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Hello friends, this is another amazing offer by the company. Since this company’s first launch in early 2019, these people have come up with amazing features and offers that are always hard to resist. Recently again, they came up with yet another interesting offer.

Many web developers have always wished they had their own web hosting company instead, so they too can be a boss of their own, while some others just want to buy a reseller and be privately hosting their clients. But for many, this has always been a wish as money comes as a hindering factor. To others, they fear to venture into opening such a company since they don’t have the technical know-how on how to run a web hosting company. The last category of people are people who wonder whether web hosting businesses are lucrative?

All these solutions will be taken care of as eaglehost234 promises to give opportunities to 9 lucky people that will be willing to dear and venture into opening a web hosting company of their own online. Amazingly, eaglehost234 made this offer, saying that they will be offering their Starter Reseller Package FREE to the first lucky 9 people who will grab the opportunity. They also added that this kind of offer will be coming once every year.

What is a Web Reseller Hosting?

Reseller web hosting plans give account owners the ability to use their cPanel to create and manage multiple cPanel hosting accounts. Basically, they buy wholesale hosting services, then divide them into smaller plans which they sell to individuals. They can do so by using Web Host Manager (WHM). Each account will get its own resources, including a personal username/password.

So buying the starter reseller gives you the ability to stand alone as your own web hosting company and start hosting others.

Their starter reseller plan is originally sold for N12,000 minus the domain name which amounts to N17,000 but they are giving it to the lucky 9 people totally free. This means you will not be paying for the reseller plan itself, but rather you pay for just the domain name. This is extremely cool!

I Don’t Know Anything About this Business, I Can’t Even Control the Servers, etc. Will, They Set Everything up for me, and Possibly Train me?

Yes, they will give you all the support you need.

The Server I Buy From Them, How Long Will It Last?

The reseller plan is an annual plan. After a year, you will start paying as normal.

What Comes With The Starter Reseller?

You can head over to to view the full features of the starter reseller. Please note that this promo only applies to the starter reseller and not the other plans.

How To Benefit From This Reseller Offer?

  1. Head over, then scroll a little down the page to see the packages.
  2. Under reseller starter, you will see FREE. Scroll down, click on get started and follow the steps that follow.
  3. You can also chat with an admin via WhatsApp 08068333360 or send an email to them at [email protected] to guide you.
  4. Use 6GXH7Y9NYK as your promo code when making your order.

If you get a failed response, it means possibly, the 9 people have been completed. Or you can as well chat them up before making the order.


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