If you’re involved in bitcoin trading, reading the news, or watching CNN or other news channels, you’re probably aware that the cryptocurrency market is now down. It’s at an all-time low.

Today, we’ll discuss why the current Crypto Crash is the perfect opportunity to invest in cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Crash Bitcoin Current Price

On average, crypto is down about 8%. Specifically, if you look at a currency like Bitcoin, it is down about 9%. So, it’s now trading at $36,019 per one currency of Bitcoin. Ethereum is down. It’s now trading at $2,512 and other smaller coins have lost much more of their value.

Crypto Crash Ethereum Current Price

Now you could be wondering, “What’s going on?” Oh, my goodness. What’s going on? It’s simply floating around, as you’ve heard.

Listen, relax, chill. I’m here and telling you, relax.

Here is What Really Happen about the Current Crypto Crash

What’s happening is that the Chinese government put a serious major crackdown on all financial transactions involving cryptocurrencies and issued a countrywide ban on cryptocurrency mining. And Russia is doing the same thing. You can research this. You can Google it yourself.

Now, a lot of the cryptocurrency mining is down in a place called the Sichuan region of China.

Due to the fact that China has clamped down and made cryptocurrency illegal, we were expecting that because we know China has a dictatorial government. It’s not a democracy. So we know something like this is going to happen because a lot of the miners, something like maybe about 30% to 35% of those who mine cryptocurrency are in China, according to some data. And cryptocurrency is not something that you just pull out from the air.

It has to be mined. Cryptocurrency is not like Fiat currency that the government can print, like the US dollar that the Federal Reserve Bank of the US or the Venezuelan central bank can print or the Iranian Rial or the Ghanian city.

No, cryptocurrency is done by mining, and it’s done by a fast network of miners on the blockchain network. That’s why it’s very secure. That’s why it is the most secure way to keep your assets. Right now, no government can cease it. In fact, no international organization can get it.

It relies on minors, people with their computer networks solve a variety of cryptic puzzles simultaneously. And when they do that, they are mining and creating new Bitcoin, new Ethereum, new Shiba Inu, new bnb, new Luna, new Nano, new Doge coin, etc. So, what happened is that China had made cryptocurrency illegal as far back as last year, but then they hadn’t really gone after the miners.

Recently, just a couple of days ago, they sent the regular police and secret police after the miners in Sichuan to arrest them, to forcefully shut them down. And then the Chinese central bank itself has come out to say all kinds of digital coins are illegal.

Not just cryptocurrency, any kind of digital coin.

For instance, you have digitized US dollars that are not strictly cryptocurrency. They’re just digitized US dollars. So that means they have one-on-one equality with the US dollar. Something like USDT or BUSD, are digitized US dollars. USDT I think it’s been done by a company in the Cayman Islands while BUSD has been done by the Binance and it’s been regulated by the New York State Department for Financial Services.

China said every kind of digital coin is illegal. So that kind of news and going after the people who are mining cryptocurrency obviously is going to have a negative effect on cryptocurrency. But it’s temporary.

This is not the end of life for the miners in China, these people are going to move elsewhere. They can shut it down in China, but they can’t shut it down everywhere. So, they’re going to move elsewhere. And then people in other countries, Cambodia, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, even though Russia has also made a cryptocurrency, they’re going to fill in the vacuum.

The whole thing is not just about crypto. Tech stocks are also getting hammered.

The stock market is also down. The Nasdaq is down from November, it is actually down more than 12%. Amazon stocks are down 3%. Shares of streaming giant Netflix dragged down the index, plunging 22%. The S&P 500 lost 1.9%. So it’s affecting the market generally. It is not just about crypto.

They are trying to make this about crypto. It’s just to create some kind of panic.

So, why this Crypto Crash time is the best time to buy?

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the general crypto market are going to bounce back. Cryptocurrency is the future. It’s the way to go for the future. They can’t shut it down. So, this is the best time to buy as the price is very low, and it’s now more affordable.

The only way is up. It’s going to go back up. I’m telling you right now. Buy it now.

You don’t have to buy one Bitcoin for $36,019. You might not have that money. What you can do is you can buy a fraction. What you can do is you can buy a fraction of Ethereum. You can buy a fraction of Litecoin, you can buy a fraction of Dogecoin. You can buy a fraction of Shiba.

The coins have crashed and they’re going to come back up.

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How do I know this Crypto Crash is coming Up?

Look, it’s about the law of demand and supply. Now, in the United States, 36% of all smaller medium-scale businesses in America accept cryptocurrency. That was about five months ago. Now, it’s probably something like 40% to 42%. And it’s only increasing.

There has never been a month whereby the amount of merchants accepting cryptocurrency has gone down. It’s always been increasing. So we have demand and supply. It’s only going to go up.

So don’t allow your heart to be troubled by the down figures you are seeing in your crypto spot total asset these days or by the news you’re hearing. Make sure you buy more cryptocurrency at this time that is very low.

Anyway, this is simply my own personal view based on the research; it is not financial advice, as I am not a financial adviser.

I think you should buy now, but then it might still fall further and then it might be better for you to wait. But don’t be afraid. Don’t panic. If you panic, you will not recover from what is happening. I believe you understand that it is just a floating loss, not a real loss.

Wait a minute, let me show you what I’m using to trade crypto that takes away my emotions from the equation. The name of the tool I’m using is Royal Q, it is actually a robot that trades the crypto market for me.

The robot wasn’t programmed to sell at a loss in any condition of the market. Your trade is going to close and bring you profit, even much more profit your initial trading capital in Binance. So, you are not sending that to anyone else.

The robot costs only a $120 subscription fee for one year and the robot will start trading for you and bringing you much more profit. 0% risk is involved because your initial trading funds are in your own wallet. The robot is taking advantage of the volatility of the market.

It buys low and it sells high. If this sounds like something you would want to learn more about, Below are the recommended articles for you to go through.

Thank you for reading and God bless you. I look forward to seeing you inside, automating your trade, and taking your emotions out of the equation.

If you have questions arising from this, put them in the comment section and I’ll respond to them.

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  • Mosoba, January 23, 2022 @ 5:21 pmReply

    Pls note not all coin can regain it lost value so buy wisely. Eat the dip

    • Shelaf, January 23, 2022 @ 9:15 pmReply

      You are correct, dear Mosoba, and I appreciate your valuable contribution. That is the main reason I recommend the Royal Q trading bot, especially to beginner traders.

  • Teny, February 23, 2022 @ 5:22 amReply

    Please which coin is advisable to buy and besides to be frank, the market is really bullish and I don’t seem to understand it anymore

    • Shelaf, February 24, 2022 @ 11:29 amReply

      Yeah, bro. The market is bullish right now. Bitcoin, in fact, has fallen 8% in the last 24 hours. It’s currently valued at $35,164.

      However, I hypothesized about this in one of my recent postings regarding the Royal Q Trading Bot, which was published on February 9th: “there will be one more final bitcoin crash. It will be damn Bloody and it will be before the End of February.”

      With the look of things, it appears that it may still fall more, in which case it may be best for you to wait or buy only a little amount for the time being. But don’t be afraid. Don’t panic. If you are interested in stock more cryptocurrency at this time that is very low. I recommend BTC and ETH to you.

      In the bitcoin world, there’s a motto that goes something like this: “Do Your Own Research” (or DYOR). That is not meant to be disrespectful. It simply implies that you should not believe everything you hear from a single source. Make sure you do your due diligence before putting your money into a certain project.

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