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Remitano App: Earn $1 Free with Demon Wallet – Your Ultimate Guide

Remitano App free renec

Welcome to the ultimate guide on how to earn $1 for free with the Remitano App and Demon Wallet. In this extensive post, we will go through the features of the Remitano App, the benefits of using Demon Wallet, and detailed directions on how to sign up and get your bonus. Take advantage of this opportunity to begin trading and investing in cryptocurrencies!

Section 1: Introducing Remitano App — Your Escrowed P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange

Remitano App is a reliable and secure Escrowed P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange that enables you to buy, sell, store, invest, deposit, and withdraw cryptocurrencies with ease. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced trader, Remitano offers a user-friendly interface and supports various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ripple, and many more altcoins.

Section 2: Exciting Features of the Remitano App

Discover the exciting features of the Remitano App that make it stand out from other cryptocurrency exchanges. From fast and secure P2P transactions with reasonable fees to instant swaps between cryptocurrencies directly in your Remitano Wallet, this platform offers a seamless trading experience. Additionally, you can securely invest in multiple altcoins with high growth potential, such as Ethereum Classic, Binance Coin, Cardano, and more.

Section 3: How to Sign Up and Get Your Free $1 (1 Renecid)

To claim your free $1 (1 Renecid) on Demon Wallet after verifying your Remitano account, follow these steps:

1. Download Demon Wallet: Install the Demon Wallet app by visiting the Play Store or Apple Store. Create an account after the installation.

2. Sign Up for a Remitano Account: Click on this Shelaf affiliate link to sign up for a Remitano account. After signing up, download the app from the Play Store or Apple Store and log in to your account using the Remitano App.

3. Verify KYC with the Remitano App: Ensure you read the guide step by step before proceeding with the KYC verification. Note that you must use the Remitano App for KYC verification; using the Remitano website won’t qualify you for the bonus.

4. Access Demon Wallet from the Remitano App: Once logged into your Remitano App account, access Demon Wallet by tapping the Menu icon at the top.

Verify your Demon Wallet and receive free crypto

5. Account Settings and Wallet Address Verification: In Demon Wallet, click on “Security & Privacy” in the Menu and then tap on “Account Settings.” Proceed to verify your Wallet Address (KYC) by clicking on “Verify this Wallet Address” and then selecting “Proceed KYC.”

Remitano 1 Renecid bonus

6. Receive Your Bonus: Once your Remitano account is verified to level 2, you’ll receive $1 (1 Renecid) credited to your Demon Wallet. If it doesn’t appear immediately, go back to the Demon Wallet Menu, tap on “Change Network,” switch to “Testnet,” and then switch back to “Mainnet Beta” to see the bonus reflected on your dashboard. Existing users can directly check for the bonus by changing the Network.

Leveraging the Incentive Offer—Up to 2000 RENEC Available!

<p”>Take advantage of the incentive offer of up to 2000 RENEC tokens, which can be swapped for Renec on the Demo Wallet. Here’s how you can do it:

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1. Swapping Process: To access the incentive, you need a little Renec (not up to N100) as a gas fee. Copy your Renec Wallet address on Demon Wallet and deposit at least 0.003 Renec.

2. Swapping USDT: You can deposit USDT on the Remitano App and swap it to Renec, then send it to your Demon Wallet Renec address or buy it from a seller. Click on the “Swap Button” at the bottom middle of the Demon Wallet app once the Renec Deposit is reflected.

3. Swapping to Renec: Swap your 1 Renecid (reID) to Renec. Once completed, go back to the dashboard, click on “Renec,” and withdraw it to your Remitano Renec Wallet address. You can then sell it for cash on Remitano’s P2P platform or other available options.

4. Act Quickly: Remember, this bonus is limited to the first 2000 users who register on Demon Wallet and verify their address. The program will end on October 31, 2023, at 11:59 PM GMT+7, or sooner if it exceeds 2000 participants.

Swapping and Withdrawing Your $1 on Demon Wallet

Here’s how you can easily swap and withdraw your $1 bonus on Demon Wallet:

1. Swap to Renec: As described in Section 4, swap your 1 Renecid (reID) to Renec using a Demon Wallet.

2. Withdraw to the Remitano Renec Wallet: Once you have Renec, go to your Demon Wallet dashboard and click on “Renec.” Then, withdraw the amount to your Remitano Renec Wallet address.

3. Sell for Cash: Now that you have Renec in your Remitano Wallet, you can choose to swap it for another coin of your choice or sell it for cash on Remitano’s P2P platform.


Congratulations! You’ve successfully claimed your free $1 (1 Renecid) with the Remitano App and Demon Wallet. By following the steps in this guide, you’ve taken your first step into the world of cryptocurrency trading and investing. Share this post with your friends and family to help them benefit from this fantastic opportunity as well. If you encounter any issues or need further assistance, use the comment box to reach out, and we’ll be glad to help you. Happy trading!

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