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Royal Q Trading Bot: Big Secret Settings and Strategy to Maximize Profit & Effectively Buy as Dip as 95%

Royal Q Trading Bot Big Secret Settings and Strategy

Hi everyone! Today, we are going to take advantage of the amazing opportunity that Royal Q Trading Bot provides, using what is called Distributed and Take Profit (Percentage of split-to-profit) tool which is for us to maximize the profit.

Before we proceed, let me say this, something that I forecasted, just 2 weeks back in one of my published posts about crypto has come to pass! When the crisis with the cryptocurrencies industry commenced, Bitcoin and other coins fell in price (Bearish market). I told you guys don’t be afraid. Don’t panic. If you panic, you will not recover from what is happening.

I gave you the reasons why it’s happening, I told you that there’s something happening in China, especially in the Sichuan region of China, and then with Russia and I told you it might be coordinated because of what’s happening in Ukraine and I told you guys not to panic that it was going to pick back up in value.

Also, I said, “this is the best time to buy as the price is very low, and it’s now more affordable. The only way is up. It’s going to go back up. I’m telling you right now. Buy it now.”

It was discussed in a post that was published on January 23rd, 2022. The price of a bitcoin was $36,019 on that day, while the price of Ethereum was $2,512. You may check the post by clicking here.

Crypto Crash Bitcoin Current Price

As of the time of publishing this post on February 9th, Bitcoin is currently trading at $44,005 per one currency. Ethereum is trading at $3,095.

Royal Q Trading Bot Bitcoin Price

Assuming, you read my article on that day, you are financially capable and you took a step between then and now by purchasing the coin. You should have made about $7,986 profit on a BTC, which is about N4,552,020 when converted to Nigeria Naira. The same thing applies to some of the other coins because they have started uphill as well.

Remember, I also said: “You don’t have to buy one Bitcoin for $36,019. You might not have that money. What you can do is you can buy a fraction. What you can do is you can buy a fraction of Ethereum. You can buy a fraction of Litecoin, you can buy a fraction of Dogecoin. You can buy a fraction of Shiba.”

The coins have crashed and they’re going to come back up.

Those that have enough funds on their Royal Q Trading Bot and using a better Settings and Strategy to trade at a good percent of dip are now smiling because their bot has started returning tremendous daily profits.
Royal Q Trading Bot profit details

Now, without further ado, let’s get down to business.

We’re presuming you’re trading with 500 USDT, thus we’re looking to maximize our profits. We do not want to make long calls. I’m talking about somebody who is doing a manual trade (Hands-on).

By the way, if this is your first time hearing about the Royal Q Trading Robot, kindly go through  >> this link << for the Complete Guide on how to Make Money online using Royal Q Trading Bot with Automatic Trade Method (Hands-free 24/7). It is recommended for any ordinary person with no prior knowledge of cryptocurrency trading.

A big kudos to the big boss, @ROYALQJBKING for his time to reveal this great setting and strategy for us through the virtual meeting. According to him, there will be one more final bitcoin crash.

So, this is why I’m sharing this manual trade setting with you guys, to get yourself prepared for the next crypto crash by staying in the market as a dip as 95%. It’s important to note that you don’t need to be concerned about the news. If you understand the market, a Bearish Market is an opportunity for you to acquire more assets and hold them until the market rises, allowing you to profit handsomely.

Now, there are two things about this manual trade setting that we are about to discuss. It’s going to be very dipped. In other words, we can buy as dip as 95% with 27 Margin call drop.

Though, it cannot convert profit as quickly as the one that has longer calls. But, the beauty part of it, is that it will convert profit continuously and it enables the person who is trading one coin with just the $500 to stay in the market as dip as 95%. That is how beautiful it is, okay.

I want you to know that trading cycle trading is what makes the crypto you are trading an investment. Royal Q Trading Bot is not an investment, it is a tool that helps you to do your trading, but while you are now using it to do trading, it is now like an investment because you need to give it time to grow.

