Losing data can be very frustrating for anyone. If you have experienced it, then you have a rough idea of how difficult the process of data recovery can be. Fortunately, things have been made easier with the many data recovery software available in the market. Nevertheless, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard has to be the best data recovery software in the market. It helps you easily and quickly recovers data that you might have deleted, formatted or lost from your either your PC, laptop or any of your removable devices. Moreover, all these are for free!

The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard has:

  • Enhanced recovery for your original file names. In addition, it has a directory structure for lost data
  • An optimized search function. This search function has more filter options for more specific data recovery
  • Faster file detecting with the use of better scanning technology
  • Improved preview support. It provides better file-type coverage

The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free software has received positive reviews from those who have used it. It can recover more than 1000 types of file types like documents, graphics, video, audio, email, and any other files. There are many situations in which you can lose your data and the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free can help you recover. Some of these loss situations include: a. Hard drive recovery One of the most significant advantages of the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is that it can help you with hard drive data recovery. A hard drive is an important secondary storage device for storing all your digital content. This includes; documents, pictures, music, videos, programs, and operating system. You can lose data from your hard drive for any of the following reasons: ✓ Overheating ✓ Water or fire damage ✓ Exposure of the hard drive to magnetic fields ✓ Outages and surges in power The reasons mentioned above are external factors. Internal factors that could lead to loss of data from the hard drive include: ✓ The impact of being dropped ✓ File corruption ✓ Software corruption ✓ Instability of the drive read which hinders access to data on the disk In other cases, human error can lead to loss of data like: ✓ Interfering with the file system ✓ Deleting imperative files accidentally ✓ Improper installation ✓ Improper removal of files ✓ Improper drive formatting or partitioning. Any of these reasons could lead you to lose your data. Consequently, you will require the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for all your hard drive recovery. Regardless of what the cause may be, this software can effectively and efficiently help you with hard drive recovery. You can also use the data recovery software to recover data in case of: b. Accidental deleted files c. Disk formatting d. Lost partitioning e. Virus attacks f. OS crash You can follow these 3 simple steps with the EaseUS Data Recovery Software for your hard drive recovery:

  1. Find the location in which you lost your data
  2. Scan your computer or device to retrieve your lost data
  3. Filter and preview what you want to recover and then recover your lost files

Hard drive recovery has been much easier with the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free.


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  • Unknown, December 21, 2018 @ 7:06 pm Reply

    Hi Funsho,

    The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard seem like a nice tool for recovering files.

    Especially for those that store lots of things in their PC like me. I store a lot of screenshots and proofs of things that work for me.

    Another wonderful thing is they are offering it for free, I'd take advantage of it.

    But I believe they'd be removing the free plan soon just like every other businesses.

    What do you think?

    That's by the way, I was actually the one who commented on your last post about Jumia One. let me go add some phone reviews on my site MobileAdvisor.ng

    Have a great time and expecting your next articles bro.

  • Unknown, December 28, 2018 @ 6:21 pm Reply

    Yeah , have been using easeus ,just that the time it takes to scan my 1TB is forever .. And when NEPA takes light and comes back again. . it starts from the beginning , but it works tho ,I have recovered over 200GB of files ..

  • Anonymous, December 29, 2018 @ 2:38 pm Reply

    Sometimes file recovered are corrupted. Ad prefer diskdrill

  • Wisdomx13, December 30, 2018 @ 6:08 am Reply

    EaseUs had been serving me better, only that it takes a whole day to scan files, but i think the Software pricing is worth it because, it a one time payment, it would be good if high end devices like the
    Sony Experia XZ3 would be opportuned to run this ttype of software

  • Sylvester Chidi, January 3, 2019 @ 1:00 am Reply

    Really great tool for files recovery you've laid out here on your blog.

    Like you mentioned "One of the most significant advantages of the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is that it can help you with hard drive data recovery." that is to say; EaseUS tool of course, is important in terms of data loss.

    They simply guarantee safety of data so we all have nothing to worry about using above tool or software for free when it comes to data recovery.

    It's even surprising to have such helpful tool giving to users free of charge.

    Well, if you don't mind, check out my website where I teach how to use techs correctly.

    I appreciate your efforts towards bringing the information closer.

    Best regards bro.

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