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The Ultimate Guide to Keyword Research and Amazon KDP Book Publishing Success

Ultimate Guide to Keyword Research and Amazon KDP Book Publishing Success

Attention all aspiring authors and book publishers! Are you willing to succeed in your Amazon KDP publishing career? Then you’re in for a treat. I’ll be sharing the ultimate strategy to keyword research and Amazon KDP book publishing success with you today.

Creating a book is just the start of your Amazon success story. Before you click the publish button, you need to take care of some critical tasks, and conducting effective keyword research is one of the most significant of them. With the appropriate keywords, your book will be discovered by the right audience and become a bestseller in your niche. Keyword research is the backbone of Amazon KDP publishing.

My name is Funsho, a professional blogger with over a decade of digital marketing experience. I’m here to teach you how to get the most out of your Amazon KDP publishing experience. Whether you’re a seasoned author or a newcomer to the Amazon KDP publishing world, this guide is the ultimate resource you need to make your book a success.

As previously discussed the Tips and Tricks for Opening and Verifying an Amazon KDP Account, Now, you’re ready to learn everything there is to know about Amazon KDP Keyword Research and how to use the KDP Keywords Tool to successfully promote your book as you prepare to enter the world of Amazon KDP and KDP publishing.

Importance of Keyword Research for Amazon KDP Book

The importance of keyword research for Amazon KDP book’s success includes the following:

  • Helps reach target audiences: Keyword research helps you identify the right keywords to target for your book, ensuring that it appears in relevant search results and reaches your intended audience.
  • Determines profitability of the niche: By analyzing competition, search volume, and relevance of keywords, you can determine if the niche you’ve chosen for your book is profitable and make informed decisions.
  • Increases chances of making sales: Proper keyword research can increase your chances of making sales, as it helps your book appear in relevant search results and reach potential readers.
  • Keeps up with changing trends and competition: Keyword research is a continuous process, not just a one-time task, as the Amazon KDP landscape evolves. Regularly monitoring and adjusting your keywords helps you stay ahead of the competition and changing trends.
  • Improves visibility and discoverability: Using relevant keywords will make your book more visible and easier to discover in Amazon search results, increasing the chances of attracting potential readers and making sales.
  • Provides insights for marketing and promotion: Keyword research provides valuable insights into your target audience’s behavior and preferences, which can be used for effective marketing and promotion strategies.

Understanding User Intent

User intent leads a user to search on Amazon or other search engines, as well as what they aim to attain when they do so. Understanding user intent is an important part of keyword research and Amazon KDP publishing because it helps you figure out what your target audience is looking for and what they expect to find in your book.

User intent can be divided into three categories:

  • Informational Intent: When users are searching for information or data on a specific subject. For instance, if someone searches “How to train a dog,” they want to learn about dog training.
  • Navigational Intent: When customers are looking for a certain website, product, or service. For instance, if someone searches for “Amazon KDP,” they intend to visit that website.
  • Transactional Intent: When users are trying to transact or make a purchase. For example, if someone searches for “Best dog training books on Amazon,” their purpose is to locate and buy a dog training book.

By understanding user intent, you can optimize your Amazon KDP book for the keywords that match your target audience’s needs and expectations, making it easier for them to find and purchase your book.

Understanding user intent is key to successful Amazon KDP keyword research and book publishing. Using tools such as the KDP Keywords Tool and the principles of Amazon Publishing, you can increase your chances of making sales and achieving success on Amazon KDP.

Requirements for Amazon KDP Keyword Research

Here are the requirements for Amazon KDP Keyword Research:

Users of the Kiwi browser on mobile devices must do this.

Start the Kiwi browser, choose “+” to start a new tab, and then select “3 dots” from the upper right corner of the browser. To install the browser extensions listed below and make your browser view resemble the desktop version, simply check the box next to the Desktop site.

Chrome browser extensions (KDP Keywords Research Tools)

Types of Content Book Publishing on Amazon

There are two main types of content book publishing on Amazon

  1. High-Content Books: These are books that are jam-packed with data, information, and expert analysis about a certain subject. These books frequently need substantial study and writing, and they are typically longer and more in-depth than other kinds of books.
  2. Low-Content Books: These are books with little or no written information. Journals, diaries, and blank books that may be used for writing, sketching, or taking notes are a few examples of low-content publications. Low-content books frequently provide their readers with a creative outlet, and they are frequently more concerned with form and design than with content.

Amazon KDP Most Popular Genres

When it comes to publishing content books on Amazon KDP, two of the most popular genres are fiction and nonfiction.

