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Top Trends and Future Predictions in Cybersecurity



The pandemic has made digital transformations a mandate. It is indeed correct to state that such digital transformations have become the need of the hour too. The digital transformations have impacted both positively and negatively the organizations.

To simply put, digital transformation is the shifting of the traditional functionality mode of your organization to a digital mode of functionality. For example, you would remember the times when you would manually interact with your customers, in person. This simple interaction is done through various digital methods such as replying to queries on social media comments, and more of such similar nature.

In brief, it can be said that real-time conversations are made virtual. Chatbots are one of the best examples to state in this aspect.

Though the digital transformations have impacted the industries and organizations with better business reach and much better customer retention, it has opened the doors of cybersecurity vulnerability in organizations. Such vulnerabilities are caused by the swift shifting pace of digital transformations and the lack of strategic planning. Thus, the risk of cybersecurity is becoming a hot topic among industries and organizations. To gain expertise and skills to tackle these cyber threats, top IT security courses can be taken up.


The world of trade sure has become digital. From knowing about a product to successfully purchasing the product, and oftentimes even steps beyond that such as customer retention, everything in the world of trade is made digital. Customers tend to buy products/ know products from their comfort zone. That’s why even laptops are being replaced by the usage of mobile phones these days. Several statistical reports evidently prove that the percentile of mobile users is several times higher than the laptop users.

Such statistical reports oftentimes are dedicated to understanding customer behavior.

Thus. mobile devices have eventually become the new attack vector. Statistically, it is said that more than 70 percentile of fraudulent transactions happens via mobile devices.


It indeed is true that ransomware attacks have been happening throughout the years. However, with the consistent growth of technology over the years, ransomware attacks have become more sophisticated as well. This includes the ability to create ransomware attacks by those without technical expertise as well. Briefly put, the percentile of attacks is increasing because of the ease of generating them. With the increasing frequency of ransomware attacks, companies often ignore the gravity of such attacks to a great extent. For, they would tend to start believing that it is yet another attack with no real threat. The truth is, ransomware is sophisticated to the extent that it can deceive you with its harmless appearance.


Over the years, phishing attacks continue to stay on top of any organization’s cybersecurity concerns. However, the years of phishing presence have developed its strength in tackling cybersecurity measures. Currently, organizations are more concerned about the recently developed geo-targeted phishing threats. These attacks pose a great threat even to the most developed IT security systems in the world.

Geo-targeted phishing attacks function in the same way as generic phishing. E-mails are the primary mode of attack in these systems. However, the difference is that the geo-targeted phishing attacks are much more personalized than normal phishing attacks, and thus more people, even highly knowledgeable people in cybersecurity, fall victim to such attacks.



Due to the pandemic, the price of products has increased. This indeed has influenced international shipping too. For, the pandemic has affected shipping and containment to a great extent.
Having said that, the demand for shipping electronic chips has been growing too due to the digital transformation impact due to covid-19.

Furthermore, with the exponential growth in the percentile of gamers during the pandemic, the need for electronic chips has increased to a great extent. It is predicted that there will be a drought against the necessity of chips till the year 2023.

By taking advantage of this situation, currently, people with malicious intentions are generating BEC attacks. Such attacks prey on your necessity/ urgency, where you would be less skeptical at that moment.


There was a time when people were not much aware of the concept of the privacy breach. Now, with awareness of the people increasing, people strictly expect businesses to maintain strong privacy policies. It is apt to state that the patience among customers/ consumers is strongly reduced in tolerating privacy breaches. Gone are the days when customers/ consumers would give second chances. When even your single customer/ consumer finds out that your organization’s data is pawned, your shares/ stocks will take a huge dip.


It is quite true that the expectations of customers always keep changing. However, the current expectations of the customers are quite new. This is inclusive of the portability of data, and the interoperability of data.

This concept is quite popular in the healthcare sector and the financial sector. Well, social media networks are blooming with this concept at this point in the digital era.

The concepts of data portability and data interoperability enhance the sharing of data among relevant users. For example, if you are in the medical sector, the utilization of these concepts is useful in sharing the patients’ medical records whenever necessary in a matter of seconds. To put it into simple understanding, the necessary information will be accessible by the relevant parties just like a curated playlist.

It is to be noted that the concept of portability of data is a part of consumer rights in places like Europe. Global sectoral laws are legalizing this concept around the globe. The legalization can be expected to be finalized in the near future.


The trends and the predictions in the cybersecurity sector always carry both the tinges of good and bad. On one side, cybersecurity is developing rapidly to satisfy consumer expectations. On the other hand, cyber-attacks are being developed equally to breach the cyber security measures in your organization. Based on the trends, it is easy to understand the current situation. Based on the given predictions, it is easier to prepare for the future.

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