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Bloggers can now Enjoy a Total Free Web Hosting Space up to 500GB Space

Bloggers have always desired and wished that they could have a way of hosting their website for free. If you are a blogger and are interested in having a free unlimited web hosting space for your blog website up to 500GB, then read on to the end.

There has always been a way to have and generate a free host space online with the Cpanel, but these old methods are worthless as the host spaces are limited. Companies and sites like Kamatera, x10Hosting, FreeHosting, 000webhost are old specialists in such fields who have always provided free web host spaces but with limited privileges.

Talking about limitations, how limited are these web hosting spaces? – for instance, offers as low as 300MB for their free clients. This is by far not enough for a serious blog website as some blog files weighing between 5GB to 20GB.

But thankfully, has come into the scene to ravage this situation and give bloggers the freedom they have always desired! now offers free 500GB web hosting space to its users, which can increase to 1TB if for any reason 500GB isn’t enough for you. Also, it comes with free SSL pre-installed already, etc. See the full feature list that comes with this free package below.

  • DISK SPACE: 500GB (Upgradable to 1 terabyte)
  • SSL: Yes
  • BANDWIDTH: Unlimited
  • SUPPORT: Full Support
  • SUBDOMAIN: Not permitted
  • DATABASES: 1 database allowed
  • E-MAIL: Unlimited Custom emails
  • DURATION: Domain won’t expire; The company renews it for you yearly free of charge.

Terms and Conditions

❖ According to, you must own an existing blog website of at least two years old before you can qualify to apply. This means that non-bloggers can’t apply for this package.

❖ Your blog must have lasted for about two years or above before you can qualify for this (when you apply, they usually check this from their end before approval).

❖ Your site must have at least 1000 weekly visitors

❖ From time to time, will contact you to post their new features, advertise eaglehost234 or other innovations built by eaglehost234, you are required to allow these because, from the time you get approved, you are now partnering with eaglehost234

If are ok with those terms, then you are set to be approved, congratulations!

This doesn’t include the domain name, you will still need to be renewing your domain name.

What you Should Know Before Applying

Applying for the free bloggers web hosting package means that your blog company and are now in partnership. Therefore, you can advertise or allow them to advertise once in a while on your site. Most of these adverts will come as sponsored articles from them, yours is just to look into it, edit, and post.

Hope my Site and Its Content will be Safe During Migration? takes the responsibility of helping you to backup, and migrate your full site and its contents to your new Cpanel. Your full site will be migrated to your new Cpanel including all visitor’s comments.

I Think I Like This, How do I Apply?

Simply write and send an email to [email protected] with the below format.

1. Your full name.
2. Your site name
3. Your present hosting company

And at the bottom write, am interested in your free web blog hosting package.

Hope this Helps!

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Sheu Abdullateef Funsho
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  1. eaglehost234 is now considered has the best,cheap and affordable web hosting company in Nigeria, with supper customer support services, but their customer service need more skills in web hosting services, I have been using them for over 2 years now without issues.

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