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How to Make 56% of your Investments Monthly in Your Bet9ja Account Using the Autvin 49ja Harvester Robot

From time to time, different companies have always come up with new ideas and innovations to add to technology, and to better the livelihood of mankind. In Nigeria, many people, especially youths, eager to make fast money for themselves have always indulged in sports betting but unfortunately lost lots of money. Lots of money has lost in betting alone if gathered is enough to start a business.

In other to better the lives of some Nigerians, a company called Autvin has launched an automated robot for the bet9ja system called AutVin 49ja Harvester, which has been making its subscribers 56 percent of their investments monthly. In other words, the Autvin 49ja Harvester can make you earn about 56 percent of your investment monthly right from your own bet9ja account.

How Does This Autvin 49ja Harvester Robot Work?

The software trades on the bet9ja 49ja system. It watches the system with loopholes, enters it, and earns money daily.

By the way, What is 49ja?

49ja casino

49ja is one of the casinos on the bet9ja website. 49ja is not a soccer bet, it’s a casino that you can use as your trade as like Forex. It has lots of secrets which many people do not know at all.
There are 49 balls in 49ja, and those 49 balls are made up of three colors, which are Green, Blue, and Red.

Now Back to the Autvin 49ja Harvester Robot.

The Autvin 49ja Harvester Robot is an automated robot software that can work for you automatically even when your computer is off because it’s fixed on a VPS server; on a cloud computer. You don’t need to have any prior knowledge about the 49ja system before using this robot. Everything is done automatically. It has a 98 percent accuracy rating.

With a capital of N100,000 in your bet9ja account, you are guaranteed an everyday success rate. The robot will make you about N2500 daily and stop for each day. Making it about a total of N175,000 a month. However, this robot expires every seven days. You have to purchase an activation code each time the robot expires from their official website

How Much is the Minimum Amount the Robot can Work with?

The AutVin 49ja Harvester robot can work with a minimum of N100,000 in your account, and a maximum of N300,000 in your bet9ja account.

Daily Profits

  • N100,000 will give you N2,500 daily
  • N200,000 will give you N5,000 daily
  • N300,000 will give you N7,000 daily

And para venture you have more than the balance of N300,000 in your account, let’s say, for instance, N400,000 the robot will still not give you beyond N7,000 daily.

Can my Total Capital in my 49ja Account be Withdraw Anytime to my Bank?

Yes, you can withdraw your total capital anytime you feel like not continuing with the robot anymore, but please note that at this point, the robot will stop working since there’s no capital to work with.

Below is the Maths.

2500 X 7 days = 17500

Minus 3500 weekly subscription/activation fee equals 14000
Meaning that the subscribers have a weekly gain of N14,000

14000 X 4 weeks = 56000

From the above maths, you can see that you get N56,000 monthly profits.
No bank fixed deposit gives that.

However, this opportunity is not for everyone. The robot must have a minimum of at least 100k in your bet9ja account to work.

The company announced that they are going to be selling this robot to only 2000 subscribers in Nigeria, and when once the 2000 people complete, they will stop the sales.

6 Benefit of the Autvin 49ja Harvester Automated Software

  1. Your investment is done on your own bet9ja account, and not like some websites that take your money. The Autvin company is in no way connected or affiliated with the bet9ja company and they don’t have any access to your money in bet9ja.
  2. You can withdraw your total capital anytime from your own 49ja account.
  3. Gives you 56% of your investments monthly
  4. You don’t need to be an expert on the 49ja system, even if you’re a newbie to how to trade on the 49ja system, the robot will work and do everything for you.
  5. The software works on the cloud, and even if your system is constantly off, work goes on.
  6. You can withdraw your earnings daily, weekly, or monthly

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