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Many Nigerians and visitors from all over the globe want to know if they can truly start generating a passive income on 86FB, and many doubts have been raised. Here is all you need to know about the 86FB Football Trading Platform.

You might have heard of a platform where you can place football bets and make PROFITS ONLY three (3) times per day WITHOUT LOSSING. Yes, indeed! It is 100 percent true.

86FB is the name of this platform. It’s similar to your typical betting website, but with a few differences.
In 86FB, you perform “Football Trading” rather than “Football Betting.”

In contrast to other Sports Betting Platforms, which offer a variety of bookmaking alternatives such as Home/Away Win, Double Chance, Over Goals, Handicap, and others.

The only market on the 86FB Football Trading Platform is “Anti-correct Score.”

What does the term “Anti-correct Score” mean?

This implies that on this platform, you can only bet against the match’s actual outcome.

For example, suppose you decide to stake 2-1 in a real-life football match between Team A vs. Team B.

For you to win, the final score must be anything other than the 2-1 that you predicted. This means, if the game concludes with a score of 1-0, 1-1, 2-0, 2-2, 3-0, 3-1, 3-2, 3-3, etc., YOU HAVE WON.

Isn’t it a mouthful?  On the other hand, that’s not even the finest part…

The “Capital Preservation Plan,” or “CPP,” is a unique game.

These games are sent to subscribers three times each day, at 11 a.m., 4:30 p.m., and 9:00 p.m.

Your capital is preserved when you stake or trade using the CPP, which is why it is named the Capital Preservation Plan.

This implies that if your trade fails, “the money you traded with” (your investment) is protected on the platform.

You’ll only lose the profit you were intended to gain on that trade.

So, you need to follow the team’s capital preservation plan 3 times every day, and you’ll get a reimbursement if the transaction ends in a loss.

Note: The 86Fb Football platform does not include all of the football matches for the day. Only tradable games are included in the “Market Lists” section of the 86Fb football website.

There is a total of 18 scorelines mentioned for each trading game, and the match would finish with only one scoreline. That indicates your chances of winning are 17/18, which is greater than a 95% success rate in most cases.

However, when you trade in accordance with the Team’s Capital Preservation strategy, you have a 100 percent probability of winning every time without losing.

Also Note: You can choose to exchange games on the platform on your own.

You could see games with higher odds, place bets with small amounts of money, and win if you want, but keep in mind that “it is at your own risk.”

You will not be able to retrieve your capital if the game did not conclude as you planned, because it was not delivered to you by the team.

So it’s up to you if you want to “win greater on the platform at your own risk.”

My Experience with 86FB Investment

Around the fourth quarter of 2021, a friend online introduced me to the 86FB Football Trading site.

My first instinct was to tell him it was a scam, and I didn’t believe him.

You won’t hold it against me if I regret not joining 86FB Football sooner than the end of 2021. I assumed the guy had only recently joined 86FB and had a poor understanding of how the site worked because he didn’t explain anything about it.

Then, in the latter week of March 2022, I was introduced to 86FB Football by another online acquaintance. This time, I was able to grasp the program better since he described it thoroughly. He also invited me to join a Whatsapp group where we discuss the 86FB Football platform.

My objective in writing this 86FB Football review is for you to have a thorough understanding of how this platform operates. If you ever decide to trade and make passive income on a regular basis, I also want you to avoid making the same mistakes I did by enrolling late on 86FB Football.

86FB Football Online Deposit, Reward and Bonus

As you can see from the screenshot above and below, I joined 86FB on March 25th, 2022, with a capital of N400,000. I first deposited N100,000, and as soon as the money was verified, I added another N300,000, bringing the total to N400,000.

86FB Successful Deposit

I started the trading on that very day with my N400,0000 start-up capital, before they later reward me with N10,000 as a first deposit bonus and N22,000 as a second deposit reward. The attached screenshots are the proof of my Bet Orders and Settlement of Bets between the 25th of March and the 10th of April, 2022.

