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Fruit Blast the Slot Game

Go bananas for Fruit Blast slot, the only game that gives beginners a real chance of winning by playing with their very own fruity favourites.


Seven fruit bars and you get a win when you play at WizardSlots, and as long as the fruit metre process continues non-stop and is via one spin, the metre won’t reset. This is a one of a kind retro gaming experience, by only the best – Microgaming, and you can connect three or more symbols either horizontally or vertically, or go with both ways. You can with this, cluster the symbols and so get metre fillers, which opens spaces for new fruit bars. Gameplay on this UK slot game With Fruit Blast slot, you’ll level up with the more stars you collect. Every bright and colourful bar shows a fruit. The red represents cherries, light green is for lemon, purple for grapes, dark green is for watermelon and the orange bar is for a pineapple. Each symbol has a multiplier which multiplies the bet value and is given when a corresponding fruit metre has been filled up. The orange bar carries the highest reward and multiplies the bet value by 10 with every full metre win. If a metre fills up more than once on a single spin, however, the multiplier multiplies the bet by the number of times the metre gets full. Fruit Blast slot game special features With this fantastically fruity game, there are two special symbols to watch out for which can appear alongside the set of fruit bars. One of them is the bonus symbol, which the Fruit Blast slot game displays when you arrive at a higher level of the game. If you can get more than three of these bonus symbols in a cluster, they’ll pop and trigger an amazing bonus feature. The second special feature to look out for is the jackpot symbol, which gives a player a reward of a bonus prize that is equivalent to 1000x the bet value, as long as it morphs into a cluster when you arrive at a higher level of the game. Once you have collected enough star symbols, you’ll get higher game levels. To get these star symbols, each fruit bar loaded to a fruit metre will equate to a star symbol which will let you go onto the next level. There is an indicator to the right of the game which will tell you how many stars you’ve collected and how many more you need to unlock the next level of the game. Any stars that are collected also go over to the next spin until the total number is to the amount needed to go to the next level, so you won’t miss out. Verdict This is a great one for beginners and those who are more experienced and offers a nice twist to the usual slot games. A fun-filled game overall which is based around fruit, not an easy feat to trump, but the experienced game developers have done it.

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