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Fever Feeling? Pixel 8 Pro Measures Body Temperature & More!

Pixel 8 Pro Measures Body Temperature

The latest Pixel Feature Drop is here, and Google’s packing a punch! From contactless thermometers to emoji selfies, January brings exciting innovations to the Pixelverse. Buckle up, as we dissect these game-changing features and explain why they make the Pixel 8 Pro a must-have.

Pixel 8 Pro: Your Personal Health Barometer

Forget clunky thermometers and awkward readings. The Pixel 8 Pro now boasts a built-in body temperature sensor, accessible through the Thermometer app. Simply point the phone at someone’s forehead, and voila! You have their temperature with accuracy comparable to medical-grade thermometers.

Track Trends, Stay Informed:

But it doesn’t stop there. Integrate your Pixel 8 Pro with Fitbit, and you can chart your temperature fluctuations over time. This empowers you to monitor potential health concerns, track recovery progress, and gain valuable insights into your overall well-being.

Circle to Search: Knowledge at Your Fingertips

Ever stumble upon something intriguing on your screen but lack the words to search for it? Enter Circle to Search. This ingenious feature lets you draw a circle around any object or text on your screen and boom! Your Pixel instantly identifies it and retrieves relevant information. No more tedious typing – just circle and discover!

Pixel 8 & 8 Pro: Minty Fresh & Ready to Impress

For those seeking a touch of understated elegance, Google introduces the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro in a stunning Mint Green finish. This sophisticated hue adds a refreshing vibe to your tech arsenal, making a subtle yet impactful statement.

Unleash Your Inner Emoji:

Pixel 3a+ users, rejoice! Photomoji transforms your selfies into expressive reactions and stickers. Ditch the generic emoji; scan your face or your furry friend’s, and send personalized expressions that speak louder than words.

In a nutshell: The January Pixel Feature Drop brings game-changing features to the Pixelverse, from contactless thermometers to emoji selfies. With its focus on health, convenience, and personalized expression, the Pixel 8 Pro continues to push the boundaries of smartphone capabilities.

Ready, Set, Feature Drop!

Ditch the wait, embrace the future! The Pixel 8 Pro’s mind-blowing features are live on Amazon US, Jumia NG, and Konga NG! Grab your phone & unlock superpowers: contactless thermometers, Circle to Search magic and emoji selfies!

Google Pixel 8 Pro 5G
Google Pixel 8 Pro 5G

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