86FB Football withdraw and transactions details

The daily profit is roughly 3% of the overall capital, and my money has risen to N680,955 in just 16 days. I requested a withdrawal of N420,000 on April 10th, and the order was processed and my bank account was credited within 30 minutes.

86FB Successful Withdraw Proof

After withdrawing my personal money (N400,000) that I used to take the risk, as well as the profit of N20,000, I still had N260,955 in my 86FB account, which I’m now trading with. It has increased to almost N300,000 as of today, April 16th, 2022, and I can withdraw it whenever I choose. You may use this method as well.

To be clear, I’m not advising you to place all of your hard-earned money on it since the business involves risk. 86FB, on the other hand, isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme or a 24-hour money-doubling scheme. Rather, the income is consistent, allowing the money to grow quickly while reducing stress.

From my point of view, it’s a 50-50 chance. Despite the fact that there is plenty of proof that 86FB is genuine, I don’t have complete faith in it. People can lose the whole of the money if the site crash. At the same time, you can make a huge profit, but with the look of things, 86FB is here to stay.

AIT achievement award on marketing the 86FB

86FB Team

In life, everything is a risk. We have no way of knowing for sure. Anything can happen at any point in time. You’re alive because you took a risk of not dying. You may believe things will go one way, but they may actually go the other way.

That is also one of the things that make life interesting to live. Every action you take has an influence on other aspects of your life as well as the lives of others. However, you are unaware of the precise consequences of your acts.

All I can say is that do not put the money you can’t afford to lose on it, but remember the fear of taking risks may be holding you back in life. My own capital is even smaller than others’ because I know team members who trade with millions of Naira and they are making enormous profits, but that is the most risk I am willing to take. You have a chance to start with as little as N3500 or $8 USDT.

It may appear like spending a tiny amount of money is a waste of time, yet that initial step can lead to a prosperous future. You get returns on both the money you invest and the profit that money makes via compound interest. Even a little investment might grow into a large sum of money over time, peradventure if the program is last longer.

Having said this, let’s move to how to get started on 86FB.

Quick Steps to Get you Started on 86FB

There are several 86FB fake apps and social media groups, please follow the instructions carefully, make sure you registered using the original link provided, and download the actual app from the official website.

  • Register using this 86FB official link.
  • If it asks for a promo code, use 96342448
  • After the successful registration, there is an option for you to download the Android or iOS app from the website (do not download the app from the play store or app store).
  • Log in to the app or stick to the official mobile web version
  • Tap on My >> Deposit and make a Deposit with your BANK Card or USDThow to deposit on 86FB
  • Then, send me your Username – Through this WhatsApp contact.

I’ll confirm that you enrolled and made a deposit before sending you a connection to the registered members’ group and profiling you for your First Deposit Reward.

  • Then, you can start trading with CPP on a daily basis and make a lot of money passively, as I’ll explain further in this 86Fb Football Review.

You trade on the games provided by the company, and your capital is always 100% protected.

Games are won 96 percent of the time. If, by chance, there is a game loss, which I have yet to experience but know others who have.

The staked amount will be returned to you, and the risk is carried by the company. Only the earnings you expected to make from that trade will be lost.

That is the “number one” reason I joined the 86FB Football platform. What is the risk there if you can’t lose your money used to place bets?

When talking about 86FB daily trading, it is 0% risk! You don’t need to know anything about football before giving it a trial.

0% of Risk on 86FB Daily Trading

It is important to note that you can only lose when you stake games on your own and the game ends with the precise scoreline you traded on the platform.

If you stick to the company’s Capital Preservation Plan (CPP), your experience on 86FB will always result in a victory.

That equates to 0% risk.

Now, let’s delve into more depth…

As I said earlier, the minimum deposit required for 86FB is 3500 NGN or 8 USDT for those that wish to trade with cryptocurrency.

You will earn on a daily basis, but the level of your profits will be determined by the amount you use to trade on 86FB. Trading with low amounts on 86FB Football will obviously result in tiny profits, whilst trading with large amounts will result in huge profits.

Let us now discuss the Capital Preservation Plan (CPP) of the 86Fb Football Trading Platform.

