s how it is, it’s a linear connection.

What are the Needed Materials?

  • Android device or iPhone
  • Binance verified account
  • Royal Q Crypto Trading Bot
  • Minimum of 241 USDT TRC20 (120 USDT for the app a year subscription, 20 USDT for Gas or fuel, 1 USDT for network fee, and the remaining 100 USDT is your start capital for trading)

Gas or Fuel fee is the commission taken from the profits you make.

Note that the USDT amount is equivalent to US dollars. As you can see from my screenshot above, the 1 USDT is worth at least 546.80 Naira via P2P trading on Binance. Now, 546.80 x 240 = 131,232.

USDT amount on Binance P2P trading

This means you need at least 131,232 Nigeria Naira to start this profitable and reliable sports trading through the Royal Q Cryptocurrency Trading App.

Now, with that being said, let me quickly show you the step-by-step how this is done.

Step 1: Register Binance Account

If you already have a Binance account, you can use your existing Binance account if you don’t have a Binance account click here to register.

If you are using the mobile app, use this referral ID: 88331204 to register.

Binance: BTC, Crypto and NFTS
Binance: BTC, Crypto and NFTS
‎Binance: Buy Bitcoin & Crypto
‎Binance: Buy Bitcoin & Crypto

Binance Account Verification Process

You can access the Identity Verification from [User Center] – [Identification] or access it directly from here. You can check your current verification level on the page, which determines the trading limit of your Binance account. To increase your limit, please complete the respective Identity Verification level.

Binance account verification

Information required to move to Level 1 includes:

  1. Email
  2. Full Name (first, middle and last)
  3. Date of birth
  4. Residential Address
  5. Nationality

Users must also submit a copy of a Government-issued identity document as well as a selfie of themselves.

Accepted Government-issued identity documents:

  • Driver’s License
  • International Passport
  • Identification Card

Step 2: Royal Q Crypto Trading Bot Registration

Register with royal Q (free)

  • Access this link to register, or scan the QR code in the image below to start the registration.Royal Q Shelaf Invitation Code QR Scanner
  • Provide your email, your password, re-enter the password
  • Tap on Send verification code (The code will be sent to your email that you provided).
  • Enter the verification number code you received in your mail
  • Enter the invitation code which is RNJHY
  • Proceed to register

Download the Android and iOS app from your google and app store with the link below.

Royal Q
Royal Q
Developer: Royal Q
Price: Free

To register, you need a sponsor as you just can’t come into the system like that. Use this invitation code for registration RNJHY

Ensure to use the invitation code RNJHY as you register to make use of a robot, then proceed to login after downloading the Robot Royal Q app.

Step 3: How to Fund Binance Account via P2P for the Royal Q Activation and Crypto Trading

From Binance

Make sure you complete SMS authentication and Identity verification before you trade P2P

  • On your web browser, tap on the Wallet >> Funding wallet
  • On Binance mobile app, tap on Home >> P2P Trading
  • Tap on Buy and Select USDT
  • Allow the page to load the available trades

P2P trading fiter on Binance

Take note that if you want to have the ads filtered to match your needs, you have to click the funnel button that you can find under Buy on the upper right corner of the Deals interface. Then, select “Amount” and “Payment Method.” Then, tap on the Yes button.

Binance P2P buying process

  • Select your preferred seller and tap on the “Buy” button. You will then have to choose between “By Crypto” or “By Fiat.” Select By Fiat
  • After that, have the right “Amount” entered and then select your desired “Payment Method.” e.g bank transfer. Once you have completed this, tap on “Buy with 0 Fee” in the command bar.
  • Go to the payment page to see the payment information by pressing the “Transfer the fund” button.

In your banking app, have the payment information for the merchant copied and then provide the merchant with the payment. After you complete the payment, tap on “Transferred, notify the seller.” Next, click on “Confirm payment.” After doing this, you will have your status updated to “Pending Released.” Once the payment receipt is confirmed, wait until the merchant releases the crypto.

Binance P2P trading USDT released to the buyer

  • Once the crypto gets released by the seller, the transaction is complete. You will then go to the screen on the completed transaction with the message “Funded to your wallet.” Tap on “View wallet balance” and choose “Transfer” so you can switch between Spot wallet and P2P wallet and begin trading.


  • Make sure that the payment has been marked as paid and completed according to the allotted time.
  • Whenever a trading order gets canceled by the buyer three times a day, that person would not be able to go on trading for that day.
  • In the remittance note, make sure to avoid mentioning “buy BTC,” “buy crypto,” and “buy USDT.”

Step 4: How to Transfer Funds from P2P Wallet to Sport Wallet

Please note that all the funds in your Funding Wallet are transferable. For example, your Funding Wallet balance has 1,000 USDT and you purchased 100 USDT from P2P trading, your transferable amount will be 1,100 USDT.

Now that the P2P order has been completed. You need to transfer it from the P2P wallet to your spot wallet because it won’t reflect on your Sport wallet if you don’t do so.

Binance transfer from the P2P to spot wallet

  • On the mobile app, go to the Wallet
  • Tap on the Transfer button at the bottom of your Total Value
  • Select from Funding to Spot Wallet
  • Then tap on the BTC bar and change it to USDT
  • Click on Confirm Transfer to transfer the Fund from your P2P wallet to Spot Wallet.

