There are various means to make money through the Palmpay app at this moment, you can make more than ₦2,000 daily from Cash Spree Promo, ₦3,777 reward from Send Money Super League, or the Awoof Moni ₦300,000 free Giveaway Fund. All you need is to download and install their app, then participate in their tasks.

Making money online has been made easy with the aid of brand promotions, here is how you can make more than ₦2,000 daily with the Palmpay App, even without submitting the BVN or ID verification you can earn daily, weekly, or monthly with the Palmpay App, read on to get the full details on how to make money from the Palmpay App with ease.

Making money online without any financial commitment can be fun because most of the platforms do require that you carry out some promotional tasks or surveys, then pay you in return, the likes of our No 1 ever paying – Branch App, PiggyVest, SC Mobile app, etc., you can check them out too.

The Palmpay platform is yet another paying brand that is synonymous with the aforementioned apps, you can be making at least ₦300 and up to ₦10,000, but for now, we are going to discuss on how you can make ₦2,000 daily. You can redeem your earnings as Airtime or withdraw to your bank account, continue reading to learn more on how Palmpay App works.

PalmPay cash spree is one of the best ways to make ₦2,000 daily as at the moment of writing this report and if you have been striving hard to get to know how to make ₦2,000 daily online and without even spending a dime, you are finally in the right path as this article is going to give a detailed explanation on how you can archive your aim through Palmpay cash spree program.

What Is Palmpay Cash Spree?

Palmpay Cash Spree is a special Promo from Palmpay to all its users and it gives you the opportunity to make ₦2,000 or more in a single day depending on your capacity and how serious you are.

Cash spree is just one of the amazing offer that the Palmpay app have for their users as they have arranged a lot of mouthwatering offer in the past which they are still working up to this present moment, among those offers is Palmpay Awoof Money.

With Palmpay Cash Spree, you can make ₦2,000 daily and as well withdraw the money directly to your Nigeria bank account without stress or sending money to anyone.

That’s amazing, right? Continue reading!

How Did Palmpay Cash Spree Works?

Yes! I promised to show you how to make ₦2,000 daily online through the Palmpay cash spree promo and now that you have a brief overview of what the Palmpay Spree is all about, I think the next thing is to know how the cash spree program works.

Palmpay Cash Spree promo works in a way that you will be given a random amount immediately you opt-in for the promo, once you get this amount, the next thing is to refer your friends to give a hand and this will push you to the withdrawal limit, where you will have the chance to withdraw your cash and get paid within few hours.

There are three divisions in the Palmpay cash spree promo

They are outlined below;

1. ₦2,000 division:

In this division, you will need a Minimum of ₦2,000 in order to withdraw your earnings and once you were opt-in, you will get a random amount of ₦1,650, then you complete the rest and withdraw.

2. ₦1000 division:

In this division, you will need a Minimum of ₦1,000 in order to withdraw your earnings and once you were opt-in, you will get a random amount of ₦750, then you complete the rest and withdraw.

3. ₦500 division:

In this division, you will need a Minimum of ₦500 in order to withdraw your earnings and once you opt-in, you will get a random amount of ₦400 or below, then you complete the rest and withdraw.

How to Make Free ₦2000 From Palmpay Cash Spree

As I have stated in the earlier section of this guide, you can actually make more than ₦2,000 in a single day from Palmpay Cash Spree, depending on your capacity, if you decide to make ₦10,000 from it in a single day and works towards it, you will achieve it.

And guess what, if you think that the ₦2,000 target is too high for you, you can as well go for a lower amount, this increases the flexibility of the program and it’s a great idea indeed.

As a result of the reason outlined in the just concluded line above, this section of this guide will be divided into two, one explaining how to make ₦2,000 daily, one explaining how to make ₦1,000 daily, and the other one will explain how to make ₦500 daily.

Let’s go!

Steps to Make ₦2,000 Daily Online Through Palmpay Cash Spree Promo

1. Simply click here to download and register for a Palmpay Account. If you are an existing user, kindly skip to step 3.

2. Once you click on the link provided above, fill in your mobile number and follow the instruction to register for an account, and become a member.