What exactly is the Capital Preservation Plan?

The Capital Preservation Plan is a collection of games recommended by the team analyst.

If you trade games in accordance with the team’s CPP, the team will refund you in full if there is a loss.

That doesn’t imply you can’t trade on the 86FB platform on your own. Of course, you can choose to trade games on the site on your own.

On the 86FB platform’s “Market List” section, you’ll see games with higher odds; place them with a small amount of money and win big if you want, but remember that “it is entirely at your own risk.”

“You will not be able to retrieve your capital” if the game did not conclude as you planned, because it was not delivered to you by the team.

So it’s up to you if you want to “win greater on the platform at your own risk.”

Is 86FB Legit or a Scam?

According to the official website of 86FB Football and answers to queries obtained from various sources.

In May 2015, City Football Group (CFG) and William Hill Limited co-founded 86Football, abbreviated as 86FB, a Manchester-based sports investment firm.

William Hill Limited, 86FB’s second shareholder, was founded in 1934 and was previously listed on the London Stock Exchange.

The company’s main business is to supply football-related products and services to users, such as football clubs, academies, and technical support. The 86FB websites and the 86FB App, both of which are available on the internet, are its primary products.

The 86FB Trading Platform is completely secure and reliable, with a solid foundation.

In Nigeria, Is 86FB Football Registered?

86FB is a Nigerian Private Limited Liability Company (PLLC) incorporated with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

86FB CAC Certificate obtained

Achieved its football trading license via Hadsol Global Investment Services Limited in Lagos State.

86FB CAC Certificate in Nigeria

Click or type into your browser.

To validate if the 86FB platform is registered with the Federal Republic of Nigeria, paste the 86FB CAC Registration Number “1891287” into the search box.

Where is the 86FB Office Located?

The 86FB Football Office is located in REGUS: Mulliner Towers, 39 Alfred Rewane Road,
Ikoyi Lagos, as well as other yet-to-be-completed business centers.

Who is the 86FB Football Trading Platform’s owner?

This is a question that is growing increasingly popular on Google’s search engine.

In any regard, we have no idea who owns 86FB Football, and its owner would want to remain unknown in order to protect his or her privacy.

Why do you always WIN in 86FB Football Trading?

As indicated, many customers are curious about the 86Fb Football trading platform’s secrets.

We’re curious as to why someone can’t lose money on this site while profiting passively.

As a consequence, I had to address my concerns to one of the 86FB team’s most skilled leaders, and the following is his response…

“We’re not gambling; we’re conducting long-term investment and financial management.”

This is something that everyone should be aware of.

86Fb is not like gambling, where the chances of winning are very little and money might be lost.

We anticipate each match using the opposite score of football, with a victory record of up to 96 percent.

Gambling is purely a game of chance.

Because you may gain money today and lose money tomorrow, your chances of winning are 50 percent.

Our team’s 86FB platform has a 96 percent chance of winning in each game, plus our capital preservation strategy.

Every day, everyone earns money, which is an investment. You must understand the difference between gambling and investing.

Everyone must understand that taking part in our worldwide international agency team capital preservation plan is an investment, and the global international agency team capital preservation plan is a highly safe investment.

It is supported by a staff of 100 analysts.

Big data is used to examine the most precise profit plan, and the most consistent profit plan is within 2.6 percent every day.

Participate on time every day in the team’s capital preservation strategy, and your profit will grow over time.

What are you waiting for? I suppose everyone has seen team members. Profits are increasing every day, so what are you waiting for?

The team has its own investment bank program, which includes a capital preservation strategy that ensures a profit of 100 percent.

As a result, this is a consistent source of income.

In Nigeria, our team is the 86FB platform’s general agent.

It has also grown from a small agency with a few dozen employees to a large agency with tens of thousands of employees.

You, too, can become agents like ours if you have enough contacts and the ability to expand your team.

The team also profiteers from everyone’s rebates, which is why the team always urges everyone to grow their own team.

I have to stop here because his statements are so long.

Just keep in mind that 86FB Football is a platform that allows us to post an accurate score on the other side of the field.