Now, you will be able to withdraw the fund to your Royal Q account for the activation of the app and as well use it to start sports trading on Binance.

Step 5: Activation of Royal Q Crypto Trading Robot

Step 1: Deposit USDT to Royal Q

On the Royal Q app

Royal Q USDT wallet address

  • Login to the royal Q app, click on Mine at the bottom right
  • Tap on the Asset >> Deposit. The Royal Q USDT wallet address will appear
  • Copy the Royal Q USDT wallet address

On Binance

Make sure you have transferred the fund you purchased from P2P to Sport wallet.

bINANCE Sport Withdraw to Royal Q Robot

  • Now, go to Wallet >> Sport >> Withdraw
  • Seach for USDT and click on it
  • Paste the wallet address you copied from Royal Q in the address bar
  • Under network, choose Tron (TRC20)
  • Under Amount, type 141
  • Send 141 USDT to the address by clicking on the Withdrawal button (120 USDT for the activation, 20 USDT for Gas, and the remaining 1 USDT for Network fee).
  • Then access the Royal Q app again, and click on Mine to see the fund you transferred.Royal Q Asset fund verification

Next is to activate your Royal Q app

activation of Royal Q app

  • click on Mine at the bottom right
  • Click on the Activation button at the front of the VIP
  • You will see the detail of your counselor which is Shelaf if you use my referral code
  • Tap on the Confirm button to continue
  • The total amount to pay is 120 USDT
  • Tick the provided box to agree with their term and condition.
  • Then, tap on Activate to pay for a year subscription.

Once the account activation succeeded, the fund on your Royal Q asset will remain 20 USDT, that is your Gas fee. Just leave it there like that.

The gas fee can be more than 20 USDT, as you are progressing, it will be reduced gradually, so make sure you are topping it up once it is low because anytime it is reduced to 10 USDT, it will send you a message that you should top-up. Immediately it reaches 2 USDT, your Robot will stop trading for you.

Now that the account is activated. The next thing to do is to link/bind your Royal Q to the Binance account.

Step 2: Binding/Linking Royal Q to Binance

You can Bind/Link your Royal Q API to BINANCE or HUOBI, but here I will explain the one of Binance.

If you are using the mobile app, ensure your Binance app displays Binance pro instead of Binance lite.

Binance pro switch button Tap on the image on the top of the left to change to Binance pro.

On your Binance app

Binance API bind with Royal Q

  • Tap on more and scroll down
  • Tap on API management
  • Label API key as Royal Q or any other name you wish (mine is Shelaf Royal Q) and click on create API KEY

Input your security verification codes to proceed. Then, the API will be created.

  • Copy the API key and paste it into the Royal Q Crypto trading app
  • Below the API KEY TAP ON the triangle to access your secret key.
  • Copy the key and paste it in Royal Q.
  • Click on the Edit buttonat the top of your Binance
  • Scroll down to API restriction
  • Tick on the Enable Spot & Margin Trading (that is the only permission you need to give to your robot, don’t tick Enable Withdrawals permission)Binance Enable Spot and Margin Trading
  • Scroll down and tick Restrict access to trusted IPs only (Recommended)
  • Go back to Royal Q and copy the IP group binding address and paste it in Binance
  • Scroll up and click on the Save button
  • Input your security verification code and the setting will be successfully saved.

Doing this will immediately link Royal Q bot all and Binance

From the Royal Q app

  • Tap on mine, at the bottom right, select binding
  • Ensure it is on Binance to paste the Binance API and secret key to bind
  • Hit on Binding and both will be linked, you can now trade-in Binance.

Final Step: How to trade with Royal Q Robot

After successful registration and binding the Royal Q app with Binance, it is now time to start trading. Keep in mind you have to fund your Binance account. The higher the capital, the higher the profit. It is like a normal business that needs huge capital to grow faster.

Take a look at the profit screen (Revenue Details) below to see what I mean when I say that the bigger the capital, the higher the profit.

Royal Q small and high capital Profit analysis

You can begin with a sum of $100 or more. It is a viable alternative if you have a budget of up to $5,000. Some of the people I know use such a large sum of money.

How to turn on the Professional Edition

You need to turn on the professional Edition before starting the trading because if you don’t activate the professional, you only have access to nonvolatile. To have access to both volatile and nonvolatile, you need to activate the Professional edition.

Royal Q Professional Edition turn on

  • Tap on the toggle button of Professional Edition
  • Tick I agree, then tap on Start now button
  • On the Risk Test page, follow the instruction in the screenshot below to set it up.Royal Q Risk Test
  • Then, tap on the Submit button and the Professional edition will then turn on.

How to Start Trading

It is time to start trading.

  • On your Royal Q Robot, go to Quantitative
  • Tap on the Binance >> Professional and you will see the list of different cryptocurrencies that are under professional.

If you do not turn on the professional edition, you won’t have access to all of that cryptocurrencies.

Royal Q Robot Quantitative

Look at the button on the page, you’ll see your USDT Binance Balance, and if you go back to your Binance Sport wallet, you’ll see the same amount.