3. Now, open your Palmpay app and log in to your account.

4. On the app home menu, Locate “Cash Spree” as shown in the picture above.

5. Click on the Cash Spree button to open the cash spree promo and Star the journey of your daily income.

6. You will see an icon designed like an ATM machine with withdraw cash written on it, click on the withdraw cash button.

7. You will be redirected to a page with three amounts of cash; ₦2,000, ₦1,000, and ₦500 respectively.

8. Click on the 2000 button and you will be given a whopping sum of ₦1,650 automatically.

9. Now, click on invite friends to claim, copy your referral link and share it with your people.

10. Each referral gives you ₦50 and once you refer 7friends, your balance will be equal to the ₦2,000 required for withdrawal.

You can then withdraw your ₦2,000 and start all over again. Another ₦1,650 will be given to you then you invite other friends to complete the money. The process continues like that.

How to Make ₦1,000 daily online via Palmpay Cash Spree Promo

The process to make ₦1000 daily from Palmpay Cash Spree Promo is as simple as the previous explanation on how to make ₦2,000 daily, the only thing that will change here is that you want to reduce your Minimum Withdrawal to ₦1,000 so as to have the chance to withdraw as soon as possible.

Kindly follow the same steps as explained in the ₦2,000 section above, but when you get to where to select your random amount, click on ₦1,000 instead of ₦2,000.

You will be given ₦750 and you can complete it and withdraw when you have ₦1000 and start all over again.

How To Make ₦500 daily online Through Palmpay Cash Spree Promo

  1. Click here to download and register on the Palmpay app.
  2. Log in to your account and Locate “Cash Spree“.
  3. Click on the cash spree button and click on withdraw cash on the next screen.
  4. You will see where to select the default amount, select ₦500.
  5. You will be given a random amount of ₦300 and above, click on the invite friends button.
  6. Share the link to your friends and the money will increase by ₦50 anytime someone joins Palmpay through your link.
  7. Immediately you have ₦500 in your balance, Withdraw it and start the process all over again.

That’s all on how to earn money from Palmpay Cash Spree Promo and the next section of this article will explain in detail, how to withdraw your earnings.

How to Withdraw From Palmpay Cash Spree

To withdraw from Cash Spree is very simple and you can do that as many times as possible daily, kindly follow the instructions below to withdraw your earned cash from Palmpay Cash Spree.

  • Log in to your Palmpay account.
  • Click on Cash Spree and make sure you have the minimum amount required for withdrawal.
  • If you choose ₦2,000 limit, then you will need ₦2,000 minimum balance before you can withdraw, the same thing is applicable to ₦1,000 and ₦500.
  • Once you have the minimum withdrawal, the invite button will change from invite friends to withdraw ₦2,000 or ₦1000 or ₦500 depending on the amount you choose.
  • Now, click on the withdraw button and submit.
  • Your withdrawal will be subjected to review and will be pending for 12hrs.
  • After 12hrs, your withdrawal will be sent to your Palmpay balance and you can now withdraw from your Palmpay balance directly to your bank account.

How to Withdraw from Palmpay to your Bank Account

Login to your Palmpay Account and click on Me button at the bottom of the app homepage, select Withdraw and enter your details to perform the transaction.

Important Notice on How to Make ₦2,000 Daily Online Through Palmpay Cash Spree

  • Each cash spree you started will only be valid for 48hrs, this implies that you must complete and withdraw your earnings within 48hrs or you forfeit the earnings.
  • You can only withdraw the amount you set initially and cannot be more than that, if you select ₦2,000 and you invite and accumulate more than ₦,2000, only ₦2,000 will be sent to you, the extra one will waste.
  • Once you hit your target, Withdraw immediately and start another one to keep accumulating as much ₦2,000 as possible.
  • Do not cheat the system or else, your Withdrawal will not be approved.
  • You will have to wait for 12hrs after you placed the withdrawal from cash spree for the withdrawal to be sent to your main Palmpay balance where you will be able to withdraw it.
  • Each new user will give you N50 which existing users will only give N5.
  • You only need 7 new users to claim each ₦2,000 and you can withdraw as much ₦2,000 as possible.

That’s all for now.

Should you have any questions about Palmpay Cash Spree Promo that haven’t been answered in this guide, kindly drop your comment in the comments section for an appropriate response.


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