In the sense that if you trade with the team’s CPP and the score is different, you WON, but if the score is the same as what was swapped, you GET YOUR MONEY BACK to make another trade.

CCP (Capital Preservation Plan) is delivered 3 times every day.

Once the trade is posted at 11 a.m., 4:30 p.m., and 9 p.m., you must check in to your dashboard to execute the trade.

Before the match begins, you normally have 2 hours to execute your trade.

To ensure that you never miss a trade on 86FB Football, set up an “Alarm Clock” to remind you to trade at 11 a.m., 4:30 p.m., and 9 p.m. every day.

If a match has already begun, you will be unable to complete the trade since the game will be removed from the Market list.

To get the notification and trade on time, all you have to do is visit the 86FB Telegram channel during the “CCP period.”

Top strategies to make a lot of money on 86FB

It’s hard to believe, but there are 7 incredible ways to profit from the 86FB platform.

1. 86FB Deposit Bonuses for the First Time

New users are welcome to try out the 86FB platform and get some experience before deciding whether or not to pay more. Every new member who REGISTERS and deposits on 86FB is eligible for a first deposit bonus.

However, many 86FB members were not eligible for a welcome bonus since they did not register with the correct team or sponsor.

Do not hesitate to REGISTER WITH OUR TEAM to prevent losing your 86FB initial deposit bonus. We can only validate your account and set you up for your rewards once you’ve registered with our team.

My > Personal Center > Activity Income is where you’ll locate your initial deposit bonuses.

The following image shows the rewards offered by the team to new subordinates (members or users) on their first deposit:

86FB first recharge bonus

Note: On 86FB, subordinates refer to active members or active users.

  • You will get N350 bonus on your first deposit of N3500.
  • You will get N800 for your first deposit of N13,000.
  • With the first deposit of N60,000, you will receive N3,000 bonus.
  • You will get N10,000 bonus on your first deposit of N300,000.
  • If you deposit N600,000, you will receive N25,000 bonus, and so on.

2. 86FB Deposit Bonuses for the Second Term

86FB second recharge bonus

The 86FB platform’s second deposit rewards are shown in the image above.

On the 86FB platform, a user who makes a second deposit of at least N65,000 will earn a 3,200 NGN bonus.

On the 86FB Trading Platform, you’ll gain more rewards for a greater second-time recharge.

  • You will get 3200 NGN when you recharge 65,000 NGN.
  • You will get 8800 NGN when you recharge 150,000 NGN.
  • You will get 22,000 NGN when you recharge 300,000 NGN.
  • You will get 78,000 NGN when you recharge 800,000 NGN.
  • You will get 180,000 NGN when you recharge 2,000,000 NGN.
  • You will get 960,000 NGN when you recharge 10,000,000 NGN.

3. 86FB Dynamic Income (Componential Income)

The compound interest earned from everyday deals on the 86FB Football platform is referred to as this.

The average daily revenue, according to the team Capital Preservation plan, is estimated to be 3% (from 2.65 percent to 3.3 percent daily trade accumulation).

Some may believe that if the investment cash was N100,000. The profit will be determined as 3% of the total amount of N100,000, or N3000 x 30 days = N90,000.

While it is a good profit, you will make MUCH MORE…

Profits develop every day in the compound interest format in 86FB.

This implies that if you started with N100,000 as capital, for example. Your capital (100k) + profit (3k) Equals N103,000 at the end of your first day in 86FB.

You’ll then trade with N103,000 on the second day to gain N106,090 at the conclusion of the day.

You’ll then trade with N106,090 on the third day to gain N109,272 at the conclusion of the day.

As a result, your daily income is produced from your capital plus cumulative profits from prior days, which is known as COMPOUND INTEREST.

4. 86FB Referral Rewards

The 86FB platform rewards you for any active referrals you make.

Members or subordinates who enrolled on 86FB platform using your referral link and made a deposit of at least N3500 are considered active referrals. Because your recommendations will be rewarded for their initial deposit, you, the sponsor, will be rewarded as well.

Referral benefits vary in quality based on the size of your referral’s first investment.

