South Korean tech firm, LG has unveiled a dual-screen smartphone called LG Wing with a larger screen that swivels out to reveal a second, smaller one underneath.

The LG Wing, which is the first device to be launched as part of the company’s Explorer Project, has two screens stacked together. The first screen is a 6.8-inch OLED panel that can be rotated clockwise by 90 degrees to unveil a second 3.9-inch screen in swivel mode.

According to LG, this allows a single app to be expanded onto both screens or for two apps to be displayed simultaneously on each screen.

Apps such as YouTube, Tubi, Rave, and Ficto can be displayed on both screens via the preinstalled Naver Whale browser. For these apps, videos would be played on the main screen and the second screen would show the comments section or search bar.

LG also touted that the phone’s swivel mode will make it easier to navigate, explaining that the main screen would show map directions while driving, while the second screen could be used for calls.

The LG Wing’s other hardware specs include a Snapdragon 765G 5G, 8GB RAM, 128GB internal storage, and a MicroSD slot.

Camera-wise, the phone has a 32MP pop-up front-camera along with a 64MP OIS wide-angle, 13MP wide-angle, and a 12MP ultrawide cameras on its back.

The front-camera and one of the three rear cameras will be able to record videos simultaneously in swivel mode, LG said. The second screen can also turn into a gimbal when taking photos while the main screen is rotated, the company added.

LG said the Wing phone would initially launch in South Korea next month.

North America and European launches would follow, it added, but the handset price has yet to be revealed.

The firm has taken some steps to reduce potential damage to the amount of moving hardware on the device.

The internal accelerometer, which monitors motion, detects if the smartphone is being dropped and the pop-up camera will retract if it is in use, LG says.

The hinge of the swivel screen is equipped with a hydraulic shock absorber, and the back of the main screen has a coating to prevent it from scratching the smaller screen underneath.

LG claims the hinge is “still reliable” after 200,000 swivels, although it’s not clear how much time this would be likely to take.


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