Manual Trade Setting, Steps to Follow

For our today’s tutorial, let’s take the JST coin as a case study. We are going to do the setup and the configuration on JST coin. So, you can duplicate to other coins of your choice.

When you click on JST, you will get into the place as it is shown in the screenshot below.

Tap on the Trade Setting button.

JST Coin on Royal Q Trading Bot

Now, out of that $500, we are going to use $50 as our First Buy in amount and the reason why we are going to use $50 is that we want to maximize profit. And we are making 27 Calls.

With the below screenshot, you could see;

Royal Q Trading Bot margin configuration option

  • Our first buy in amount is $50. Meaning, it is going to be the first amount we are going to throw into the market and we are doing 27 calls.
  • Whole position take profit ratio is 1.6%,
  • Whole position take profit callback is 0.1%
  • Buy in callback is 0.5%
  • Sub-position take-profit callback is 0.1%

After you have through with the trade settings, what next?

Margin Configuration

Remember, you have set your margin call limits to 27th Calls, then you need to go to your margin configuration to do the setup.

Tap on the Margin configuration arrow button to move in.

You need to reduce the parameters under Margin call drop so that it can actually convert profit for you faster and also help you to buy the dip.

Margin call drop

Royal Q Trading Bot margin configuration

  • First Call 1.7%
  • 2nd Call 1.8%
  • 3rd Call 1.9%
  • 4th Call 2%
  • 5th Call 2.1%
  • 6th Call 2.3%
  • 7th Call 2.4%
  • 8th Call 2.5%
  • 9th Call 2.6%
  • 10th Call 2.9%
  • 11th Call 3.2%
  • 12th Call 3.5%
  • 13th Call 3.7%
  • 14th Call 3.8%
  • 15th Call 3.9%
  • 16th Call 4%
  • 17th Call 4.1%
  • 18th Call 4.2%
  • 19th Call 4.3%
  • 20th Call 4.4%
  • 21st Call 4.5%
  • 22nd Call 4.6%
  • 23rd Call 4.7%
  • 24th Call 4.8%
  • 25th Call 4.9%
  • 26th Call 5%
  • 27th Call 5.2%

I just choose a random number, but I make sure that I do not exceed or make the parameters to be like 6, 7, 8, 9 because it will be very far. It will take a long time for the robot to make a call and we need the bot to make as many calls as possible, so we can convert profits. And I used the calculator to check and make sure it reach and did not exceed 95 as we focus on 95% dip.

Roya Q Trading Bot percentage dip calculation

The fact is that, If the bot is making constant calls, we can be able to convert profits.

When you calculate all the figures together, we are getting 95%. It means this setting in the Margin call drop is running at 95% Dip, okay.

Multiple Buy in ratio

The next thing is to set the time, time means money management. And how do we find the suitable number that will be in Multiple Buy in ratio boxes?

Remember, our purpose is to maximize profits and our first buy amount is 50 USDT. This means whatever we are going to put in the Multiple Buy in ratio box is going to be multiplied by 50 to show us how much is the robot investing for us in each call.

If it makes the first call, how much is it invested, when it makes the second call, how much is it invested, on the third call, how much is it invested. When it makes the seventh call, how much is it invested? So, how do we know it?

Anything you put in the Multiple Buy in ratio box is going to be multiplied by 50 which is your first buy in amount. This is why you need to use a calculator.

Let’s say 0.4 x 50 = 20 (buy in amount), then 20 x 27 (Calls) = 540 (Capital).

However, we intend to buy the 97% dip, Okay. What other manipulation can we do to make it right?

Let me quickly tell you this if you don’t know before, from the first call to the fourth call, they are categorized as one call. You will only get profits at once when your bot makes the first, second, third, and fourth call. Even if the fourth or third call has returned, it will not give any profit until it totally comes out of the whole 4 calls.

Royal Q Trading Bot first to fourth margin configuration

However, from the fifth call, the case is different. Once it returns from the 5th call to the 4th, it will give you the profit with the money it invested in the 5th call. The same thing applies to the 6th call and the rest.

