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Two Secret To Sell More Stuffs Using Facebook And Instagram Ad!

There are two main areas you need to focus on (and master), if you really want to sell more stuffs using Social Marketing. In the video you will get from the link below, I talked about the two areas.

When I first started an online business, back in 2012 (August, to be precise), I was introduced to “E-zine Marketing”, “Facebook Marketing”, “Google Image Ad”, “Google PPC”, “Per Per View”, “Banner Ad”, “Retargeting/Remarketing” etc and I tried all, but I did not see the result that I was after, instead, I wasted a lot of time and borrowed money, without success.

It really pains me then, but because I have made up my mind to stick with the online business, I did not quite, rather I focused on trying to find out the secret. Then, one thing leads to another and I started studying and analyzing the secret of how those people that are succeeding (including my mentor) are really making it online and I found the secret.

It “Started and End” on “getting the right offer, to the right people, in the right way, at the right time”!

My dear, I know you might have heard the above statement over and over again and might think that it was said for saying sake, but if only you could understand what I just said above and you can get it down to a science with any Marketing Strategy, you got it made!!!

When I found the secret, I then took it to Social Marketing using Facebook and Instagram Ad (on which I was failing before) and discovered how to Win in “Facebook Auction”, in other words, the right way to get my offer to the right people in Facebook and Instagram, and this leads to me getting to my business, lesser targeted audiences that respond positively to my business and lead to me closing many sells using Facebook and Instagram Ad!

You know the good news, you too can benefit from this awesome discovery.

What I did is that I created training videos, to show you how am getting lesser targeted customers that are buying my stuffs using Facebook and Instagram Ad and also, I will show you how to create the Ad itself, I will reveal to you three most important thing to be successful on Facebook and Instagram Marketing and you can get this training at the promo price of only #5,000 if you act fast!

The free video version of this training even shows you how to run Facebook Ad from scratch and you can watch it below;


Below are what you’ll learn from the main training of this Awesome Course:

  • Mastering of new Facebook Algorithm that guarantees your success!
  • How to outsmart your competitors by using the 3 new secrets no one is talking about yet!
  • 100% free powerful software that will enable you to lesser target your audience, (this alone worth $97/Monthly but you get it free)!
  • Mastering CopyWriting likes gurus!
  • Understanding Campaign Objectives Like Facebook coders themselves!
  • Understanding what Auction is and knowing how to Win in the Facebook Auction (this one is priceless)!
  • Knowing the secret on how to decrease the Ad spend and increasing the ROI!
  • Knowing how to get free videos and stock images for your Ad!
  • How To convert your Traffics to Sales and enrich your bank account fast!
  • Step-By-Step easy way to create a profitable and lasting business online via Facebook Marketing!
  • You will know how to sell anything sellable with this training!
  • You will know how to promote your offline stores (Hairdresser, physical shop owners, and Co, enjoys this)!
  • How To create a successful Facebook Pages!
  • How To create a successful Instagram Business Pages!
  • Forget about “BOOSTING” post, Crush it with “Ad Manager” Secret!
  • Knowing how to run complete Facebook and Instagram Ad Using mobile phone!
  • Learning how to promote page posts from Ad Manager (even with a mobile phone)!
  • Knowing how to run Instagram Ad Using Facebook Ad Platform!
  • And a lot of other things I can’t mention here!

The Bottom line is, with this training, you will learn how to do Profitable Facebook and Instagram Marketing in a few days!

Get the training at the link below;


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Sheu Abdullateef Funsho
Sheu Abdullateef Funsho
I'm a certified tech expert with over a decade of experience. Serving as a Blogger, Copywriter, Web Designer, Crypto Expert, and Digital Marketer. I'm passionate about sharing unique insights and ideas on technology and trends. Need help with any of these areas? DM me, and let's collaborate to achieve your goals with cutting-edge expertise.
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4 thoughts on “Two Secret To Sell More Stuffs Using Facebook And Instagram Ad!”

  1. Everything buy buy buy…can’t you guys just share a knowledge for free like the whites are doing? If every knowledge was to be paid for…YouTube won’t exist

    1. And you don’t believe Youtube is making money by giving you things for free?

      And if is that you looked well, you will know that there are complete Facebook ad video training on that page for 100% free, why not you been grateful for that?

      Let me also share you great secret the rich people use which the poor hardly use and is a universal law;

      “The habit you have in buying other people’s stuffs is the habit people will have in buying your stuffs”!

      If you will ever understand what I just said above, then you will see why many people still remain poor because they have negative habit in buying people’s stuffs, then people hardly buys their own.

      It is a HABIT!!!

      Have you ever asked yourself;
      Why do rich people go to expensive malls/shops to shop?
      Is it because they have had money?

      No, because even before they got the money they have had that habit and because they buys with good emotion, others buys whatever they sells to make money with good emotion, that is the secret of life.

      The measure you give, will be the measure you receive!!! (The energy you give out with, will be the energy you will receive with)!

      Thank you!

      1. Motivational speaker. Na you know how rich people dey spend money. E book sellers only make their money from the buyers not the content in their book.

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