  • Fiction books are imaginative works of writing that are not based on real events or people. They can be anything from a mystery, romance, or science fiction, to a fantasy story. They are a great way for authors to showcase their creative writing skills and entertain readers.
  • On the other hand, nonfiction books are based on real events and people, and they often serve to educate or inform the reader on a particular subject. Nonfiction books can include topics like biographies, history, self-help, cookbooks, and more.

All genres are welcome on the site, and authors have the option of publishing their work in Print books, E-books (Electronic books), or both formats.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that the genre you choose will affect your book’s target audience and competition, so before releasing your book on Amazon KDP, conduct extensive research and keyword research. This will boost your chances of success on Amazon KDP Publishing and guarantee that the proper people discover your book.

Our focus is not on fiction books. What I do best, or what I know best, is nonfiction ebook writing. I wrote a lot of nonfiction ebooks on Fiverr and Upwork as a freelancer. I write nonfiction books 90% of the time. So this article will focus on nonfiction books.

Before we continue, if this is your first time visiting this blog and you love the amazing content like this on Amazon KDP Publishing or making money online in general, please click here to follow Shelaf’s daily updates so you won’t miss out on any valuable information.

Let’s continue. I’m going to be revealing my best nonfiction niches that you can write your books about. If you’re a complete beginner or you’re confused and don’t know the kind of books to write about in the nonfiction category, then make sure you read this article thoroughly from the beginning to the end.

Best Amazon KDP Nonfiction Niches

These are my best nonfiction niches, on which you can always focus your book.

1. Health, Fitness & Dieting Niche

This is one of the most popular and in-demand categories on Amazon KDP. With an increasing focus on leading healthy lifestyles, there is a high demand for books that offer guidance and advice on fitness, nutrition, and wellness. As a result, publishing books in this niche can be a great choice if you want to tap into this growing market.

I’m a big fan of these niches because I’ve written a lot of books about health, fitness, and dieting. So, if you are a beginner and you don’t know where to start or what kind of books to write about that sell on Amazon KDP, you can consider the health, fitness, and dieting niches.

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, a nutritionist, or just passionate about healthy living, Amazon KDP is a platform that provides you with the opportunity to share your knowledge and reach a large audience. By researching the right keywords, using KDP publishing tools, and targeting your desired audience, you can maximize your chances of success in this niche.

2. Cookbooks, Food & Wine niche

The Cookbooks, Food, and Wine Niche are a popular and profitable category on Amazon KDP. With the increasing focus on healthy eating, meal planning, and culinary arts, there is a growing demand for books that offer expert guidance, recipes, and tips in this area.

I specialized in the Cookbooks, Food, and Wine niche as a freelancer and Amazon KDP Author. I adore this area. Even though I’m a male and don’t even know how to cook, writing cookbooks is simple for me since it’s a way for me to make money. You’d be astonished to learn that. Providing value while earning money in the background. Thus, the nonfiction category’s lucrative cookbook specialty is in high demand.

Regardless of your level of cooking expertise, whether you are a home cook, a professional chef, or simply someone with a passion for food, writing and publishing a book in the Cookbooks, Food & Wine Niches category could be a fantastic opportunity for you.

3. Parenting & Relationships niche

Relationships and parenting are two more hot topics for Amazon KDP publishing. A large and active audience that is constantly looking for fresh approaches to strengthen their relationships and grow as parents make up this group. There is always a demand for well-written and educational books on these topics, whether you offer advice on communication, how to deal with challenging behaviors, or how to navigate the difficulties of motherhood.

This is an excellent niche to take into consideration for people wishing to start with Amazon KDP publishing. You can write a book that becomes a top seller in this competitive and profitable industry with the appropriate strategy and smart use of Amazon KDP keywords. Therefore, if you’re interested in parenting and relationships or have experience in these fields, now is the ideal time for you to put your skills to use and launch a lucrative publishing career with Amazon KDP.

4. Business & Money niche

The Business & Money Niches in Amazon KDP are one of the fastest-selling genres on the platform. Writing books in this category can help you tap into a vast audience interested in improving their financial literacy and entrepreneurial skills. With the right Amazon KDP Keyword Research and the use of the KDP Keywords Tool, you can reach the right audience, optimize your book’s visibility, and increase your chances of success in this popular niche.

The Nonfiction Niches listed above are in the three very booming markets, which are health, wealth, and relationships, and they are in high demand globally at present. If you’re a beginner in the publishing world and uncertain about which type of books to write, choosing to write about topics within these niches is a wise decision as they are experiencing a high level of popularity and sales.