So, what you need to do is not to waste many funds within the first call and fourth calls. Knowing that they are just one body. The area you need to put money in, it is starting from the fifth call.

So, what do you do?

If you times 50 the first buy amount with 0.4 which is the money management, will equal to 20 (50×0.4=20). So in the first call, you don’t need to invest this $20. What you need to do is 50 times 0.2, the answer is 10 (50×0.2=10). it means $10 to us.

Roya Q Trading Bot multiple buy in ratio

Then, in your 1st to 4th calls, put in 0.2, Why? Because the whole 4 is a one-way house, so you don’t need to waste much capital on it.

If you look also at the margin call drop percentage of 1st to 4th calls. I made it to be less, about 7.4%, so for it not to hook you up to make more money faster.

Now, if you check the Multiple Buy in ratio which is money management from the screenshot above, it means $10 (0.2) each, Meaning $40 within the 1st and 4th calls.

Now, when the market drops, you need to start investing more.

How do you do that?

50×0.4 = $20, start investing $20 from the 5th call, Because anytime any market returns, whether the 5th call, 6th call, 7th call, etc., you will make your profit instantly.

Royal Q Trading Bot fift call and others margin configuration

So, from the 5th call, change the money management to 0.4, all the way down.

Now, why am I doing it like this? It is because we are trading with $500 capital. And I’m trying to take advantage of these markets. And I want to maximize profits at every sale.

My highest prayer is for the bot to make the first call, second call, third call, and fourth call. Then, enter the fifth call to make down to 20 calls, and start returning back. As you’re moving to 20 calls, make sure you get like to 15th call, return back to 10th call, get back to 16th call, return back to 10th call, get back to 17th call, return back to 6th call.

That’s what I want the bot to be doing every day. Why? If this is happening every day, your bot will be performing. It will be buying and selling and making profits for you constantly, but when the bot is not buying, it cannot be sold. So, it needs to buy in order to sell.

You need to allow it to be making calls and taking that money from your USDT wallet. Buying the market for you and return back with the profits.

Distributed and Take Profit (Percentage of split-to-profit)

Now, let’s check the money management. Remember, we make 27th calls, and from the first call to the fourth call is $10 each which is a total of $40. Now, what I’m going to do is $20 x 23 = 460, plus $40 the first quarter for calls, accurately $500, Plus the first buy in amount of $50. The total is $550. But we are trading with $500.

Remember this is 95% dip, with 27 calls and $500 capital.

Important Information on Percentage of split-to-profit

Anytime you want to copy somebody’s strategy or you want somebody to teach you how to do the trade settings. If you want to know if those people know how this bot works, go and look at this Distributed and Take Profit page because that is where you are going to make the money. That is where you are going to double the profits.

Royal Q Trading Bot Percentage of split-to-profit

If the person is using 1.3 or 1.1, take notice, they don’t know it. I’m telling you this with all humility, they don’t know it. And I will show you why I said they don’t know it.

Let’s go back Margin Configuration page.

Royal Q Trading Bot first to fourth margin configuration

From the above screenshot, did you see what we have in the first call is 1.7%. What it means is that you instruct the bot that if this market I enter with $50, dropped to 1.7%. Robot invests another $10 to that market, making it $60.

Now, robot if this market of 1.7 dropped another 1.8% which is 2nd call, invest another $10 into this market, make it for me $70 investments out of my $500.

Robot if this market that has dropped this percentage of 1.7% plus 1.8% which means 3.5%. This market that has dropped 3.5%, robot if it drops down to another 1.9%, meaning 3.5 plus 1.9, equal to 5.4%. Meaning from 3.5, if this market drops another 1.9 to make it 5.4% dropped, buy another $10 for me.

So, how do you take your Profit?

Remember, the whole body (1st call to 4th call) is one. It does the same strategy till the 4th call, meaning if it drops another 2% again making it 7.4%, buy $10 for me.