On the 86FB app or, go to My > Personal Center > Activity Income to get a list of your referral rewards.

5. 86FB Promotional Rewards

The promotional reward for 86FB is distinct from the referral benefits outlined.

When you invite an active member directly, the member receives a bonus, and you receive a reward as well.

However, the advancement rewards are as follows.

  • You will be rewarded with 7000 NGN if you directly invite 5 active members.
  • You will be rewarded with an additional 33,000 NGN if you directly invite 20 active members.
  • You will be paid 80,000 NGN if you directly invite 50 active users
  • You will be paid 200,000 if you directly invite 100 active users.

Menu > Affiliate Report > Promotion reward is where you’ll discover the promotional rewards on the 86FB app (at the top right)

6. 86FB Agent Rebate Rewards

Simply said, Agent Rebate is the money you get from your subordinates’ earnings when they are trading on the 86FB app.

Subordinates in 86FB are your downlines or people who have joined your referral tree.

To begin, you must realize that 86FB has three (3) tiers of subordinates.

86FB agent rebate

  1. Your direct referrals are at level one, and you receive 10% of their revenues.
  2. Level 2 are your level 1s’ direct referrals, and you earn 5% of their revenues.
  3. Level 3 are your level 2s’ direct referrals, and you receive 3% of their profits.

From 2 a.m., the system calculates and processes the agent rebates.

On the 86FB app, go to Menu > Affiliate Report > Release Records to see all of your agent rebate awards.

So, if you combine your referral bonuses, dynamic income, and agent rebate bonuses, how much money can you make in a month?

You must realize that because the 86FB agency company is so large, you must first put in the effort and then reap the benefits passively.

We’re talking about the amount of money you could make in a month!

Let’s take a look at the last reward you’ll receive as an 86FB Trading Platform clever promoter or agent.

7. 86FB Agency Salary

The reward given to members who have created at least 50 active subordinates is known as the 86FB Agency Salary.

The agency salary is not at all like the other benefits you’ve seen thus far.

In reality, 86FB’s agency salary is paid on a monthly basis. The money is paid or sent directly to your BANK ACCOUNT between the 15th and 18th of every month.

You must have at least “50 active direct or indirect subordinates” to be eligible for the 86FB agency. If the people you introduced to the platform are likewise engaged in developing their referrals, this is a good sign.

You are now an 86FB agent with a monthly paycheck if you have at least 50 active subordinates dispersed under your supervision.

The following are the 86FB agent Terms and Conditions.

  • Your team consists of 50 subordinates (at least 15 of whom are direct subordinates), and your monthly salary is 60,000 NGN.
  • Your team has 200 subordinates (at least 60 direct subordinates), and your monthly salary is 220,000 NGN.
  • Your team has 500 subordinates (at least 150 direct subordinates), and your monthly salary is 800,000 NGN.
  • Your team has 1,000 direct reports (with at least 300 direct subordinates), and your salary is 1,500,000 NGN monthly.

Sign Up on the 86FB official website Now!

How do I Make a Deposit on 86FB?

Following a successful registration, you must fund your account in order to begin trading. You can deposit using USDT via your broker account on the 86FB Android or iOS app or, as well as Naira via your bank card details, bank transfer, or USSD code.

Make a Naira deposit using your bank detail

  • Log in to your account via your 86FB mobile app or mobile browser
  • Go to the My
  • Click on the Personal Center
  • Click on Deposit
  • Hit the “Bank card” option to initiate a deposit
  • Select your preferred option between Opay, ShPay, or CrushPay and input or choose an amount to deposit
  • Then, tick “I have read carefully Deposit Rules.
  • Tap on the “Confirm recharge” button, and follow the rest procedure to get it done.

Make a USDT Deposit on the 86FB app or

I assume that this is a fantastic chance for non-Nigerians to engage on the platform, as well as for Nigerians to improve their daily profits. The USDT account has a greater proportion of daily earnings than the Naira account. That is the new update from the platform admins. In fact, I’m about to switch my Naira account to the USDT version in order to add more to my daily income.

