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Infinix NOTE 12 VIP Launched with Fast-charging, Providing Safety-first Functionality

Infinix note 12 VIP

It is not odd that fast-charging technology is one of the greatest and most visible trends in smartphone innovation in a world where connectivity, quick and continual engagement is vital and expected. The technology that enables charging in minutes rather than hours has emerged as a priority in a growing list of characteristics that people want in a smartphone.

With a smartphone that can charge at lightning speeds, users are less likely to be isolated from family, friends, coworkers, and social media. As a result, they can maintain ongoing touch and communication, requiring just a brief recharge as necessary.

Infinix’s NOTE 12 VIP smartphone provides customers with a reasonably priced device that delivers excellent, super rapid charging capabilities and employs safe and dependable technologies. This NOTE 12 VIP is an example of midrange innovation that promotes the inclusion of dependable hyper-speed charging capabilities in inexpensive, accessible smartphones across the market.

Launch of the Infinix Note 12 VIP

The launch experience has been built up on social media for the last week, and the event finally took place yesterday aboard the High Impact Cruise, Marina, Lagos.

The launch event, dubbed “THE INFINIX NOTE 12 VIP EXPERIENCE,” was nothing short of amazing. This was not your typical smartphone launch, as Infinix made a major statement by launching the Note 12 aboard a prominent Yacht.

Guests came happy with the gorgeous scenery and experience on the lake, with anticipation heavy in the air and momentum for an epic adventure developing. Before the ceremony got underway, the one and only Johnny Drille serenaded the guests with a lovely performance.

The moment of the unveiling was announced as the event neared its conclusion after the visitors had been led through all the Note 12 had to offer. The models moved gracefully to the platform, where they unveiled the smartphones in specially packed VIP boxes. Tobi Ayeni, popularly known and referred to as Miss Techy, Fisayo Fosudo, Yemi Adeyemi, and Yemisi Ode had the honors of unveiling the lovely devices to the crowd. The tech reviewers agreed that Note 12 has more options and surprises to offer for a fantastic user experience.

 Infinix note 12 vip and Note G96

The Infinix Note 12 series is available in two models: the NOTE 12 VIP and the NOTE 12 G96. They both have well-rounded, innovative performance features like a 120W HyperCharge design, a 120Hz refresh rate, a 108MP Cinematic Triple Camera, and much more. The gadgets have been meticulously designed with users in mind, allowing them to ‘Take the Lead’ and achieve the remarkable in their daily lives at work and play.

The smartphone features a 4500mAh battery that, when paired with the fast charging rates, provides customers with maximum battery capacity. A full charge takes only 17 minutes, making the smartphone ideal for individuals who live a hectic and on-the-go lifestyle.

Infinix Note 12 VIP Battery under the microscope

Charging is the process of transferring electrons; the quicker the charge, the faster the chemical processes and the more heat produced. This action can cause harm to the battery’s physical structure over time.

To address this issue, the NOTE 12 VIP’s fast-charging technology employs twin battery cells that operate in tandem to charge the gadget. This implies that the current running through the cells is cut in half, producing much less heat. The dual charge pump offers a conversion efficiency of up to 98.5 percent, which helps the NOTE 12 VIP outperform comparable models by eliminating both power and heat waste.

Infinix has integrated 103 charging and battery protection mechanisms into the smartphone to ensure safety and lifespan, and the battery was developed based on considerable research and development.

To address temperature control and heat dissipation, the 120W fast charger includes 18 temperature sensors distributed across the battery, charging cable, and phone side, which house an intelligent temperature control system that intelligently adjusts the charging current to help cool the battery when it heats, ensuring the device’s reliability and safety.

The Infinix NOTE 12 VIP has a 9-Layer Cooling System with graphene and Vapor-Chamber Liquid Cooling to achieve a 15-degree Celsius core temperature decrease. The VIP model has two charging modes for 120W rapid charging: “hyper charge mode” for speed when needed, or “default mode” for a lower charging temperature.

Furthermore, the NOTE 12 VIP employs platinum superconducting material to improve the corrosion resistance of the charging cable and lengthen the accessory’s life.

The combination of these measures resulted in an 800 charge cycle count with up to 85 percent battery capacity retained, as well as the phone passing the TÜV Rheinland Safe Fast-Charge System certification. NOTE 12 VIP owners enjoy the pleasure of knowing their smartphone is sturdy and long-lasting, while also utilizing fast-charging technology that is secure and dependable to accommodate their busy and active lifestyle.

Infinix Note 12 VIP in Action

Infinix continues to pioneer high-speed charging technology, focusing primarily on the demands of customers in emerging regions, with development based on detailed insight into consumer pinch points.

The majority of smartphone users charge their gadgets while sleeping at night. In many circumstances, their phone will continue to charge the battery long after it has been fully charged, which might harm the battery and shorten its life.

The charge management system on the NOTE 12 VIP, on the other hand, will exit high-voltage charging mode when the battery is fully charged, effectively turning off the battery’s charging function. This, along with the NOTE 12 VIP’s 103 safety features, ensures that the temperature during charging is completely reliable, safe, and energy-saving.

Lifestyle impacts

With fast-charging technology that allows them to spend less time static and motionless and more time on the go, NOTE 12 VIP users have more freedom and flexibility than ever before. This is true for many sorts of users. For example, if a busy business person has to be nimble in case of a last-minute trip or meeting, they may charge their device in the time it takes to compose an email or pack a bag before departing for the airport.

Those who enjoy gaming will enjoy the NOTE 12 VIP as well. It eliminates the need to worry about charging while gaming, which frequently causes the battery to overheat, or take a long break to recharge instead. Gamers may play to their hearts’ content while only needing to pause for a ten-minute charge that allows them to do more of what they want, such as six hours of continuous PUBG or five hours of YouTube watching.

A look ahead to the future

Infinix is establishing a new industry standard for fast-charging devices in major regions across the world with the NOTE 12 VIP. This secure, high-speed charging mechanism has no detrimental impact on device lifetime or quality. As a result, the bar for future device development and consumer experiences in the midrange market has been lifted.


 Infinix note 12 series

Infinix NOTE 12 G88 costs ₦111,000; NOTE 12i costs ₦100,700; NOTE 12 G96 costs ₦132,100; and NOTE 12 VIP costs ₦199,900.

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