If your balance does not appear after you have completed the appropriate steps, click the refresh button next to the USDT Binance Balance, and if it still does not appear, log out of the Royal Q app and log back in; maybe it will appear then.

Now that we’ve activated the professional edition, paid the Gass cost, and have money in the Binance Sport wallet to trade, the next step is to give Royal Q Robot a set of instructions.

Set of Instructions to the Robot

I’ll walk you through a basic strategy that involves using a copy trader, and this copy trade will only take 1% of your profit. For example, if you make a profit of 100 USDT, it will only deduct 1 USDT. It’s quite simple.

We’ll use JDWINNER’s trading strategy; he’s a brilliant trader, so you’ll be dealing with his trades; whatever he’s trading, you’ll be trading with him, and everything will be automated; just make sure you follow all of the guidelines correctly.

Royal Q Circle DWINNER trading strategy

  • Now, Go to Circle, to search for a professional that will help to trade.
  • Scroll down and look for JDWINNER
  • Once you see it, tap on the View button beside it
  • Tap on the Apply to join button.
  • Then, tap on the 11,477.27% (that is the % of profits he made within a few months) arrow button and it will take you to the next page.
  • Tap on the BinanceRoyal Q JDWINNER Sync Strategy
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Sync Strategy button.

Allow the page to load, then your balance will determine what you are going to set.

There are two things you just need to set and that is the end.

First Buy in amount and Number of strategies

Now, let me show you how you will set this up.

JDWINNER himself has already created a manual that helps anybody to be able to know how much they set and how much not to set. Check the screenshot below for the details.

JDWinner Cryptocurrency Trading Strategy

According to him, the minimum you need for trading capital is $155, your first order amount should be $10 while the number of strategies/coins should be 1.

If your trading capital is around $300 or $310, your first order amount should be $10 while the number of strategies/coins should be 2.

The third one is, if your trading capital is around $400 or $450, your first order amount should be $10 while the number of strategies/coins should be 3.

The process goes like that. As you can see by yourself, the money in your sports wallet will determine how much your first order will be and the number of strategies or coins you can use.

With the $100 trading capital, check out the below screenshot to see how I set it up.

  • Just as he said, the First Buy in amount is 10 USDT
  • The number of Strategies is 1 Piece
  • Don’t click on Synchronous opening doubled, just leave it the way it is.
  • Just scroll down and hit on the Sync Strategy button.

Once you see a message saying set successfully. It will place an order for you immediately, then you can go back or close the app, relax, and be watching your money grow.

If you want to see the dollars purchases for you, click on Quantitative >> Binance >> Professional for the details.

If you want to see the history and analysis of your daily/cumulative profits, go to Revenue details.

That is all you need about sports trading with Royal Q cryptocurrency app and Binance account.

So let’s discuss Royal Q Referral Reward because the company pays handsomely when you introduce this successful platform to someone else.

Royal Q Referral Reward Program

The second part of Royal Q is the referral reward program.

It is not compulsory to refer people before you make money on Royal Q, the trading profit is already a good one. However, to make more money, we encourage you to refer others, allowing them to earn like you.

Royal Q Referral Reward Program

It can even be more profitable than the profits made by robots if you commit yourself to it.

It’s also a good way for people who don’t have large trading capital to bolster their profits.

The company pays you a commission whenever you get someone who registers under you to pay for the robot.

The commission fee you are paying is dependent on your level.

There are 6 different levels on Royal Q: V1, V2, V3, V4, V5, and V6.

Individuals who are on V1 can only receive a direct referral fee of 30 USDT.

For these individuals to move into V2, they need at least 3 direct referrals and 20 team members.

The referrals of an individual’s direct referrals also qualify as his/her team members.

Individuals who are on V2 receive a direct referral fee of 40 USDT.

They also start receiving an indirect referral fee of 10 USDT i.e. Referral fee from the referrals of those under them.

For these individuals to move into V3, they need at least 5 direct referrals and 50 team members, and 3 direct referrals who are v2

Individuals on V3 receive a direct referral fee of 50 USDT.

The direct referral fee increases as the level increases.

Another good thing about this referral program is that you get to receive commissions from the profits of your direct and indirect referrals.

Individuals on V6 receive commissions from the profits of everyone trading on the platform worldwide.

Presently, there are only 2 individuals on V6 in the world, but that should be the target for all of us.


This robot technology makes profits for you even when you are sleeping. Royal Q is the best crypto bot provider, the team has 4 years of quantitative strategy research, development, and construction experience. 6 years of crypto investment, and 3 years of exchange system.

If you still need my assistance concerning the Royal Q Trading App, you can chat me up on WhatsApp by clicking here or scanning the QR code c.

shared qr code

I’ll ask you a few questions to clarify you’re registered under me. Please don’t message if you have already registered, or activated with another link/person. Meet your upline to put you through. Thanks for your understanding.

Thank you for taking the time to read what I’ve written. I hope you found this post useful?

If so, please share your thoughts in the comments area and stay tuned for more relevant ways to make money online or through a referral program, commonly known as affiliate marketing.


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