To keep your employees productive and producing their best job, you must provide them with everything they need to succeed. A low-cost mobile data plan is a fantastic place to start.

MTN ConnectMore is a new data plan that provides your employees with a variety of data bundles as well as a specific data incentive for Microsoft Teams. Now, your employees can join online meetings without worrying about data, you can see productivity skyrocket.

MTN ConnectMore is intended for businesses with 10 or more employees and includes a special data incentive for Microsoft Teams. This tariff provides the following key advantages:

  • Staffs are responsible for their subscription, thus there is no expense to the company.
  • The employees receive a special data bonus for Microsoft Teams.
  • Subscribing is as simple as calling a short digit.
  • There are several ConnectMore plans to select from.
  • Data plans are less expensive than most data plans on the market.
  • A flat rate of 12k/sec for calls ACROSS ALL local networks.

How MTN ConnectMore Operates?

  1. Human Resources (HR) informs staff of the special voice and data bundle offer from MTN.
  2. The staff shows interest in joining the ConnectMore scheme.
  3. Human Resources collates names and MTN numbers of all interested staff to send to MTN.
  4. MTN whitelists these staff numbers, making them eligible for the ConnectMore plan.
  5. Staff receives a message from MTN on the ConnectMore plan and dials the short code to subscribe to a plan of choice.

MTN ConnectMore is a strictly prepaid service suitable for companies who choose prepaid voice and data services for their employees and employees of organizations that use MTN as their secondary SIM. MTN subscribers are the only ones who can use it. Non-MTN subscribers would have to port their lines in order to use the service.

MTN ConnectMore Data Plans

Data PlanValidityPrice
7.5GB7 DaysN2,500
2GB30 DaysN1,000
5GB + 5GB Bonus for MS TeamsN2,000
15GB + 5GB Bonus for MS TeamsN4,000
25GB + 5GB Bonus for MS TeamsN5,000
28GB + 5GB Bonus for MS TeamsN6,000
35GB + 5GB Bonus for MS TeamsN8,000
65GB + 5GB Bonus for MS TeamsN12,000
85GB + 5GB Bonus for MS TeamsN15,000
150GB + 5G Bonus for MS TeamsN25,000

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How to Get Started with MTN ConnectMore

Organizations should get an account partner, contact them, and walk them through the process. Organizations that do not have an account partner should send an email to [email protected], and a professional will help them.


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