Then, if it drops another 2.1% (5th call) again making it 9.5%, don’t buy at $10. This is the 5th call, use $20 to invest in the market, the total capital investment now will be $110.

When this market starts returning, how can someone go to his/her 5 sub-warehouse (Percentage of split-to-profit) under the Distributed and Take Profit page and put 1.3% or even 1.1% there? What you are telling the robot is that when the market that as dipped as -9.5 reduced to -7.2, take profit for me at 1.3. Is that not stupidity?

What is going to happen to the 5th call of 2.1% you put on the Margin configuration page? That is an empty space. If you are making the 5th margin call at 2.1%, means it will take 2.1% profit to go up to give you 1.3%. This means out of the 2.1% profit you suppose to take, you are only taking a profit of 1.1% or 1.3%.

Who are you leaving the remaining 0.80% for? What it means is that instead of the bot getting to the place of the 4th call to give you profit. You are telling the bot that the moment it gets to 8.2 (9.5-1.3=8.2), it should give you 1.3% profit or if you’re taking 1.1% profit, you are telling the bot that the moment it gets to 8.4% up, it should give you a profit of 1.1%.

Guess when you are going to start making the profit from the 4th call when the bot will now move to 7.4, that’s when you start making profits.

Let’s start from the 6th call. Bot if you dip 2.1% make the 5th call, from 2.1% to 2.3% dip, make the 6th call, the total of both calls will be 4.5% dip. If you add another 2.4%, making it 6.9%, robot makes another call which is the 7th call.

Now, when you go to Distributed and Take Profit page and put 1.3% or 1.1%. Did you forget you already instructed the robot? Robot at 6th call which is 2.3%, if the market goes down to 2.4, invest $10, Adding 2.3+2.4=4.7. So, how long will it take it from 4.7 to return back to 2.3, it will take robot another 2.4% up to meet the 5th call 2.3%.

So, If you are telling your robot to take your percentage at 1.3, It means out of this whole opportunity you have to take the profit, you are only taking 1.3% and you are leaving 1.1% on the table for nobody.

Royal Q Trading Bot fift call margin configuration

From the screenshot above, I want you to look at the 5th call, let’s just focus on where the profit is. Did you see what was there, 2.1?

Now, let’s go to the profit allocation (Distributed and Take Profit page), that is where the profit is set. The robot gives the opportunity to increase the profit or to decrease the profit. And now you need to know the figures in your Margin Call drop from 5th to 27th calls. Refer to Margin configuration screenshot for better understanding.

Remember, before the bot makes the 5th call, It is at 2.1% dip, before it makes the 6th call, it is at 2.3% dip, before it makes the 7th call, it is at 2.4. So, what it means is that once the bot moves down from 7.4 which is the first call to the 4th call, once it moves another 2.1, it makes the 5th call, Okay.

If you add 7.4 plus 2.1 it becomes 9.5. It means you are telling the robot that from this -9.5% dip, if the market dip another -2.3 (2.3+9.5=11.8). Meaning, if this market dip another 11.8%, we are talking about the 6th call now. If the market 9.5%, which is from the first call to the 5th call, if it dip from that 9.5 with another 2.3%, meaning getting to the 11.8% dip, the robot should invest another $20 on the 6th call.

Now, from this 11.8% Dip, if it dips another 2.4% added together should be 14.2%. If it gets to -14.2 dip, add another $20.

Now, here is the problem. This percentage profit is what people don’t understand. Most people use 1.1%, while others use 1.3. And why are they doing it? It is because they don’t understand it.

Why are you taking 1.3, when you know, the 4th, 5th, and the 6th calls were made, the bot has dropped 2.3%. And if this market starts going up, before you can talk of making a profit at the 5th call. The market also will return back another 2.1%, which was the percentage it dropped before the 5th call was made. It dropped 2.1 before it triggered the 5th call. So, that means, if you want to go up from the 6th call to the 5th call, it has to go up by 2.3 which is the same percentage it takes before the 6th call was triggered.

