The Nigerian government declared that the ban on Twitter, a micro-blogging service, has been lifted as of 12 a.m. on Thursday 13th of January 2022.

Access to the platform has been restored, and Nigerians can now use it without the need of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for the first time in seven months.

Many Nigerians are responding in various ways as a result of the removal of the ban, with the majority of them blaming the decision on the approaching general election in 2023 and the government’s aim to use the platform for campaigning.

Nevertheless, I’m happy that the Twitter ban has been lifted in Nigeria. If you go to your webpage now and type, it’s going to pop up and you can sign in to your account. And that’s good news for Nigerians.

One of the basic things I’m bringing to you is not to sound political or to come and fight politics, but to tell you 8 ways you can make money with Twitter.

Before Twitter was banned, most people did not know they could make money from Twitter. But, now that Twitter is back, you can make money and that’s what I’m here to tell you today.

Ways to Make Money with Twitter

1. Influencing

Make Money with Twitter through Influencing

The number one way you can make money on Twitter is influencing. When you gather followers anywhere in the world or on any platform, that is worth money, but most people don’t know.

What you have to do now is to pick a niche. And I’m telling you directly to pick a niche. If you’re going to be talking about sports, fashion, online money making, or weight loss. Whatever your niche of interest, that’s exactly what you’re going to choose, and that is the only thing you’re going to be posting and tweeting about all through for the year,

I can tell you that people will have an interest in what you’re doing. They will follow/join up with different strategies that I’m going to tell you in this article on how to strategize and build your audience on Twitter.

However, for a start, understand that you can make money as an influencer.

2. Sales of Products

Make Money with Twitter by selling products

I can tell you that you can sell a lot of products easily if you have followers on Twitter because when you have a product, it’s easy, you already have a ready-made audience for you to push these things to. And nowadays, you don’t actually even have to invest in getting a physical product by yourself, you can just pick another person’s product and start selling. And that will make you a huge commission.

People go as much as 50%, 60%, or 70% commission to their influencers. The world is changing, you can make money simply by having an audience, so build an audience on Twitter.

3. Promote Blog Posts or YouTube Videos

You can use Twitter to drive more traffic to your blogs or YouTube. Twitter does not pay money directly like Blog or YouTube does that it shares revenue via Adsense ads. But I can tell you that the audience on Twitter, they are one of the best-dedicated audience anywhere and are very intelligent. So, if you build an audience on Twitter, you can bring them over to the Blog or YouTube, where you will get paid. I’m using this to grow my blog, you can also build an audience on Twitter and move them to your blog or YouTube.

4. Freelancing

Make Money with Twitter through Freelancing

You can make money on Twitter through freelance work. Twitter is a great micro message place where you can just tweet about a particular thing, jumping on the trend and hashtags. And it can put a lot of eyes on you and when that happens, you can use it to promote your skill via freelancing. A lot of people are into freelancing nowadays.

If you’re new here, you should know Fiverr, Upwork, Clearvoice, Guru, and others. All of these beautiful places you can sell yourself as a freelancer.

Maybe you’re doing article writing, graphic design, transcribing, email automation, lead generation, etc. Whatever it is you’re doing, social media influencing, you can offer that directly from Twitter, and the Twitter community can make you go viral. A lot of people need your services, even right here in Nigeria and all over the world. But how do they know you are offering the service? How do they know you are good at that thing? Jump on Twitter today. And that can change your story. And you can make tonnes of money online.

5. Sponsored Tweets

When you build influence, and you start getting a lot of traction, people are going to pay you money to say something about their company. They’re going to send you products to review their products for them, which happens all over the world. It happens on the Blog, which I have been enjoying myself with it, it happens on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube as well.

It happens on Twitter, so you can build following this way. And it is really, really good if you can do this. So, start now to make sure you make money from Twitter, now that is fresh again and is brand new, you can jump in on that.

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6. Build Twitter Up as a Community

You can build Twitter up as a community. Nothing sells more than a community. This is a chance community and is way different than when you are just doing Twitter by yourself. Look for a name, look for a source of interest and build on it.

You need to build a community for a course, maybe it’s for youths that are suffering. Remember politics is coming along the line, that is also a source of interest. You can build a community around anything that is valuable that you think you know people are interested in.

It might be people that are vegetarians, it might be people that love to lose weight. All of these you can build a community around, and when you build a community around anything, you are going to be the sole proprietor because you will get jobs in terms of people calling you out for events. You get jobs, speaking about the jobs, they are going to pay you for that and you as well are going to become massive. You can even get awards that get payments with.

Those are things you want to achieve because that’s what life is all about. So, you kill two birds with a stone by helping people and also making money. Encourage yourself now to jump on Twitter or build a community on Twitter.

7. Build Business Leads

Most times, people are looking for genuine people that are trustworthy to do business with or to recommend businesses to them. That’s all about it.

Sometimes, we call this affiliate marketing, which means you can recommend the product to someone and they’re going to use it. People are still looking for what you already know and where the raw material is. You just need to reach out to them on Twitter before you link them to the buyer and seller and that’s how to generate leads.

You can generate leads for companies, you can do b2b (business to business), you can do business to customers. Whatever it is, you can do this on Twitter and the funniest thing is you don’t really need to know how this is done.

All you need is to build your audience on Twitter. Just start typing about something that you have interesting, maybe there is the red stone in your state, maybe there is iron in your state or there is gold in your state. You can use that as your catchphrase to build a community of people that have an interest in that particular thing. And here and then as you keep going, you will see yourself outgrow and make a lot of money. Simply because you have a community that can generate leads.

8. Build an Email List

Make Money with Twitter through Revue Newsletter

If you’re already making money online, or you’re trying to make money online. The number one metrics that can make you tonnes of money is building an email list, whether you like it or not, that’s the surest way for you to make money. And you can do that on Twitter.

You can do this by giving things away to your audience while they drop their email for you. It is bulletproof and it will always cover for you. It’s a minimum of 1% of whatever it is, but it converts well when you have an email list. So, build an audience on Twitter simply because you want the valuable audience that has emails and usually checks their emails.

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The Bonus

If you don’t know what affiliate marketing is, let me explain it briefly. Affiliate marketing is picking somebody else’s product online without you seeing the physical product and selling it online as well via a URL, which is the link of the website that is cookie to you. That’s exactly what affiliate marketing is, you can do that on Twitter.

Twitter does not ban, especially if you’re using a landing page to promote your affiliate links. Anyway, all of this is easy to do if you have an audience already on Twitter.

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Congratulations to Nigerians for breaking through on this, because for those of us who are making money on Twitter, it’s time again to enjoy.

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