  • Log in to your account via your 86FB mobile app or mobile browser
  • Go to the My
  • Click on the Personal Center
  • Click on Deposit
  • Hit “USDT” option to initiate a deposit
  • Select Utop1Pay and input or choose an amount to deposit
  • Then, tick “I have read carefully Deposit Rules.
  • Tap on the “Confirm recharge” button, and follow the rest procedure to get it done.
  • Copy the special USDT wallet address generated for you
  • Log on to your crypto platform (broker accounts like Binance, Trustwallet, Remitano, Luno, Coinbase, etc.,) paste the address, and deposit just USDT.

Also, keep in mind that you can add money to your account at any moment if you want to make more money.

Withdraw Funds on 86FB

You can access all of your money at any time, on any day; there is no such thing as a payment day or a high payment threshold.

When you need to withdraw money, you must first bind personal information and bank card information or USDT Wallet address on the platform. And, you need to place withdrawal between the hours of 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. every day.

You won’t be able to withdraw money if your personal details and bank information don’t match.

Please keep in mind that you must double-check it during the binding procedure.

Trading Procedures for 86FB

86FB CPP Game

  • Log in to your account via your 86FB mobile app or mobile browser
  • Select “Market List” from the MENU
  • Look for the game you’ve been requested to trade and click on it
  • Look for the anti-correct score you’ve been given and click on “Place a Bet
  • Choose “ALL” from the amount selection option and click on “PLACE A BET

Where can I Find my 86FB Promotional Code?

You will get your own code with a Referral link as long as you are a complete member of 86FB.

  • Use your 86FB Mobile App or via mobile browser to access your account.
  • On the top-left, click the Menu button.
  • From the menu options, choose “Affiliate Report.”
  • Select “Promotion Code“.
  • Copy the link or code and forward it to your friends.

Best 86FB Football Telegram Group

86FB has thousands of active users and Telegram is an instant messaging network that can accommodate thousands of users in a single group.

Therefore, we use Telegram to send out the most up-to-date information, give members lectures, and, most importantly, issue Capital Preservation Plans for members to trade right away.

To join our 86FB Football telegram, you must first register with our team, then contact us on Whatsapp and after which you will be sent an invitation link.

How does 86FB Football Platform make money?

The earning potential of the 86Fb Football platform is enormous. On a daily basis, some agents with tens or hundreds of subordinates make millions of Naira in 86FB income, not to add thousands of Naira in agent rebates and referral profits.

This prompted many members to inquire, “How does 86FB Football Platform make money?”

These were my conclusions based on my personal study and responses from top agents and customer support on the 86Fb platform.

It’s crucial to understand that the administrators of the 86Fb Football Platform profit handsomely from every trade made by a member.

86FB Football is a corporation that sells football game scores.

The majority of businesses buy lottery tickets, but 86FB buys them backward.

In other words, they buy based on outcomes that differ from lottery results, and they will make money as long as their results differ from the lottery results.

The 86FB squad spends a lot of money on game data and pays analysts to look at different scenarios for each game.

Even if the points purchased appear in the game, the team triggers the guarantee system right away and rewards the members who stick to the team’s strategy.

They will not run out of money if the 86FB platform makes more money when members trade on the site.

To keep money coming into the system, precise Capital Preservation plans must be created, and lost investments must be avoided.

As a result, the team’s analysts spend time developing signals that are nearly 98% profitable for the platform.

86FB Football is ecstatic when members use the CPP to trade on the site. The team also liquidates certain members with a balance of less than N3,500 since they do not contribute to the team’s success and squander resources.

Other means 86Fb Football makes money for the IFC agency include:

  • 5% handling fee for each withdrawal
  • 5% handling fee for each bet
  • Those who play games alone could lose money

There’s a lot more to say about 86FB, but I’ll stop here for now.

You can begin your adventure for the price of a “low-budget Wristwatch.” N3,500 0r 8 USDT.

Sign Up on the 86FB official website Now!


Thank you for taking the time to read my 86FB Football Review. If you have any questions or comments, please post them in the section below.

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