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Lockdown: Sure Way To Earn Money While Staying At Home

It’s no longer news that the whole world is now on lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many companies, organizations, industries, and agencies have been forced to shut down their operations and millions of people have been ordered to stay at home in an effort to stop the spread of the novel Coronavirus.

According to WHO, staying at home reduces your risk of getting exposed to the virus. But in this part of the world, staying at home is a big challenge due to our economic condition.

Millions of people in Nigeria depend on daily wages to survive, this raises a big concern.

In developed countries, citizens are receiving aids from their governments during this lockdown.
Would that be the same in Nigeria?

In this country you are on your own, even a newborn Nigerian baby is aware of this.

Anybody who wants to survive in Nigeria during this lockdown must find his own way. There’s no individual or an organization to look up to.

Instead of seating there at home lamenting, think of a way out.
Understandably, you may be clueless on how to keep earning income at home during the lockdown as you are used to jobs and skills that require your physical presence.

Sadly, this is time for social distancing, so any job or skill that requires your physical presence is not an option.

Fortunately, there’s a way out!

The purpose of this post is to give you a clue on how to keep earning income despite the lockdown.

Digital Jobs and Skills Is What We Need To Survive

Digital jobs and skills are done on computers and mobile phones. Thus, you are not required to go out anywhere to do your job. Right from your bedroom you can work and earn income as long as you have access to a computer or cell phone.

Gladly, some Nigerians work digitally today and such ones have been able to sustain themselves and family during this lockdown.

Working digitally to earn money is not a big deal as some may think. Some digital jobs are simple and easy to carry out. You don’t need to undergo any special training. They are as easy as using Facebook. I’m sure you didn’t undergo any special training to learn how to chat with friends on Facebook, WhatsApp, create an email account, etc, or did you?

If you can do all these by yourself, then you can also start working digitally and earn money. All you need now to start is INFORMATION.

The digital world is vast and there are so many opportunities, you need an experienced digital expert to guide you.

Gladly, here in Nigeria, we have many successful online business gurus who are doing well.

One of them is Gbenga Akinwole, a digital marketer and a business coach. With more than 10 years of experience in the digital world, he is one of those who can guide us.

He has created Multiple 6 Figure Online Businesses, helped thousands of Nigerians…

Recently, he put together a set of highly profitable online businesses anyone can do from home during this lockdown.

  • Anyone can do; newbie, old, young, advanced, anywhere, anytime.
  • Accepts Nigerians.
  • They are flexible and no startup capital is required.
  • You can do it on your phone or laptop.
  •  No technicality or so much to learn.
  • No need for a website, no FB/IG Ads needed.

One interesting thing about these online businesses is that they require no capital to start. That’s why it’s called NCR – No Capital Required online business.

Believe me, NCR online business is exactly what we need during this lockdown as we are unable to go out and work as usual. Our savings are suffering. We don’t even know when all these will be over as the virus continues to spread and authorities keep on extending the lockdown.

These online businesses you are about to discover now may turn out to be your means of survival as this pandemic continues.

This is our own way of helping people during this pandemic, we may not have billions in cash to share with everyone in the society but we have it as information.
We have taken responsibility by giving out this information.

Take your own responsibility now!

Learn how to start earning money through some online businesses that require no capital so you could take care of yourself and your family during and after this pandemic.

Click on the link below to start:

Stay Safe, wish you all the best!

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Sheu Abdullateef Funsho
Sheu Abdullateef Funsho
I'm a certified tech expert with over a decade of experience. Serving as a Blogger, Copywriter, Web Designer, Crypto Expert, and Digital Marketer. I'm passionate about sharing unique insights and ideas on technology and trends. Need help with any of these areas? DM me, and let's collaborate to achieve your goals with cutting-edge expertise.
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18 thoughts on “Lockdown: Sure Way To Earn Money While Staying At Home”

  1. Adewale Mudasiru

    Honestly Shelaf, I read the blueprint from A-Z and after getting to the point where I was pretty excited that I was going to actually download a make money guide free, like totally free, I finally met a price tag. I think this is just the normals with online marketers, nothing is actually free. So they should stop using that word free when it’s not. It can be annoying

    1. Try to comprehend, bro. There is a difference between startup capital and the cost of the material.
      As you can see, the word “free” is not tied to the topic and the content.

  2. Adewale Mudasiru

    Also, I noticed your site takes like forever to load, I think its related to your host. Please work on it.

    1. Timothy Ike Godswill

      It’s cool .
      But sometimes am starting to see this informations as misleading. I have spent my money on some information I get here that ended in tears for me last last.

      1. Maybe you are talking of the Ponzi scheme in which most of us falls victim. If not, you may got the right tool (guide material) here without realizing how to handle it.

  3. This is a good stuff Sir…and it’s very affordable I must say, but with the lockdown and everything that is going on 10k is huge for now… I would love to access this blue print if you can help me with half the original price. Thanks

  4. Honestly Shelaf, I read the blueprint from A-Z and after getting to the point where I was pretty excited that I was going to actually download a make money guide free, like totally free, I finally met a price tag. I think this is just the normals with online marketers, nothing is actually free. So they should stop using that word free when it’s not. It can be annoying Same here, I even read it Cox I believed in shelafs post a lot… Otherwise I don’t read such post

  5. Shelaf before placing ads on your platform try to make some research to know if it’s legit or not especially when money is involved. Now here’s what I found online

    This landing page with wat Gbenga is offering , that means none of this is real.. Just some dummy landing page displaying random figures. No one should fall for this crap.

    If he’s really making that much do you think he would want to share the secret.

    1. Hi, Emma,
      As you know that I’m no longer a baby in this business, I will never take you for granted.
      Though, it is a sponsored post, but I did the proper verification and i know that it something valuable before accepting the post.
      The link you posted is the cloned of the original website which can be referred as a scam website. I believe there are lots of people here who know how to study the website. They can study the both. The room is available for any comment.

      However, I urge you and others to stay away for that prosavs link in order not to fall victim.

  6. Mr shelaf I thought it’s 100% free, 10k is huge please verify some of these things before you post them, I have been following your post for years now even if I have 1000 unread emails on my phone I must read your post, that is to tell you how much I love your post. You posted something like this before ( zamfund ) it’s about Bitcoin and I lost my money on it, even when people where complaining you never responded to their messages wisdom was the Adim of the group then if can still remember, my point is that verify them before posting I know you are a business man, trust me your post is still the best.

    1. You are most welcome, my dear West.
      Thank you for making an effort to tell me how much you loved my blog. I’m grateful for your support and loyalty.
      Zandfund are part of the Ponzi scheme I’m talking about, I’m also part of the victims then.
      I’ve done the proper verification on this before posting it, but that should not be a total guarantee for you.

      Be brave, take risks, nothing can substitute experience.

  7. I only read because it’s from you shelaf. But 10k is too much for me this period. For someone making 6 figures, what is 10k to let go for a number of youths

  8. I have always loved shelaf for being direct but in this case I was shocked reading it’s free and seeing a price tag. It would do no harm in saying at first it’s so so so amount like the way you have always been direct

  9. I have been very much interested about online business but after getting a lot of disappointment, I decided to quit and forget about it since I noticed that there are lot of fraud star in the system but coming across this post, I was moved to follow the message to an end but was discourage after seeing a price tag. Well, nothing come for free in this country. Therefore, one must take a risk. I will still try this believing so much on shelaf but at the end, I will brief the house the outcome of my experience.
    But I suggest that somebody should not say that something is free while is not. 10k is not a small amount in this present condition of our country. But God will help us.

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