Every day we hear of one company or the other coming up with new ways to better the lives of people. Have you been online looking for ways to earn money, here I will be telling you the latest ways. But first, who are the people behind this new innovation? There is a web hosting company called EagleHost234. EagleHost234 is the most affordable web hosting provider in Africa right now with a wide scope of moderate administrations. They have six significant web hosting packages which range from lite to enormous plans. Their little packages are made for and it’s suitable for starters. The little plans are three, and so also their big plans, making a sum of six. Looking at their packages, Shockingly, their first hosting package is with 1GB Disk space and it’s free. You will only need to buy a domain name and they will allocate the 1GB space to you free! Cool, right?

Additionally, Regardless of whether you are currently hosting your site through another company, you can relocate your site to them without losing any of your information. Besides transferring your site to them is cheap to the point that they will even enable you to pay just barely 50% of the cash (That is, 40% off, which means if, for example, you were to pay N3,000 for a web hosting package, you wind up paying only N1,800 as opposed to paying the full cash). This is only for the individuals transferring their website from another company. See all their web hosting packages and their costs beneath:

EagleHost234.com has made it possible for everyone to earn money through their system, regardless of whether you are a webmaster/web developer or not. HOW TO APPLY Send an SMS to 07053307759. In the SMS tell them that you are applying as the EagleHost234.com web affiliate developer and one of their operators will reply or even call you. They will at that point interview you and if satisfied with your answer, they will start an orientation class with you via Whatsapp. This class will enlighten you on types of websites and their value prices, clients’ most frequently asked questions and how to answer them, etc.

HOW CAN I WORK WITH EAGLEHOST234.COM? As an EagleHost234 Web Affiliate Developer Agent, you get paid for each work done! You don’t have to wait until a month before receiving a payment package. Plus, you can other your normal work while still working with them. This is so great! You can begin by telling people on the internet and offline that you are a web engineer or you work with an expert web creating organization. Tips, you can let friends on your Facebook, workplaces, school campuses, etc., to know about how you can create and design websites for them. NOTE: EagleHost234 will give you the alleged website value list so that at all points, you will know what to charge your clients. On the off chance that a customer consents to create a website, you will then transfer the job to them, they will do the website development and designing and you deliver to your client. In the event that for example, you charged your customer N20,000, EagleHost234 takes only 60 percent of it. This implies you can be profiting from website development without having the practical knowledge on how to develop a website by yourself. I hope this helps.


I'm Funsho, a lover of anything technology. I have an uncontrollable passion for sharing the latest and trending tech-related ideas and information.


  • Anonymous, November 14, 2019 @ 5:23 pm Reply

    Have you confirmed their authenticity before writing this post?

    Just an observation though, look in to this their address and phone number below:

    2901 Marmora Road, Glassgow, Seattle, WA 98122-1090
    Phone: (+234) 705-330-7759… Thanks.

  • John, November 15, 2019 @ 2:40 am Reply

    I actually bought their premium package two months ago (my site is nairabillboard.com, and mehn they are good in terms of support. Everything is attended to fast. For instance, there was a day I chatted up with them around 8:30pm for a request and they granted my request swiftly. Plus their server is really good. For now I have no problem with them.

  • Rhazakdino™, November 16, 2019 @ 11:18 pm Reply

    Hope this will work [my site is browsevilla.ml] and I still need best premium stuff

  • Emilia Etiga, November 17, 2019 @ 5:23 pm Reply

    Yes it will, I also transferred my site to them and I've never regretted my decision. Check my site at www 9japlaylist.com

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