So, if you are taking your profit at 1.1, who are you leaving the rest 1.1% for? Because before you can talk about the profit on sub-bin mode 5th call, your bot must go up 2.1%, when it goes up 2.1%, you are not going to make a profit on that call, from that 2.1 you now wait for another 1.3, from that 2.1 it has raised up. Another 1.3 from that 2.1 is what gives you the profit of the 5th call, if you’re using 1.3 or another 1.1 from that 2.1 that has gone up from the 5th call is what gives you the percentage.

If you take your profit at 1.1, what will happen at 1% and what are you leaving it for?

This is the highest secret revealed to us by Boss @ROYALQJBKING himself that can make strategy convert more profit.

Someone who set its percentage of split-to-profit at 2.1 and he/she is taking the profit at 1.3. Guess what is happening to him/her.

I set my own percentage drop at 2.1%, I’m taking my own profit as 2.2%. So, how long does it take them to make a profit of 1.3% or 1.1%, I still take that same minute or time to take 2.1 profit. So, if they’re making 1.1% or 1.3% and If we spent $20 together to make the profit.

They’re taking 1.3% or 1.1% of $20 while I’m taking 2.2% of $20. This means, I’m making more profit yet we are doing the same market. All thanks go to boss JBKING.

Check the below screenshot to see the full settings of my Percentage of split-to-profit under the Distributed and Take Profit page of Royal Q Trading Bot that corresponds with the 27th calls, 95% dip of the Margin call drop configuration above.

Royal Q Trading Bot distribution and take profit

  • 5th sub-position 2.1%
  • 6th sub-position 2.3%
  • 7th sub-position 2.4%
  • 8th sub-position 2.5%
  • 9th sub-position 2.6%
  • 10th sub-position 2.9%
  • 11th sub-position 3.2%
  • 12th sub-position 3.5%
  • 13th sub-position 3.7%
  • 14th sub-position 3.8%
  • 15th sub-position 3.9%
  • 16th sub-position 4%
  • 17th sub-position 4.1%
  • 18th sub-position 4.2%
  • 19th sub-position 4.3%
  • 20th sub-position 4.4%
  • 21st sub-position 4.5%
  • 22nd sub-position 4.6%
  • 23rd sub-position 4.7%
  • 24th sub-position 4.8%
  • 25th sub-position 4.9%
  • 26th sub-position 5%
  • 27th sub-position 5,2%

The setting is for you to take advantage of the amazing opportunity that Royal Q Trading Bot provides, using what is called Distributed and Take Profit tool which is for you to make more profits.

Now, go ahead and hit the Confirm button, then Save.

Once done, it will take you back, then tap on Strategy mode.

Royal Q Trading Bot sub bin mode real time settlement

Click Sub-bin mode – Real-time settlement, so that you can see what’s happening every day, done.

What is the next thing? Hit the Start button to start the markets.

The setting gives you the ability to buy the dip, as dip as 95% because the dip is coming again. It is for the bot to accommodate the dip.

Royal Q is number one. If you don’t have Royal Q Bot, if your friends don’t have it, if your family doesn’t have it, you are missing a lot. imagine what people who are copying this strategy are going to get and JDKING promised to update this in his strategy soon. Once done, I will recommend it for you guys since it is a hand-free method.

Royal Q is number one. If you, your friends, and your families don’t have Royal Q Trading Bot, you are missing good money. Imagine what people who are copying this strategy are going to get and JDKING promised to update this in his strategy soon. Once done, I will notify you guys since it is a hand-free method.

If this is your first time hearing about Royal Q Trading Bot and it sounds like something you would want to learn more about, Below are the recommended articles for you to go through.

Thank you for your time and God bless you. I look forward to seeing you inside, automating your trade, and taking your emotions out of the equation.

If you have questions arising from this, put them in the comment section and I’ll respond to them.

If you like what I’m doing on this blog and you are still not subscribed, then you aren’t doing me any favor. So please click here to follow Shelaf’s daily latest posts and don’t forget to share this post with your friends and families, it will help a lot.

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