Amazon KDP Keyword Research Practical Aspect

Without further ado, let’s dive into the practical aspect. I’m going to show you how you can do your keyword research using 3 awesome tools to start your Amazon Kindle publishing business. This is to ensure that your book is ranking on the first page or the second page on Amazon so that people can easily find your book.

These are things that you need to know because you’re not the only person publishing on Amazon. So you need to be able to help your customers find your book easily. And that is why keyword research is very important, much more than any other thing that we’re doing on Amazon. Much more than publishing, much more than having a book cover, which is also very important, or the content of your book.

Now, let’s visit and search for the keyword “Nonfiction Bestseller Amazon KDP.” Then, click on the first displayed result, and you will land somewhere as it appeared in the snapshot below.

Amazon KDP nonfiction best sellers

All the products on the page are best-selling books in the nonfiction category. You will see different categories on the left side of the screen, including those I mentioned. You can never go wrong writing books in any of those categories. They are profitable niches and they are selling like crazy.

Right now, we’re going to be doing keyword research on the type of book we want to write. That’s the first thing you need to understand.

1. AMZ Suggestion Expander

It is time to add the AMZ Suggestion Expander extension to your Chrome browser.

Once you’ve done that, let’s continue the process. Let’s say, I want to write a book on Food & Wine niche. So, if I type “Cocktail” as a keyword in the Amazon search box. The Amazon suggestion expander tool will pull out a variety of short and long-tail keywords suggestion, just as it was displayed in the screenshot below.

Amazon suggestion expander tool keywords research

If you use your normal browser to search without adding the extension to your chrome, you’re not going to see those suggestions, your output result should look simple like the one in the screenshot below.

cocktail search result on amazon kindle

So, that is the importance of the ASE tool, it will give you so many varieties of suggestions of short and long-tail keywords that you can choose from, or write your books about.

All those are Keywords searched by prospective buyers when they come to Amazon to search for a particular book. They are keywords that you can use or write books about.

2. DS Amazon Quick View

The DS Amazon Quick View is another keyword research tool you need to add as an extension to your Chrome browser.

The tool will show you the BSR, which is called the Best Seller Rank of each book, it will assist you to see the particular number that represents the average sales of each book. Refer to the screenshot below for a better understanding.

Cocktails with chickens search result on amazon KDP

After selecting your choice keyword from the pulled-out keywords via the MZ Suggestion Expander tool, your result should look like the one in the screenshot above. As you can see, I chose “Cocktails with Chickens.” and it brought out that result.

We’re going to use another tool called “Amazon Book Sales calculator – TCK Publishing” to calculate the number of sales of each of these books on the first page.

BSR calculator is the tool that you can use to calculate the number of sales of each of these books on the first page with the result displayed via the Amazon Quick View tool.

Now, go to

From the screenshot above, let’s use the ebook titled “Gotham City Cocktails: Official Handcrafted Food & Drinks From the World of Bataman” as a case study. We want to calculate the number of sales this particular book is making.

The book is among the top 100 and as you can see from the screenshot, the Bestseller rank of the book is #6,853. Just visit the link of the BSR calculator, and input that number 6,853 in the “BSR Rank” space of the calculator tool.

Book Type: Ebook means kindle version while Book means paperwork version. For this lecture, I chose “eBook”.

The next thing is to tap on the “Calculate Sales” button. The screenshot below represents the output result.

BSR Sales Calculator for bestseller on Amazon Publishing

As you can see, the total Sales Per Month for this particular ebook is 559 and the sales per day are 37.

This means the particular Author is selling 37 copies of his book every day. And in the month, he is selling 559 copies. Let’s do the mathematical calculation to know how much the Author is making daily.

Per day sales, which is 37 multiplied by the amount of a copy of the ebook, which is $17.35, equals 641.95.

As you can see, every day, this particular author is making around $641.95. Let’s say we convert this to our Nigerian currency if you’re reading from Nigeria.

750 x 641 = 480,750

This particular author is making ₦‎480,750 worth of Nigerian currency every day on this particular, how cool is that? So, that is the essence of the BSR calculator.

The BSR tool is going to assist you to know the BSR in every book. Without this particular extension, nothing will display in that BSR space of the book.

All the bestsellers on the top page are even making much more than that daily and all those kinds of books are very easy to write, you can never go wrong writing books in any of those.

