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How to Make Money Online Using Klasha App – Up to 5k Daily

Make money online using klasha app

Everyone wants to make money online. I am certain that I do, and you are also.

You can use the Klasha app (Klashacart) to make free money every day from ₦1,000 to ₦5,000 by following the instructions on this site. Your earnings can be safely withdrawn to a local bank account; see the full information below.

klasha app referral bonus withdrawn directly into your bank account

Klasha is an online marketplace where users can use their native money to pay for whatever goods they want throughout Africa. It is a trustworthy platform with a sizable user base.

Therefore, you can pay for products on the app in the same manner that you do on Jumia and the rest of them, but what’s noteworthy about the Klasha app is that it now has a referral program that seeks to provide each participant in the program ₦250, for a total of ₦500.

Make Money Online with Klasha App referral program

Every new user must connect his or her BVN and also verify their Identity to be eligible for the bonus in an effort to prevent false accounts from being created and to guarantee that only real identities register accounts on Klasha.

Feature of Klasha

  • Transfer Money: You can easily transfer money to your local bank accounts using Klashacart. You only need the account number and the bank’s name to get started.
  • Fund Wallet: There are three ways to fund your wallet on Klasha; you will be given an account number when you register, and you can credit that account to transfer funds to your Klasha account. You can choose another financing option if you don’t like that one; using a card or USSD is simple in both cases.
  • Dollar Virtual Card: Create a virtual dollar card, load money onto it, and use it to make payments instantly online from anywhere in the world to Africa.
  • PINK Money: With only a few clicks, you can rapidly send and receive money from your contacts on Klasha. Using KlashaCircle, you can transfer and receive money from your Klasha friends.
  • Secure and Safe: Your Klasha account is always secure thanks to a variety of security choices, including a passcode, Touch ID, or Face ID. With an ISO 27001 accreditation and PCI-DSS compliance, your account security is our first priority.
  • Offers Simple International Shopping: Users of the Klasha App have the option of becoming customers, which enables them to quickly shop on Amazon and other websites.

Shop online from foreign retailers for the newest electronics, apparel, and more without leaving your KlashaCart. Without paying customs duties, receive prompt delivery in Africa to your door in just 7–14 working days. Online transactions that are seamless from Africa.

  • Dollar Exchange To Local Currency: Depending on the country you registered for, users of the KlashaCart App are also permitted to exchange dollars for their local currencies.

How to Make Money Online using KlashaCart

The only method to get money from this app is through the referral program, which pays you N250 for each person you suggest. If you’re eager to get going, take these actions:

  • From the Google Play Store, download and install KlashaCart.
  • Register a new account. Use the phone number attached to your BVN during registration and use shelaf for your referral username.
  • You will be sent to your KlashaCart dashboard after registration is complete. You can finish your account verification by following the instructions at the bottom of the page. To confirm your BVN and identity, click on it. If you used the referral username shelaf, you will receive a signup bonus after everything is finished.klasha app account verification

Following completion of this process, you should participate in the referral program. As was already mentioned, KlashaCart’s referral program currently pays users N250 for each person they refer who signs up using the platform.

KlashaCart referral program to make money online

You must sign in to your account, tap the profile icon, choose referral, create a handle, and inform your friends to use it as their referral username when creating an account in order to participate in this program and earn. You earn more money for referring more people.

The 250 Naira you received as a signup bonus can be withdrawn directly into your bank account. This is how to withdraw money from the app.

  • Tap the Transfer button.
  • Tap Bank transfer under Send money.
  • Enter the desired amount, the bank account number, a note (if desired), and then hit Continue. To validate data on the following page summary, choose Continue. Then, enter your PIN to finish the withdrawal procedure.

That is all there is to make money online with Klasha. Enjoy this platform to the fullest and keep in mind that it has functions other than the referral program. Please feel free to leave a remark below if you have any questions about the platform.

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  1. Good day..I did register with your referral code but I’ve not gotten anything till now(for over 8hrs now)

    1. Be assured that you will receive your reward once your account has been verified with BVN and NIN, but it can take up to 24 hours.

      Adewealth, Olorunfemi, bravef, Asimi, Yusufyakubu, Ahmda, and ahmadons are some members of this website who can testify to the reality of the program, and I’m certain that they have all already received their rewards.

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