If you don’t have an account on Amazon KDP or don’t know how to set up your account on Amazon KDP. Below is the recommended article for you.

Tips and Tricks for Opening and Verifying an Amazon KDP Account Quickly

3. KDP/Amazon BSR & Keyword Research SEO Tool by Publishing Titans

You may also need to add this as an extension to your Chrome browser. This tool is mainly used for low-content publishing. I usually do high content publishing on Amazon, though, I do a couple of low content publishing, but this tool is quite good. Also, you are going to need it, especially if you are into low-content publishing. So, it is important also to include this tool in your browser.

Let me show you how this tool work. Let’s say I search for “make money in crypto” in the Amazon search box.

The Amazon Suggestion Expander pops up some best keyword suggestions, I selected “how to make money in crypto“, from the list, then hit on enter.

KDP/Amazon BSR & Keyword Research SEO Tool will load in a couple of seconds, the tool will pull out the Keyword Niche Score (v2.0), Results, Best Seller Rank, Review, and Price, as it was displayed in the screenshot below.

Amazon BSR and Keyword Research SEO Tool

As you can see, the Keyword Niche Score (v2.0) is in the snapshot above. You need a score of like 60 and above. That’s why I say this particular tool is mostly useful for low or low-content publishing, it is the best for that. But if you need the tool for high-content publishing, I highly recommend the other two tools that I have mentioned. With those, you are good to go.

It shows the Keyword Niche Score, average BSR, and average reviews. So, that’s the importance of this tool. Note that you must create an account and log in before the tool pull out the results.

How do you know a profitable keyword to write your book about?

Our focus is mainly on the Amazon suggestion expander and Quick View Extension.

There are various profitable niches that you can write your book about. It can be Health, Fitness & Dieting Niches, it can be Parenting & Relationships, Business & Money, and so on. For this article, I’m going to use the  Amazon nonfiction Business & Money bestseller niche as a case study. You can use this particular approach in any niche.

Just type the words, e.g. “Amazon nonfiction Business & Money niche bestseller” on the google search bar, hit enter, then, click the first display result, and all the bestsellers books will display for you on the Amazon page in that particular niche.

So, if you want to write a book, what criteria will you use to choose a profitable keyword?

Please pay very close attention to this, because if you’re a complete beginner, you can be confused in this aspect.

Also Read: 6 International Bank Accounts and Debit Cards for Nigerians to Make Payments Online

One of the criteria is the BSR in the niche you are searching should be less than 20,000.

Another criterion is that the search results for that Keyword should be less than 2000. It can be 500, 1000, and so on.

These are the basic criteria you need when choosing a profitable Keyword to write your book about on Amazon.

Let me continue with the Business & Money niche bestseller as a case study. Look around the Best seller’s book and pick the keywords on the book that you know can easily be decoded. Like the one in the screenshot below.

best selling book on Amazon KD psychology of money

The BSR of the indicated book is #39, this is an extremely awesome result as the criteria stated that the BSR should be less than 20,000. If you use the BSR calculator, it will make you aware that the book is selling about 1,926 copies per day. Multiply it by the amount of a copy of the book to know what I’m talking about.

From the book title “The Psychology of Money: Timeless Lessons on Wealth, Greed, and Happiness“, I recognized “Psychology of Money” as the keyword that is very easy for anyone who can do extensive research and write something meaningful about it.

Now, that we have identified the profitable Amazon keyword, through the BSR Rank. The next thing is to know the number of competitors for that particular keyword, this can be determined through the display of Total Result.

Just copy the keyword “Psychology of Money” and paste it into the Amazon search box, then tap the enter key.

best selling book on Amazon KDP psychology of money

As you can see from the above screenshot, the total result is 243, it is a very nice result as the criteria stated that the Total Result should be less than 2000.

This means your book has a higher chance of selling since we found the keyword in the Best Selling Rank and it has low competitors. If the total result is greater than 2000, you need to leave that keyword and look for a better one.

I’m hoping you’re following and understanding me better. If so, please leave a remark to lift my spirits, as I still have one key secret to disclose on Amazon KDP before going on to how to create and publish the book. Before proceeding, I need at least ten comments from the audience on this topic.

Your Kindle book’s ranking, indexing, and exposure will all suffer if you choose the wrong Keywords, categories, title, subtitle, and description. This will eventually lead to no sales or very low sales for your book. Don’t rely on speculation; perform the necessary research.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you find this post valuable, please share it using the share buttons. If you have any questions about this, please leave them in the comments area, and I’ll respond to them.

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